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Request a Departmental Card

You must be on the campus network in order to successfully submit the form. From home, you must either use the campus VPN or remote desktop to your campus staff computer.

Once approved, Departmental Cards should be available in 2 business days at the Privileges Desk

All of the fields below, except Previous Account initials, are required.

(Your supervisor will receive a copy of this form via email)

Supervisors must forward approved card requests to

New Applicants - Your card will be available for pickup at the Privileges Desk (198 Doe) during normal business hours, 2-3 business days after your supervisor has approved your request and forwarded the application to; a confirmation email will be sent notifying you the card is available for pickup.

Renewing Applicants - You will be notified via email confirmation that the account expiration has been extended shortly after your supervisor has approved your request, and forwarded the application to You are welcome to pickup a new expiration date sticker at the Privileges Desk (198 Doe) during normal business hours if the need for a sticker arises; sticker is not necessary to utilize the updated card.

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