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  • Series authorities
    The creation and maintenance of series authorities records involves a training process that is discrete from that involved with personal, corporate,  and family names.  catalogers wishing to engage in this training through the self-guided course through LC should first have the approval of  the  Head of C&MS who will assign a reviewer and a time-line for training.


UC Berkeley is an active participant in the SACO program. Because of the amount of time involved in the research, creation, and approval process, however, it is advised that anyone wishing to contribute a subject authority or add to the classification schedules a pre-1925 literary number consult with the Principal Cataloger before starting the process. More information maybe found on LC's SACO page.

UC Berkeley Name Authority Lexical Preferences:

MARC  Content Lexicon
046 dates $2edtf
336 content $2rdacontent (RDA 6.9.1)
368 attributes $2lcsh, $2naf
370 places $2naf
372 fields of activity $2lcsh
373 associated group $2naf
374 occupation $2lcsh
375 gender $2lcdgt
376 type of family RDA
380 form of work $2lcsh, $2naf

Literary Authors

2018/19 UCB NACO Review Teams

Chris Tarr (reviewer):

Shelly McLaughlin

Enedina Vera

Irina Migal

Jessie Sherwood  (Randy to assist)

Randy Brandt (reviewer):

Chris McDonald

Lara Michels

Kenna Fisher

Jane Rosario

Heiko Muhr

Stella Tang (reviewer):

Trina Pundurs

Jean Dickinson (re-review)

Ruth Haber

Bob Talbott (reviewer):

Ute Rupp

Matthew Schmitz

Reza Yaghobi

Jim Latchney (re-review)

Michael Meacham (re-review)