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Published Works by Year, 1940s-1950s









  • Acculturation among Pomo Women."
    M.A. Thesis, University of Minnesota, 1940.


  • Primitive Science...7 vols. Vols. 2-7 by Wilson D. Wallis and Ruth Sawtell Wallis, with the assistance of Elizabeth Colson and Allan Holmberg. Typewritten carbon copy deposited in the Harvard-Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology by the Work Projects Administration.


  • "New Customs at Neah Bay: The White Man's Ways Come to the Makah Indians."
    Radcliffe Quarterly. 1942, 26(4):18-21.


  • The Makah: A Study of Assimilation.
    Ph.D. dissertation, Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA. 1945.



  • Life Among the Cattle-Owning Tonga: The Material Culture of a Zambian Tribe.
    The Occasional Papers of the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, n.s., no. 6.
    Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia: Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, 1949.

  • "The Assimilation of an American Indian Group."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1949, 8:1-13.
    • Reprinted in:
      • Beyond the Frontier. Edited by Paul Bohannan and Fred Plog. New York, NY: National History Press. 1967, pp. 209-226.

  • (review) The Dynamics of Clanship Among the Tallensi, by Meyer Fortes.
    African Studies. 1949, 9:203-206.

  • "Suggestions for Social Research in Central Africa."
    African Regional Scientific Conference, Johannesburg, Vol. II.
    Pretoria, Government Printer. 1949, pp. 350-351.

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  • "Director's Report to the Trustees of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute on the Work of the Years 1947-1948-1949."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1950, 10:75-94.

  • "Possible Repercussions of the Right to Make Wills Upon the Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia."
    Journal of African Administration. 1950, 2(1):24-35.

  • (review) The Nuba: An Anthropological Study of the Hill Tribes in Kordofan, by S.F. Nadel.
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1950, 10:100-102.

  • (review) Umbundu Kinship and Character, by Gladwyn Murray Childs.
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1950, 10:94-99.



  • with Max Gluckman.
    "Seven Tribes in Central Africa."
    Africa. 1952, 22(30):271-274.

  • (review) The Basuto, by Hugh Ashton.
    Africa. 1952, 12(3):284-285.

  • (review) Good Company, by Monica Wilson.
    Man. 1952, 52(127):92-93.

  • "Notes and Queries in Anthropology."
    Revised and rewritten by a Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Jan. 1952. (Review)

  • (review) Personality and Conflict in Jamaica, by Madeline Kerr.
    Manchester Guardian. July 25, 1952, p. 4.


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  • "Ancestral Spirits and Social Structure Among the Plateau Tonga."
    Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie. 1954, 47(1):21-68.
  • "The Intensive Study of Small Sample Communities."
    In: Method and Perspective in Anthropology: Papers in Honor of Wilson D. Wallis. Edited by Robert F. Spencer.
    Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. 1954, pp. 43-59.
    • Reprinted in:
      • The Craft of Social Anthropology. Edited by Arnold L. Epstein. London: Tavistock Press. 1967, pp. 3-15. Reprinted, Delhi: Hindustan Pub. Co., 1978; New York, NY: Pergamon Press, 1979.

  • with David F. Aberle, Harry Basehart, George Fathauer, E. Kathleen Gough, Marshall Sahlins, and David M. Schneider
    "The Plateau Tonga."
    Prepared for Seminar for the Study of Matrilineal Kinship Systems, sponsored by the Social Science Research Council. 2 vols., mimeographed.
    Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1954.

  • "The Tonga and the Shortage of Implements."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1954, 14:37-38.

  • (review) The Comanches, Lords of the Southern Plains, by Ernest Wallace and E. Adamson Hoebel.
    Man. 1954, 54(8):13-14.

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  • "The Anthropologist and Fieldwork."
    Goucher Alumnae Quarterly. Winter 1955, pp. 8-10.

  • "Native Cultural and Social Patterns in Contemporary Africa."
    In: Africa Today. Edited by C. Grove Haines.
    Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. 1955, pp. 69-89.

  • (review) The Bantu Tribes of South Africa: Vol. III, The Nguni: Section V, Baca, Hlubi, Xesibe, by A.A. Duggan-Cronin and W.D. Hammond-Tooke.
    American Anthropologist. 1955, 57(5):1074-1075.

  • (review) Return to Laughter, by Elenore Smith Bowen.
    Baltimore Sun. 1955.

  • (review) Zur Gesellschaft and Religion der Nueer, by J.P. Crazzolara.
    American Anthropologist. 1955, 57(5):1073-1074.

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  • Autobiographies of Three Pomo Women. Primary Records in Culture and Personality, Vol. 1. Microcard publication.
    Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1956.

  • (review) Color and Culture in South Africa, by Sheila Patterson.
    Journal of Negro Education. 1956, 25:139-140.

  • (review) Culture and Human Fertility, edited by Frank Lorimer.
    Population Studies. 1956, 9(3):281-284.

  • (review) The Dark Child, by Camara Laye.
    American Anthropologist. 1956, 58(2):386.

  • (review) The Disappearing Bushmen of Lake Chrissie: A Preliminary Survey, by E.F. Potgieter and D. Ziervogel.
    American Anthropologist. 1956, 58(5):933-934.

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  • with Dan McCall.
    "Educated African Women."
    Report prepared for UNESCO, 1957. Copy filed in Boston University Library.

  • "Numbers in Northern Rhodesia."
    Man. 1957, 57(141):112.

  • (review) Chisungu: A Girls' Initiation Ceremony Among the Bemba of Northern Rhodesia, by Audrey I. Richards.
    Africa. 1957, 27(3):292-293.

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  • Marriage and Family Among the Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia.
    Published on behalf of the Institute for Social Research, University of Zambia.
    Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1958.
    Reprinted with minor corrections, 1966.
  • "The African Research and Studies Program."
    The Boston University Graduate Journal. 1958, 6(6):150-154.

  • "The Role of Bureaucratic Norms in African Political Structures."
    In: Systems of Political Control and Bureaucracy in Human Societies. Edited by Vern F. Ray.
    Proceedings of the 1958 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society.
    Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press. 1958, pp. 42-49.

  • "Plateau Tonga Diet."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1959, 24:51-67.

  • (review) Bantu Bureaucracy: A Study of Integration and Conflict in the Political Institutions of an East African People, by Lloyd A. Fallers.
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1958, 23:62-65.

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  • "Migration and African Population Trends."
    In: Population in Africa: Trends and Possibilities. Edited by F. Lorimer and M. Karp.
    Boston University Press. 1959, pp. 60-67.
    • Reprinted in:
      • Social Change: The Colonial Situation, by Immanuel Wallerstein. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1966, pp. 107-113.

  • "Yao," "Thonga," "Ila-Tonga."
    Articles written for Encyclopedia Britannica. Typescripts, 1959.

  • (review) African Farming Improvement in the Plateau Tonga Maize Areas of Northern Rhodesia, by C.E. Johnson.
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1959, 24:86-89.

  • (review) The Indians of British Columbia, by H.B. Hawthorn, C.B. Belshaw, and S.M. Jamieson.
    American Sociological Review. 1959, 24(1):121.

  • (review) Method in Social Anthropology: Selected Essays by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown, edited by M.N. Srinivas.
    American Sociological Review. 1959, 24(3):422-423.

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