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California Air Photo Catalog

Aerial flights are indexed to the county level, not city level. If you don't know the county for your area of interest, search the USGS Geographic Names Information System, then return to this form and submit your search.

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Keyword queries are limited: they search text only in the flight coverage and flight symbol fields. Although a search on keyword "Berkeley" will retrieve some records, you will miss all flights which cover Berkeley but whose flight description may be "Bay Area," "Alameda County," "Northern California," etc.

GNIS: Geographic Names Information System

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Air photo coverage at UCB

Over 86,000 aerial photographs are available in the Earth Sciences & Map Library. Collection emphasis is on San Francisco, the East Bay, the greater Bay Area, and northern California. Coverage for other areas is limited. To index its aerial photo collection, the Earth Sciences & Map Library maintains both print and electronic catalogs. The print catalogs are available at the library's Circulation Desk; the electronic versions are available online. (Records for all of the photos can also be found in OskiCat, UCB's online catalog.)

For photos of areas not held by our library, see the list of links to Aerial Photo Collections at Other Locations and our list of Internet Resources for Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing.

Collections at Other California Locations

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