bMail/Email accounts

The Library IT (LIT) and the Library Human Resources Department (LHRD) have established procedures to ensure that all new employees of the Library receive a bMail email account as soon as possible. bMail requires that users be in UCPath, have a CalNet ID, and be listed in the CalNet directory before an account can be established. This means that an email account can't be set up before the employee's first day of work on site.

Library-wide email lists:
LHRD will add all library staff who have a bMail email account to the library-wide libstaff and allusers lists.

Email accounts

Closure of email accounts:
Employee leaves - LHRD will notify LIT when a bMail email account needs to be deleted for an individual who no longer works in the Library. When people leave (vs. retire) their email is normally disabled their last day. Let LHRD know if you'd like LIT to make an exception for you, and keep your email account enabled for a brief time (1-4 weeks) after you leave the Library.

Employee retires - @library email accounts will be disabled 3 months after an employee's retirement date. Retirees may keep their @berkeley email address for a fee. Please see the Retirement Center web page for more information.

Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs):
Access an existing SPA account:
Read the instructions on using CalNet authentication to access your bConnected Special Purpose Accounts.

Request a new SPA account:
Use the SPA Application Form.

In the Authorizer Information section enter your name, UID, phone number, etc., and Dept Code: KPADM

For more on Special Purpose Accounts, see Special Purpose Accounts (SPA).

You may also contact

Reading your email:
You may read your email via a desktop email client, or via the bMail web interface. The Advanced Search feature in bMail is very powerful. See the Advanced search help page. See the bMail Options page for more information.

Email lists aka Google Groups:
Anyone with a bMail email account may create an email list. Email lists are created, managed and deleted via bConnected Lists (Google Groups), and follow the syntax See the Email List Policy page for more information and instructions.

With your help, LIT maintains the Library Email Lists page. Email to have a change made to the page.

CalNet Directory:
The campus maintains the CalNet Directory of email addresses, phone numbers, campus addresses for faculty, staff and students on campus. To add or modify your listing in this directory, go to CalNet Directory Update.

Library Staff Directory:
With your help, Library Human Resources maintains the Staff Directory. Contact Library Human Resources to have a change made to the Staff Directory.

Email problems:
If you experience email problems, please visit the Berkeley IT Service Desk page. If you have problems with your desktop email client, please contact the Help Desk.

Access an employee's email account when he/she is unavailable:
Please see Authorization to Access Electronic Communications for more information and required forms. A step-by-step procedural guide [PDF] is also available to assist you.

Set an employee's vacation message when they are unavailable to do so:
LIT is no longer able to set vacation messages for staff. The employee's supervisor needs to email the desired vacation message text to The supervisor must clearly indicate that they are the employee's supervisor. The bConnected staff can then set the vacation message.