[Videolib] New Yorker films now available with PPR

From: Jessica Rosner <maddux2014@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 07:22:25 PDT

Linda Duchin who spend many years handling non theatrical for New Yorker
will now be handling them again.At this time Linda will only be dealing
with Public Performance showings only but at a later date she may be able
to handle some 35mm bookings
of certain titles. I am afraid she can not license all of the titles that
were in the catalogue. Among other things IFC films have reverted to them
directly and there
are other films which New Yorker no longer controls. New Yorker can license
all Sony Classics films they previously had.

LInda is just setting this up so please try to limit inquiries to titles New
 Yorker used to have.

This is her e mail

Phone is 917-405-1491.

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