Building Maintenance

If one of the following issues occur at the Doe Library, Gardner Stacks, and Moffitt, please contact the Facilities Office. For subject specialty libraries, contact the appropriate building facilities department.

  • Spill on Carpet
  • Electrical problems
  • Elevator problems
  • Active Fire alarms/fire sprinklers
  • Grounds around building maintenance needs(i.e. steam cleaning and maintenance)
  • Hazard conditions such as bad smells, suspicious leaks, floods, or smoke
  • Heating/ventilation conditions
  • Light bulb requiring replacement
  • Malfunctioning door locks
  • Office furniture requiring relocation/adjustments
  • Plumbing problems/sewage/water temperature
  • Power failures
  • Roof problems/leaks
  • Steelcase installation needed
  • Additional trash containers needed
  • Window washing


For metal key replacement, contact the Facilities Office.

For questions about keys, contact

Library Safety & Security Committee

The Safety & Security Committee advises the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and unit managers reporting thereto on practices, policies and procedures that affect the physical safety and security of Library patrons, employees and collections in all units of the Library. The Library Safety Committee exists in accordance with The Library's Injury and Illness Prevention Program.