E-mail List Policy, UCB Library

List Ownership

See the bConnected Lists page to create and maintain a list.

  • List owners are responsible for keeping the membership current, transferring lists to new owners, and for deleting the list when it is no longer needed. List management will be performed via bConnected Lists management interface.
  • Some lists are owned by individuals based on position (e.g., LAUC-B chair). Each outgoing owner should make sure to designate a new owner via the bConnected Lists management interface.
  • When individuals leave the employment of the Library, list owners will need to remove them from applicable lists via bConnected Lists (Google Groups).
  • Staff may unsubscribe from email lists themselves.
  • Owners will be reminded once each year to verify the status and membership of their lists.
  • Contact helpbox to have a list included, or updated on the Library E-mail Lists page.

Types of lists

The Library maintains several types of lists to foster communication and to conduct business.

  • Membership on lists for Leadership Team, and Roundtable is restricted to members of that group.
  • Membership on lists used to conduct the business of a group is restricted to members of that group, except by invitation of the list owner. Regular communication about the work of these groups is available from minutes.

    Includes councils, task forces, and committees (e.g., Public Services Council, Workgroup on Access to Collections)
  • Membership on lists used to facilitate communication and conduct the business of a unit is restricted to members of that unit, except by invitation of the list owner, e.g., Area Studies Unit
  • Membership on lists for information exchange and continuing development are open to any interested staff. These lists do not have minutes, but several of them maintain archives.

    Includes various functional lists for public services, technical services, collection development (e.g., reference staff; selectors).
  • Some lists are established by library staff to support their professional work. Membership is determined by the list owner (e.g., Map Librarians).