655: UC Standard Practice for Cataloging UC Theses and Dissertations

On January 7, 2008, the UC Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group (CAMCIG) agreed that each campus would provide the following genre heading in bibliographic records for UC theses and dissertations:

?655 _7  Dissertations, Academic $z [Campus] $x [Subject] $2 local

Where the “Campus” name is given in abbreviated form (to be determined by the campus) and the “Subject” is the department, discipline or area of studies of the dissertation.

Previous practice was to code this information as a local subject heading (690 field), which precluded it from remaining in the OCLC master record. In addition, the information in this field does seem to describe the form or genre of the item rather than its topic.

Campuses may decide whether to clean up data retrospectively in their local systems and/or in OCLC.