Policy and Procedures Manual - Committee on Affiliated Libraries

  1. LAUC-B By Laws and Committee Charge
  2. Current Roster
  3. Duties and Activities of Chair and Committee
    • The Chair serves as a member of the LAUC-B Executive Board.
    • The Chair-Elect attends the Executive Board meetings as a non-voting member.
    • The Chair represents LAUC-B Affiliated Librarians at the LAUC Fall and Spring Statewide Assemblies.
    • The committee plans two assemblies for the Berkeley Affiliated Librarians, one in Fall and the second in Spring. The Affiliated Assemblies traditionally begin with a discussion of issues of concern to the Affiliated Librarians, followed by a talk given by a speaker selected by the committee.
    • The Chair writes a report detailing committee activities and affiliated issues for the LAUC-B Fall and Spring Assemblies.
    • The Chair maintains a current roster of Affiliated Library Librarians.
    • The Chair updates and keeps current the Affiliated Reflector (affil@library).
    • The Chair and the committee respond to issues affecting the Affiliated Librarians as the need arises.
  4. Calendar
    • September/October. Meet with committee. Begin planning Fall Affiliated Assembly. Decide upon a speaker.
    • November. Fall Affiliated Assembly. Should precede the LAUC-B Fall Assembly so that any issues of concern to LAUC-B that are discussed at the Affiliated Assembly can be raised at the LAUC-B Fall Assembly.
    • November/December. Chair attends LAUC Statewide Assembly.
    • February/March. Meet with committee to plan the second Affiliated Assembly. Decide upon a speaker.
    • April. Spring Affiliated Assembly. See note under November, above.
    • May. Chair attends LAUC Statewide Spring Assembly.
    • August. Turnover committee chair to Chair-Elect at Executive Board turnover meeting.
  5. Affiliated Assemblies Planning Checklist
    • Select a date, location and speaker. The assemblies are usually held from 8:30am to 10am. The first half hour is given over to a discussion of Affiliated Libraries issues, followed from 9am to 10am by the speaker with time for questions. The Goldberg Room at Boalt Hall Law Library has been used frequently for the assemblies. There is broad latitude for the selection of a speaker though their talk should relate, however peripherally, to libraries. Speakers can be from the campus but don't need to be.
    • Announcements. Post an announcement about the Assembly on the affiliated reflector (affil@library) and on allusers (allusers@library) as soon as date, location and speaker have been confirmed. Post a few reminders about the Assembly on both of these reflectors closer to the date of the Assembly. Ask the editor of CU News to post an announcement.
    • Caterer. Order breakfast food for the assembly. Plan for 25. Coffee, regular and decaf, teas, orange juice, pastries, bagels and cream cheese, or other appropriate breakfast foods. Caterers used in the past: Cafe Strada, 925/853-5282, ask for Gilbert.
    • Set up Room. The day of the assembly, or the night before, make sure the room is set up with tables and chairs arranged appropriately. Procure a microphone and any other equipment the speaker will need.
    • Forward receipts for food and beverages to the LAUC-B treasurer for payment.
    • Follow up. Finally follow up with a written thank you to the speaker.