Policy and Procedures Manual - Assemblies

In accordance with LAUC-B Bylaws, Article VI Membership meetings shall be called at least twice a year by the Executive Committee and must be called by the Committee if requested by no less than 25 percent of the membership. Such meetings must take place within 30 days of submission of the request or petition to the Executive Committee.

LAUC-B Assemblies are held in the fall and spring. In past years the fall assembly has been held in late November - early December; the spring assembly usually in May. The date of the spring assembly is more critical. At the spring assembly the Nominations and Elections Committee announces the slate of candidates for LAUC-B offices and calls for nominations from the floor. Thus the date of the spring assembly should be planned with the timing of local and statewide elections in mind.

The LAUC-B Chair will receive, and should distribute to all LAUC-B members, the systemwide LAUC committee reports and the LAUC-B committee reports prior to a division assembly so that members may comment or inquire on the reports.