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We had a couple of large units like you describe and they were made The name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, the problem was
wheeling them around and on rough surfaces, slowly, so as to not disturb
the delicate workings of the equipment. Be careful about wheels and
where you think you will be pushing these. If the cart is simply being
moved from one study room to another, on carpet and inside, then it will
probably not be a problem. You'll also want all the component "nailed
down", so to speak.


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We are currently looking into creating a circulating AV cart with a
laptop, projector, vhs and multi-region dvd player, and speakers for our


We are trying to fill a need for small group viewing of video because
our regular video viewing room is often booked for other meetings, etc
and we have small group study rooms that we were hoping small groups
could use.


Does anyone here have experience circulating AV carts and if so, what
other equipment would you recommend?


Thanks in advance,


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