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From: Ciara Healy <>
Date: Tue Aug 04 2009 - 06:19:40 PDT

I saw this on another list and am reposting here, where folks in the know can respond

A faculty member teaching film studies at my university asked if I would query
academic librarians about their DVD-buying habits. Specifically:

1) How do you order DVDs? Do you have any subscription plans or do you
order title-by-title, as they are requested?
2) Do you buy self-distributed DVDs? If so, what influences your decision
to purchase them?

3) For an 80-minute documentary on the history of film criticism,
containing appearances by well-known critics and filmmakers, how much would you
be willing to pay for

1. an institutional copy?
2. an individual-use copy?

Please send your responses to Amy Monaghan,

And thank you for reading this far—even greater thanks if you are able to
respond to Amy.


C. Camille Cooper
Reference Librarian for
Communication Studies, English, and Rhetorics/Communication/& Information
501 R. M. Cooper Library
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634-3001
(864) 656-0841

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