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Published Works

Recommended Reading

"The new physical anthropology."
In: Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences, Series II, 13:298-304, 1951.
"[Washburn's] most famous and influential paper... in which he argued for the replacement of the static typological approach to human variation by a dynamic, evolutionary, adaptive approach."
- Jonathan Marks in "Sherwood Washburn, 1911-2000." Evolutionary Anthropology. 2000, 9(6):225-226.

"Tools and Human Evolution."
Scientific American. 1960, 203(3): 62-75.

with I. DeVore.
"The Social Life of Baboons."
Scientific American. 1961, 204(6): 62-71.

"The Evolution of man."
Scientific American. 1978, 219(3): 146-155.

In these Scientific American articles, Washburn demonstrates the extraordinary breadth of his scholarlship, encompassing research on primate behavior, early tool use and human evolution as he addresses the wider scientific community.



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