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Aerial Photography
Satellite Imagery
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Aerial Photography

Catalog of Aerial Photography

A unique and highly-used collection of aerial photography is housed in the Earth Sciences & Map Library. Unlike maps, which portray the physical and cultural landscape with generalized symbols and colors, aerial photography reveals the terrain as it exists in nature. All buildings, bridges, roads, urban and rural areas, and other man-made features are depicted as they were at the time of photography. Physical features, such as vegetation type and distribution, river widths and courses, shorelines, landslide areas, etc. are shown with detail that no map can depict. Aerial photography is, therefore, extremely useful both for specific site evaluation and for regional analysis, as well as for historical perspectives. It is used by engineers, architects, city and regional planners, geographers, geologists and historians.

The Earth Sciences & Map Library has over 80,000 images covering California and other selected areas. The majority of photos are 9 x 9 inch contact prints with stereographic coverage. (Stereoscopes are available for patron use.) For some flights, blackline enlargements or positive transparencies are available. The majority of photos are black-and-white images. Some recent flights are in color. In general, scales vary from 1:40,000 to 1:2,400. Historical coverage is available for some areas from 1931 to the present. We have also acquired some aerial photography on CD-ROM. Selected images from various flights are available online.

The Library's collection emphasis is on San Francisco and the East Bay; however, our collection responsibilities also include the nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay and northern California, exclusive of the Central Valley. Very low-level photography is collected primarily for the Bay Area. For areas of the state not collected by Berkeley, cooperative collection responsibilities are in place with the map collections of other UC campuses and Stanford University. Faculty, staff and students may borrow aerial photography held by these other campuses. Please inquire at the Earth Sciences and Map Library for information on their holdings and on our borrowing procedures. In addition to California areas, the library has photography of selected urban areas, such as Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Venice, Italy, etc. Also available is a small collection of World War I aerial photographs for certain areas in Europe and World War II photography for areas in Japan, Korea , Taiwan, and Wake Island.

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has cumulative indexes for all of its aerial photography. An online version of this Catalog of Aerial Photography is available.

Some "predefined searches" below will retrieve bibliographic records from OskiCat, the Library's Web catalog.

Satellite Imagery

Remote-sensing/satellite imagery, such as Landsat images, is collected on a highly selective basis. In general, the library has composite images covering large geographical areas such as entire states or countries. UC Santa Barbara's Map and Imagery Laboratory has the primary collection in the state for this type of material.

Some "predefined searches" below will retrieve bibliographic records from OskiCat, the Library's Web catalog.

Internet Resources for Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing

The following sites contain useful information related to aerial photography and remote sensing.

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