Archives Policy


In an effort to preserve and maintain its history, LAUC-B should retain documentation of LAUC-B activities, excluding the records of CAPA who will retain their records due to privacy issues. Archival materials should include materials that relate to:

  • History and development of LAUC-B
  • Missions and policies of LAUC-B
  • LAUC-B Committee Activities
  • Significant programs, activities and events of LAUC-B


Records are of two types: temporary and permanent. Temporary records include materials that have no permanent historical, administrative, legal or fiscal value but are still of current use to LAUC-B. These temporary materials are discarded once LAUC-B has no further use for the records. Permanent records, however, should be transferred to the University Archives when they become non-current (i.e., no longer need to be used by LAUC-B representatives).

Permanent LAUC-B Archival Records

The following should be preserved:

  • Correspondence (or printed email) that documents programs, activities, and events
  • Bylaws (when revised)
  • All reports, including annual reports and committee reports
  • Meeting minutes and supporting documentation
  • LAUC-B awards, with accompanying documentation
  • Membership and office rosters
  • Photographs, clippings, and press releases documenting activities
  • Procedures manuals
  • LAUC-B Annual Budget
  • Electronic records (should be transferred to printed format and archived accordingly)
  • LAUC-B websites should be printed and retained before revisions are made

Transfers to University Archives

Transfers to the University Archives should occur at the end of the term of the LAUC-B Chair and will be the responsibility of the outgoing Chair. All LAUC-B committees should send permanent records to the outgoing LAUC-B Chair in July of each year.