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I've been brushing up my cataloging skills recently and this is what I learned. They shouldn't have identical call numbers, but because the subject is (almost) the same and the title is (usually) the same, the call numbers will usually be almost identical. Often, the only difference you'll see is the year at the end, or if no year is used - from what I understand, that's pre AACR2? - then a small letter at the end, like d or something to show this one is different from the other one in the same collection.


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Hi list,
I have a small concern about the way our cataloging department is cataloging films and I wanted to find out if I am out of line or I should push for a change. When an item is a remake of a film, different director, actors, etc., Cataloging is creating a different record but using the same LOC call number as the original film as well as any other editions of either. My argument is that the record and call number should be completely different because they are two totally different films. However, I am not a cataloger, nor do I know more than the very basics of cataloging. Is this common among other libraries to have the same call number for a remake and original film? She told me that because it has the same title, it gets the same call number. That can't be right, can it?
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