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Anthropology Emeritus Lecture Series at U.C. Berkeley


List of Past Lectures


Honoring: A.L. Kroeber and the whole Emeriti faculty
Lecture by: Ursula K. LeGuin
"Indian Uncles"


Honoring: David G. Mandelbaum
Lecture by: Bernard S. Cohn, University of Chicago
"Anthropology's Histories"


Honoring: William R. Bascom
Lecture by: Robert Farris Thompson, Yale University
"Capoeira and Ladja: Art and Sport in the Black Atlantic World"


Honoring: Sherwood L. Washburn
Lecture by: Jane Buikstra, University of Chicago
"Bioarchaeology in the Americas: Case Studies From Two Continents"


Honoring: George M. Foster
Lecture by: Evon Z. Vogt, Harvard University
"Some Reflections on Long-Term Field Research in Anthropology"


Honoring: J. Desmond Clark
Lecture by: Paola Villa, University of Bordeaux, France
"Old World Archaeology: A View From Western Europe"


Honoring: Elizabeth Colson
Lecture by: Liisa Malkki, University of California, Irvine
"Envisioning Africa Futures: Dystopian Predictions and Humanitarian Projects in the Aftermath of Genocide"


Honoring: John H. Rowe
Lecture by: Warren R. DeBoer, CUNY Queens College
"Axes of Variability in the Upper Amazon"


Honoring: John J. Gumperz
Lecture by: Susan Gal, University of Chicago
"Language Ideologies and the Making of Difference"


Honoring: William A. Shack
Lecture by: James Lorand Matory, Harvard University
"How I Became 'White': A Cross-Cultural Look at Race."

2001-2002 Honoring: George A. De Vos
Lecture by: Robert A. LeVine, Harvard University
"Culture and Personality: What Happened?"

2002-2003 Honoring: Burton Benedict
Lecture by: Robin Fox, Rutgers University
"Burton Benedict and the Swinging 60's in Anthropology"

2003-2004 Honoring: Eugene Hammel
Lecture by: G. William Skinner, UC Davis
"Family-cum-Gender as a Cultural System"

2006 Honoring: Gerald Berreman
Lecture by: Professor Ulf Hannerz
"The Cultural Imagination: Culture Areas, Storylines, Scenarios"

2006 Honoring: Herbert Phillips
Lecture by: Professor Juree Vichit-Vadakan
"Unteasing the Thai Enigma of Social Change and Continuity"

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