Printout Policy: Creating Physical Copies of Resources Delivered in Electronic Form

Endorsed by CSC, 6/04/13 Rev. 6/11/13


The UC Berkeley Library is seeing an increase in the number of electronic resources where the resource is delivered directly to the Library in electronic format. Some of these resources are meant to be accessed via their original format (e.g. CD, DVD, etc.) while other resources arrive in formats that need to be hosted on local servers for online access (e.g. PDFs, data files, image files, etc.).

The materials of this second type are usually part of the E-resource Order Request workflow, which allows these materials to be submitted and placed on Library servers. Access is provided to material on these servers in accordance with the terms of their license. In addition, these e-resources are sent to CDL UC3 for long-term preservation.

Given access and preservation is provided through the standard workflow as described above, there should be no need to add additional physical copies (e.g., printout, CD/DVD) of these resources to the collection.


Materials that arrive in digital format and are accessed by users from the Library's servers may not have a locally created print or other artifactual copy created and added to the Library's Collection.

This policy does not apply to the very rare and undesirable case where the license agreement does not allow us to share what was delivered electronically. Nor does it apply to accompanying materials in media format, such as a DVD in the back of a book.