Nominating and Elections

LAUC-B Volunteer Form

Interested in LAUC-B committee assignments? Use the LAUC-B volunteer form to indicate your interest in volunteering for LAUC-B Committees. 

Elections for the Executive Committee (ExComm) are held in the spring and other committee assignments are made over the summer.  (Remember, LAUC committee work ALWAYS looks good on your dossier!)

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The Nominating and Elections Committee shall:

  1. Present the nominations and the candidates for office at a business meeting to be held at least two weeks prior to the elections, where it shall be possible for the membership to present nominations from the floor. Nominations shall be formally closed at this time.
  2. Prepare the ballot and supervise the elections for both local and statewide elections, except that members of the Committee who are running for office shall not perform these functions.
  3. Solicit volunteers for LAUC-B and LAUC committees. Special elections procedures shall be as specified by the LAUC-B Chair in consultation with the Nominating and Elections Committee Chair.
  4. Membership and duties shall be as stated in Article V, Sections 4, 5, and 6.

Executive Committee Position Descriptions

Duties and time commitments for the Executive Committee positions are briefly described in the following document.

Overview of Executive Committee Positions 


[Note: The LAUC-B Committee Service History page is password-protected. For access to this page, please contact the LAUC-B Web Manager or the current LAUC-B Secretary]