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From: Marilyn Huntley <mhuntley@hamilton.edu>
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Thanks for all the info. When I asked my question, I knew that public
domain isn't exactly cut-and-dried, and you folks have really reminded
me just how many factors are involved. I especially like Dennis's
comment about a "test of one's sanity."

Although I shall now believe the movie is PD, I'm hoping we can just buy
a new DVD from Facets (on backorder for 6-8 weeks). The VHS tape the
prof brought for us to copy is really crappy - all jumpy and blinky and
blurry! .... Or maybe it isn't. That might be what the original 1927
film is supposed to look like.


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Chuck, sadly, it doesn't because....
 Japanese silent films have after 1996 fallen in the public domain. It
might fall under other rules there (I don't have much time today to go
over that site) But it's still PD, so no worries. Just to express that
copyright and especially international copyright can be a real test of
one's sanity.


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    This might help:


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> Hello,
> A professor has asked our AV department to make a DVD copy from a
> homemade VHS copy of the 1927 Japanese film directed by Teinosuke
> Kinugasa, "A Page of Madness" (also known by its original title,
> "Kurutta ippeiji," and various other spellings). She claims it
> isn't a
> copyrighted movie. We are, to say the least, a bit dubious. One
> release
> in the U.S. was by New Line Cinema in 1975, and another release was
> by
> Sunland Video in the 1990's.
> I found the movie in a number of places on the internet, but if it
> isn't
> in the public domain, then some of the sources are not on the up-
> and-up.
> I trust Facets Multimedia, but how about YouTube, or
> NotAvailableOnDVD.com, or ipb.quicksilverscreen.com
    <http://ipb.quicksilverscreen.com>, or
> moviesumo.com <http://moviesumo.com>,
> or Silent Screen Movie Classics at pkavel.tripod.com
    <http://pkavel.tripod.com>, or
> lostsilver.com <http://lostsilver.com>?
> What's the verdict? Public domain or not? Thanks!
> Marilyn Huntley
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