Rush for Workflow for Course Reserves and Notify Patron Materials


The rush shelf in Distribution should be checked several times a day, especially during pre-semester periods when ordering and receiving of course reserve materials is particularly active.

Materials from this shelf should be cataloged and processed as follows:

Rush for Course Reserve – these materials take priority – they should be completed within one working day of receipt.

For MAIN materials​ and other non-self-marking units​, items should be cataloged and then put onto the Marking Unit's special "Rush for Course Reserves" shelf. Marking students will mark the material right away and walk it over to MAIN Circulation ​(or location of the non-self-marking unit) ​and ​hand item to a staff member.​

For all other Library locations (those that are self-marking), items should be cataloged, the appropriate "Send Directly To" flag should be inserted (leave in the Course Reserve flag) and the material walked over and placed into the correct lug in the Mailroom.

The above is also true for "Notify Patron" materials, with the caveat that of the two, Course Reserves take priority.

On Fridays, previously cataloged materials (bib records with an existing Catalog Date (CatDate)) cannot have their records overlaid via OCLC.  Records without Catalog Dates (aka "order level records") can be overlaid with OCLC copy.  In the case of added copies, item records and holdings records can be created and edited without concern for OCLC overlay.