Librarian Statement of Responsibility

LAUC-B Colleagues,

The 2009 LAUC-B Fall Assembly business meeting included discussion of the Statement of Responsibility." It was agreed that the LAUC-B Executive Committee would charge a small task force to develop examples to use as a writing reference tool. As a result, the task group developed two examples for you to use when working on your own statement; these are meant to illustrate the suggested level of detail needed and to provide a possible model for structuring your statement, they should not be regarded as a mandatory format.

The Statement of Responsibility can be a brief document reviewed by each Librarian and his or her supervisor/review initiator.  Per Article 7 of the current MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the Statement should be reviewed regularly and modified as necessary. 

Current agreement

Article 7

Librarian Statement of Primary Responsibilities: example 1example 2 (technical services)