Committee on Research and Professional Development

Current Roster

  • Claude Potts, Co-Chair (term ends 2024)
  • Timothy Vollmer, Co-Chair (2024) 
  • Corliss Lee (2025)
  • Julia Larson (Affiliated Library Representative, 2025)
  • Dean Rowan (Affiliated Library Representative, 2024)
  • Ann Glusker (ex officio)

Please see the Research Opportunities page for grant application forms and information. 


The Committee on Research and Professional Development shall be composed of at least five members to be appointed by the Executive Committee. Two members must be from the Affiliated Libraries. One member should be a former Townsend Center Fellow or LAUC grant recipient. All members of the Committee shall serve two years with staggered terms of office. The Chair of the Committee shall be a LAUC-B member, and shall serve one year as Chair. The Berkeley representative to the statewide LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee shall serve as an ex officio member of the local Committee until his/her/their term of statewide office expires. Members serving on this committee may not review their own applications to the LAUC Research Grants for Librarians Program. The Committee shall:

  1. Review campus applications for the University-wide Research Grants for Librarians Program and advise prospective grantees on the feasibility and appropriateness of applications.
  2. Recruit LAUC-B participants for the Townsend Fellowship for Library and Museum Professionals program.
  3. Investigate and disseminate other campus or system-wide research opportunities and funding for UC Berkeley librarians.
  4. Implement programs and activities to provide training and professional development opportunities for LAUC-B members on a regular basis based on expressed need from members and emerging professional trends.

The Library Research Working Group

2023-24 Conveners:
Naomi Shiraishi and Timothy Vollmer

Meeting Times:
Third Monday of the month at 3pm on Zoom

The Library Research Working Group (LRWG) provides a regular, informal forum where library professionals engaged in scholarly and creative projects can share and discuss their ideas with peers. LRWG meets once a month to develop research ideas, receive feedback on proposals, presentations, or papers, and listen to invited speakers. We discuss how to make our research more effective, and we keep each other accountable for making progress. Projects can be at any stage of the process, from initial brainstorming to soliciting feedback on final versions/drafts. Both librarians and staff are welcome. A general email is sent out to all staff at the beginning of each semester to encourage new people to join; thereafter, monthly reminders only go out to the LRWG list. The group is organized by rotating convener(s).


In 2018, LAUC-B membership voted to combine the Committee on Research and Committee on Professional Development to simplify structure and conform to statewide practice. The pre-2018 committee pages are archived here: Committee on Research, Committee on Professional Development