[Videolib] Africa: A Voyage of Discovery w/Basil Davidson

From: Karen Heckman <heckmank1@scranton.edu>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 12:09:14 PDT

Dear CW.

I am searching for this 8 part series for a faculty member. I found
what appears to be 1 vol on Amazon Marketplace for $500!!!! I say
appears to be because in one place it says 1 vol. and another 8 part
set. Does anyone know if this is available anywhere? I guess a
reasonable price is whatever the market will bear but I don't think I'm
ready to pay $500 for 1 volume; at least not just yet. Is this such a
rare item?

Thanks in advance for any and all help


Karen V. Heckman
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Weinberg Memorial Library
University of Scranton
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