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From: Mike Tribby <>
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 06:14:25 PDT

"LC has no official call number range for fiction films, so libraries have to create local policies on how to do classify things.
My opinion though is that remakes are completely different films from their originals. Remakes should get their own call distinct call no. I think you are doing a disserve to your patrons and collection development people by giving two different films the same call no."

Of course remakes should have distinct call numbers, but that can be achieved by making the Cutter for the remake file next to that of the original, assuming they are being classed and Cuttered by title. This is, as observed, not LC policy, but that's mainly because LC uses archival rather than bibliographic cataloging for their feature film collection, which is in any case _not_ a circulating collection.

Film collections outside of LC are often classed in PN1997.A2-.Z8 or PN1997.2.A-Z (for films produced 2001-), which is, technically, the classification for scripts. Other methods abound: classing by or Cuttering for director rather than title (betting Bob Evans disagrees with this strategy) or classing by genre. All options have their advantages and disadvantages. Dewey-classed collections lump all films together, but through Cuttering or using some other rubric the proper shelf arrangement is easily attained once a system is agreed upon.

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