Library Ergonomics Program

The UC Berkeley Ergonomics Program, provided by University Health Services, promotes a healthy, safe, and efficient workplace for faculty and staff. Good posture, along with effective ergonomics design, can reduce and prevent the human and financial costs of injuries related to ergonomics hazards.

The Library strongly believes in maintaining ergonomically healthy and safe workstations. The Library has set aside a budget for standard ergonomics equipment, however each unit may be required to cover the costs of optional items or exceptional requests. All Library employees who are required to use a computer for 4 or more hours a day should have their workstations ergonomically evaluated. Supervisors should contact Library Ergonomics to arrange an ergonomics evaluation for their employees. Employees suffering from injury or pain should immediately contact our HR Business Partner, and an ergonomics evaluation will be scheduled with the employee.

Library staff who would like to have their workstations ergonomically evaluated should follow the steps below:

  1. Have your supervisor initiate the ergonomics process by contacting Library Ergonomics to arrange an evaluation.
  2. The Library Ergonomics Evaluator will contact you to schedule an ergonomics evaluation of your workstation.
  3. Complete an online version of Computer Health Matters, a free training promoting healthy and safe work practices and the effective use of workstation furniture and accessories. You can enroll for the workshop through the UCB Learning Center. Campus has a program called Matching Funds which reimburses a department some of the costs for ergonomic pre-approved products. In order to qualify, the employee needs to complete the Computer Health Matters workshop with a passing grade of 80% or higher.
  4. The Library Ergonomics Evaluator will then evaluate your workstation, fill out a Computer Work Station Assessment Form, offer recommendations and/or modifications, and determine what products, if any, should be purchased to upgrade your workplace for ergonomics compliance.
  5. Additional workshops may be required before the purchase of ergonomics products.
  6. You and your supervisor will receive a completed Computer Work Station Assessment Form. Questions about the form should be sent to Library Ergonomics.