Standard PC Operating Environment for Catalogers

The following page lists the files and settings required by catalogers in the Library Catalog Department. This page is intended to be used for initial setup of new PCs or for PCs that have undergone repairs or modifications that have resulted in the loss of this data. 

Staff Catalogers

  • OCLC Connexion Settings
    • Connexion Logins and Passwords vary by account. Ask your supervisor and/or OCLC liaison for this information. You will not be able to proceed without it.
    • Follow the instructions at the following link to setup the OCLC Connexion Client for export:
    • OCLC Connexion Export Settings
  • Macros
    • The following document details how to customize the macro used in OCLC Connexion for recording cataloging statistics. Please read it thoroughly before installation. The macro file is listed below the instruction document.
    • Installation Instructions
    • Initial and Date Macro (.mbk file) - Right click to save
    • Copy the following text into an empty macro field to record statistics for maintainance in Millennium. Replace "tsxx01" with your Millennium initials before using the macro. For "Advanced Maintenance" change the "MR" text to "MA". :
    • %CTRL+SHIFT+e%%PGDW%%ENTER%y956%TAB%%date |btsxx01|cMR
    • For more information on how to create and use macros please refer to the following document:
    • Macros: How to Create and Use
  • Text Strings
    • This file contains text strings that are required for recording cataloging statistics. Replace the existing file in the following directly with the one listed below:
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\OCLC\Connex\Profiles\MyProfile
    • Cataloging Stats Text Strings (.xml file) - Right click to save
  • Constant Data
    • At this time there is no standard set of local constant data for staff members. There are, however, copies of task specific constant data for formats and locations that can be copied from our department's online constant data to a PC's local constant data. Follow the instructions listed below to do so. 
    • At a very minimum the "MAIN 949" constant data should be copied to each PC. It contains the export string required to upload records from OCLC Connexion to OskiCat.
    • Copying Online Constant Data to Local Constant Data

Student Catalogers

  • Constant Data
    • Student Constant Data (.db file) - Right click to save
    • Due to a quirk in Drupal, this file must be renamed before it is installed. Remove the "_.db" at the end of the filename before installation.