Re: [Videolib] Blu-ray acquisitions in Academic libraries

From: Gail Gawlik <>
Date: Mon Aug 03 2009 - 09:28:10 PDT

Not only are we NOT ordering Blu-ray titles here at St. Francis, but when I talked to one of the vendors at the ALA Conference, he said that this was pretty much the consensus with most of the librarians he had talked to.

I mean, really, it would be crazy for us to even try and start collecting this format when we haven't even finished switching over from VHS tapes to regular DVDs, and even have to order the odd VHS title when it is only available in that outdated format.


Gail Gawlik
Head of Technical Services
University of St. Francis Library
600 Taylor St.
Joliet, IL

> I would be very interested to know about policies with regard to
> acquiring
> blu-ray videos. So far I have not acquired any blu-ray titles but I do get
> occasional requests for the format. I can't see any particular reason for
> acquiring titles in the format and I am interested in what other libraries
> have chosen to do with regard to this format. Do people make note of
> format-specific policies in their collection development policies?
> Thanks,
> David Nelson

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