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LALand access; Louisiana
L.A.Los Angeles (Calif.)
LAASLocal Area Augmentation System
LACLibraries and Archives Canada = Bibliotheque et Archives du Canada; Litografia Artistica Cartografica; Local Area Composite
LACIELarge Area Crop Inventory Experiment
LADARLaser Detection and Ranging
LAGEOLaser Geodynamic Satellite
LAGICLouisiana Geographic Information Center
LAMPLow Altitude Mapping Photogrammetry
LAMPSLaser-scan Automated Map Production System
LAMSLarge Area Mosaicing Software
LANLocal area network
LANDLandmark feature identification number
LANDRULocal Access to Networked Data Retrieval Utility (Univ. of Calgary)
LANDSATLand Satellite
LAPLandsat Applications Program (PNW)
LaRCLangley Research Center (NASA)
LARISLouisiana Areal Resource Information System
LARSLaboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (Purdue Univ.)
LARSYSLaboratory of Applications of Remote Sensing Image Data Processing System (Purdue Univ.)
LASLand Analysis System
LASNLocal Area Spatial Network
LASSLand Applications Satellite System (ESA)
LATLarge Area Triangulation
LAULandesamt fur Umweltschutz (Saarland)
LBALarge-scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia
LBRLaser Beam Recorder
LBSLocation-based services
LCLibrary of Congress (U.S.); Land cover
L/CLand cover
LCALand cover analysis
LCCLambert conformal conic (projection)
LCDLiquid-crystal displays
LCDBLand Cover Database
LCDCLand Conservation and Development
LCGMDLibrary of Congress Geography and Map Div. (U.S.)
LCGTFLibrary of Congress Genre/Forms Terms for Library and Archival Materials
LCMMPCalifornia Land Cover Mapping & Monitoring Program
LCSLiberian Cartographic Service
LDASLand Data Assimilation System (NASA)
LDPCLocal Datum Plane Coordinate
LDDLand Development Desktop 2i
LDLSLesotho Dept. of Lands, Surveys and Physical Planning
LDMGLesotho Dept. of Mines and Geology
LDOLand Development Office (NovaLIS Technologies)
LDSILandDesign Surveying Inc.
LELess than or equal
LEAFLand Ecosystem Atmosphere Feedback
LECLockheed Electronics Company
LEMLandform Elevation Model; Lunar Escape Module
LEOLow Earth orbit
LEPLinear Error Probable
LESLincoln Electric System
LFLarge format; Line feed
LFCLarge format camera
LFISchweizerisches Landesforstinventar
LFVZLeichtensteinische Fremdenverkehrszentrale
LGISLand Geographic Information System
LGISCLouisiana Geographic Information Systems Council
LGSLiberian Geological Survey; Louisiana Geological Survey
LGSOWOGLandsat Ground Station Operations Working Group
lHlichte Hohe
LILandmaelingar Islands
LIALand Information and Analysis office (USGS)
Ligue des Biblioth`eques Europeennes de Recherche, Groupe des cartothecaires
LICLand Information Centre
LICGFLand Information & Computer Graphics Facility (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
LIDAR, LidarLight Detection and Ranging
LIGOLaser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
LIMLand identification method; Land Inventory and Management Program (USSCS)
LIMALandsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica
LIMAPLandsat Imagery Analysis Package (S.Dakota)
LIMOLand Information Management Office (Miami County, Kans.)
LIMSLocation Management System
LINZLand Information New Zealand
LIOLand Information Ontario
LISLand information system(s); Landsat Information System; Library and information science; Lightening Imaging Sensor
LISCOMLand Information Systems Committee (So. Australia)
LITLand Information Toronto
Lith.Lithographed; lithographer
LKBLockwood, Kessler & Bartlett Inc.
LKCCrater lake
LKIIntermittent lake
LKSCCrater lakes
LLAAdjusted line length
LLCLine length code
LLVLow Light Visibility
LMCTFLand Managers Cooperative Task Force (Alaska)
LMICLand Management Information Center
LMPLand Management Planning
LMSLarge-scale mapping system
LMVStatens Lantmateriverket (Sweden)
LOLocated object
L&OLimnology & Oceanography (journal)
LOCLibrary of Congress; Landsat Oversight Committee (Colorado)
LODLevels of detail
LOGICLoveland Geographic Information/Cartographic System
LOMALetters of map amendment
LOMCLetters of map correction
LOMRLetters of map revision
LORANLong Range Navigation (system)
LOSLand Observation Satellite (Japan); Line-of-sight
LPLine printer
LPGSLandsat Product Generation System; Level 1 Product General System
LPILines per inch; Lunar and Planetary Institute
LPMLoad point marker
LPSLibrary Programs Service (USGPO); Local positioning systems
LQLetter quality
LRLaser Retroflector
LRDLow resolution data
LRDALand Resources Data Analysis
LRDBLow Resolution Data Base
LRDCLand Resources Development Centre
LRIDPLand Resources Inventory Demonstration Project (PNW)
LRISLand Registration and Information Service (Maritime Provinces); Land Resource Information System (S. Dakota and N. Carolina)
LRITFLand Resources Inventory Task Force
LRMLinear Referencing Method
LRRLaser Retro-reflector
LRSLinear Referencing System
LRULine Replaceable Unit; Line Replacement Unit
LRUDLeft, right, up, down
LSACTSLand Surveyors Advisory Council on Technical Standards (California)
LSAWLand Surveyors' Assn. of Washington
LSDLand Surface Datum; Lands and Survey Div. (Trinidad and Tobago)
LSDPLandsat Signature Development Program (software)
LSILiDAR Services International
LSITLand surveyor in training
LSMLand Surface Models (NASA)
LSNLinear scaling number
LSOLand Surveyors Online
LSPSLouisiana Society of Professional Surveyors
LSRLocal Space Rectangular
LSRCLouisiana Spatial Reference Center
LSRPLaser Printer
LSTLocal Standard Time
LTLess than; Local Time; Linear triangulation
LTAPLong-Term Acquisition Plan (USGS)
LTCLight transfer characteristics
LTELess than or equal
LTERLong Term Ecological Research project
LTTMLongterm Terrain Model
LTOLand Title Office (New Zealand)
LTULine Transfer Unit
LULand units
L/ULand use
LUCCASLand Use and Cover Change Analysis System (Pacific Meridian Resources)
LUDALand Use and Data Analysis (program); Land use development assistance
LU/LC (or LULC)Land use, land cover
LUMLimited update, monoscopic
LUMISLand Use Management Information System (JPL software)
LUMSLand Use Management System
LUNHALand Use History of North America (USGS)
LUNRLand Use and Natural Resource Information System (N.Y.)
LUPINLand Use Planning Information Network (CERES)
LUSLimited update, stereo
LUSTLeaking underground storage tank
LUTLand utilization type
LVAB-WLandesvermessungsamt Baden-Wurttemberg
LVAN-WLandesvermessungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen
LVAR-PLandesvermessungsamt Rheinland-Pfalz
LVASLandesvermessungsamt des Saarlandes
LVAS-HLandesvermessungsamt Schleswig-Holstein
LVVWDLas Vegas Valley Water District
lWlichte Weite
LWCLouisville Water Company
LWDLittoral Warfare Data

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MMaestrale, Magistrale, Meridionalis, Meridialis, Mezzodi = South
M.Mile; mille (1,000); Mitte
MAMean annual; Maritime Administration; Massachusetts; Manitoba
MACMachine automation control; Mapping Applications Center (USGS); Mineralogical Assn. of Canada; Mapping Advisory Committee; Mobile Arctic caisson
MACAMinisterio de Asuntos Campesinos y Agropecuarios (Bolivia)
MADManagement Areas Database; Metro Area Disaster GIS (Oregon)
MADARMaps and Data at Ryerson [University}
MADGICMaps, Data and Government Information Centre (Trent University); Maps, Academic Data, Geographic Information Centre (Univ. of Calgary)
MADMMultiple attributes decision-making
MAFMaster address file
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (U.K.)
MAFIMagyar Allami Foldtani Intezet = Hungarian Geological Inst.
MAGMinisterio de Agricultura y Ganaderia (Costa Rica, Ecuador)
MAGEMap Authoring and Generalisation Expert
MAGERTMap and Geography Round Table (ALA)
MAGIMaryland Automated Geographic Information System
MAGICMap and Geographic Information Center (Univ. of Conn. and Univ. of New Mexico); Map and Geospatial Information Collection (Dalhousie University Library)
MAGISMaps, Aerials and GIS (Univ. of Hawaii Library, Manoa)
MAGSATMagnetic Field Satellite (U.S.)
MAIGISMulti-Agency Internet Geographic Information Service
MALSCEMassachusetts Assn. of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers
MAPMap Analysis Package; Mapping Alliance Program (Space Imaging, Inc.); Market Area Planner (Huff)
MAPAMinisterio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion (Spain)
MAPCATMap catalog
MAPDSMinisterio de Agricultura y Pesca, Direccion de Suelos (Uruguay)
MAPISMap Products Information System
MaPKBSMap Projection Knowledge-based System
MAPPSManagement Assn. for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors; Maps, Aerial Photo and Publication System
MAPSMississippi Assn. of Professional Surveyors; Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellite
M.A.P.S.Microcomputer-based Automated Projection System
MAPSATMapping Satellite (U.S.)
MARMean annual runoff
MARADMaritime Administration (US)
MARCMachine Readable Cataloging (LC); Mid-America Remote Sensing Center (Murray State Univ., KY)
MARISMississippi Automated Resource Information System
MARLSMissouri Assn. of Registered Land Surveyors; Montana Assn. of Registered Land Surveyors
MARSMonitoring Agriculture with Remote Sensing (European Union)
MASMillimeterwave Atmospheric Sounder
MASCMap Activity Support Contract
Mat-SuMatanuska-Susitna Borough (Alaska)
MATMedial-axis transformation
MATLABMatrix Laboratory
MAWMetropolitan area window
MBMGMontana Bureau of Mines and Geology
MBPSMillion bits per second
MBRMinimum bounding rectangle
MCMapping Center
MC&GMapping, Charting & Geodesy (U.S. Dept. of Defense)
MCASMarine Corps Air Station
MCBMarke Carl Bauer = Carl Bauer Brand
MCDMinor civil division; Major civil division
MCDMMulti-criteria decision-making
MCEMapping and Charting Establishment (Canada)
MCGMap Curators' Group
MCGAMonochrome/Color Graphics Adapter
McIDASMap-computer Interactive Data Access System
MCISMaps and Chart Information System
MCMCMid-continent Mapping Center (USGS)
MCOMars Climate Orbiter
MCSMachine control system; Master Control Station
MDMaryland; Metadata
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter; MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Inc.
MDASMultispectral Data Analysis System (Bendix Corp.)
MDCDiv. de la Cartographie (Morocco)
MDDMineral Deposits Div., Geological Assn. of Canada
MDGDirection de la Geologie (Morroco)
MDGLSMissouri Div. of Geology and Land Survey
MDLMeasurement Devices Ltd.; MicroStation Development Language (Bentley Systems)
MDLPPMason-Dixon Line Preservation Partnership
M.D.M.Mount Diablo Meridian
MDOTMichigan Dept. of Transportation
MDPMaster Data Processor
MDRMinimum Data Recorder
MDSMetadata standards; Multi-dimensional scaling
MDSHSMount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society
MDSDMono-Digitizer Stereo-Digitizer
MDOTMichigan Dept. of Transportation
MDTMountain Daylight Time
MDTCDiv. de la Topographie et de la Cartographie (Mauritania)
M.E.Military Engineer; Mining Engineer
MEMaine; Monoscopic Extraction
MECMMiss~ao de Estudos Cartograficos de Macao
MEDEAMeasurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (U.S.)
MEDSMinimum essential data set
MEGDRMission Experimental Gridded Data Record(s)
MEGRINMultipurpose European Ground Related Information Network
MEIMaps Etc. Inc.
MEISMultispectral Electrooptical Imaging Sensor
MEMMinistry of Energy and Minerals (Tanzania)
MEMPRMinistry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (British Columbia)
MENRMinistry of Energy and Natural Resources (Trinidad and Tobago)
MEOMedium Earth orbit
MEOWMono-Extraction Orthophoto Workstation
MERMinist`ere de l'Energie et des Ressources (Quebec)
MERESMineral and Energy Resources Exploration Satellite (Japan)
MERISMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MERRAMichigan Energy and Resources Research Association
MESSRMultispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer
METSATMeteorological Satellite
MEWSMono-Extraction Workstation
MFMiscellaneous Field Studies Map(USGS)
MFCMap Feature Coding
MFGDPManual of Federal Geographic Data Products
MFLOPSMillion Floating Points Operations Per Second
MFSMaine Forest Service
MGBMississippi Bureau of Geology
MGEMicrostation GIS Environment (Intergraph); Modular GIS Environment
MGGMarine Geology and Geophysics Report
MGISMicro Geographic Information System
MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
MGSMaine Geological Survey; Maryland Geological Survey; Minnesota Geological Survey; Mars Global Surveyor (satellite)
MGSDMichigan Geological Survey Div.
MGSSSRMinisterstvo Geologii SSSR
MHMinistry of Housing (Bahrain)
M.H.Meierhof = dairy farm
MHAPOMinnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online
MHTDMissouri Highway and Transportation Dept.
MHWMean High Water
MIMichigan; Military Intelligence; Miscellaneous Investigations (map)
MIASMultispectral Image Analysis System
MIEMMinist`ere de l'Industrie et de Mines (Malagasy Republic)
MIFMain Image File; MapInfo Interchange Format
MILMap and Imagery Laboratory (Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara); Milli-inch (1 thousandth of an in.)
MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (USDMA)
MILUSMultiple Input Land Use System (JPL software)
MIMEMultiPurpose Internet Mail Extension
Min. E.Mineral Engineer; Mining Engineer
MIOMap Information Office
MIPSMap and Image Processing System; Million Instructions Per Second; Mini-Image Processing System
MIRAGEMap Image Rendering Database for Geoscience (NRCan)
MISManagement Information System; Map Information System
MISRMulti-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (NASA); Macaulay Institute for Soil Research
MITEMegapixel Imaging Technology
MITESMiniature Interferometer Terminals for Earth Survey
MJHM.J. Harden Associates, Inc.
MLMaster Library
MLAMulti-linear array
MLCMinimal level cataloging (Library of Congress)
MLHDMaximum likelihood (decision functions)
MLLWMean Lower Low Water
MLMICMinnesota Land Management Information Center
MLMISMinnesota Land Management Information System
MLRAMajor Land Resource Areas
MLTAMaine Land Title Assn.
MLWMean low water
MMKSMjetve Mesimore Kulturore e Sportive "Hamid Shijaku" (Albania)
MMOIMathematical Mode of Inquiry
MMQMetric Map Questionnaire
MMSMetropolitan Map Series; Minerals Management Service (U.S.); Multi-Mission Modular Spacecraft (U.S.)
MMSDMetric Mapping Support Data
MNMagnetic north; Mine; Minnesota
Mn/DOTMinnesota Dept. of Transportation
MNFSMinor frame synchronization
MNRMinistry of Natural Resources (Ontario)
MNSMulti-Navigator System (Brunton)
MOMagnetic-optical disc; Member organization; Missouri; Model orientation
MOAMinute of angle
MoDMinistry of Defence
MODISModerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (or Spectrometer)
MODMMultiple objectives decision-making
MODNModule name
MOLAMars Orbital Laser Altimeter
MOLDSInst. for Modernization of Land Data Systems
MOMSModular Optoelectric Multispectral Scanner
M.O.P.Ministerio de Obras Publicas
MOPUMinisterio de Obras Publicas y Urbanismo (Spain)
MoRAPMissouri Resource Assessment Partnership
MOSMarine Observation Satellite; Multispectral Optoelectric Scanner
MOSSMap Overlay and Statistical System
MOSTMoving Objects Spatio-Temporal
MOUGMap Online Users Group
MPMeasuring point
MPCMinnesota Population Center
MPEMap Publishing Environment
MPLISMultipurpose land information system(s)
MPOMultiproduct operation; Metropolitan planning organizations
MPPMulti-spectral scanner preprocessor
MPRDModified Proportional Radial Displacement
MPRMMinistry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Saudi Arabia)
MPWUPHMinistry of Public Works, Urban Planning and Housing (Djibouti)
MRMonoscopic revision
MRACMusee Royale de l'Afrique Centrale
MRBMissouri River Basin
MRBCMissouri River Basin Commission
MRCMississippi River Commission; Map Reference Code (USGS)
MRDMineral Resources Div. (Manitoba); Mineral Resources Dept. (Fiji); McCloud Ranger District
MRDBMapping Requirements Data Base System
MRIMetadata Reference Information; Mediamark Research Inc.
MRIBMarine Realms Information Bank
MRIRMedium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRLAMajor Land Resource Area
MRLUMap Reproduction and Liaison Unit
MRMSMaritime Resources Management Service
MROMars Reconnnaissance Orbiter (NASA)
MRSMultispectral Resource Sampler
MrSIDMultiresolution Seamless Image Database
MRSAMajor River Systems Analysis
MRWSMonoscopic Revision Workstation
MSManuscript; Mean seasonal; Milli-second; Microsoft Corp.; Monochromatic Scanner; Mississippi
MSAMetropolitan statistical area; Mineralogical Society of America; Maritime Safety Agency (Japan)
MSCMap Society of California; Mapping Science Committee (NRC)
MSDMapping support data; Malawi Dept. of Surveys; Mauritius Survey Dept.
MSDOMapping Support District Office
MS-DOSMicroSoft Disc Operating System
MSEMean square error
MSEDBMapping Sciences Education Data Base
MSIAMapping Sciences Inst., Australia
MSIRIMauritius Sugar Industry Research Inst.
MSISMap Separates Information System; Model State Information System
MSLMean sea level
MSLSMaine Society of Land Surveyors
MSPMultispectral photography
.MSPMicrosoft Paint format
MSPEMissouri Society of Professional Engineers
MSPSMichigan Society of Professional Surveyors; Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors
MSRMinimal Spatial Representation
MSRNMichigan Spatial Reference Network
MSRLSMichigan Society of Registered Land Surveyors
MSSMultispectral Scanner; Maryland Society of Surveyors
MSTMountain Standard Time
MSTDMarine Science and Technology Division (Science Applications International Corporation)
MSTSMap Separates Tracking System
MSUMicrowave Sounding Unit
MSVModel and Scenario Visualization
Mt.Mount; Mountain; Mont
MTMountain; Montana
MTAMajor Trading Areas (FCC)
MTAEMaden Tetkik ve Arama Enstitutu (Turkey)
MTCMinisterio de Transporte y Comunicaciones (Venezuela)
MTFModulation transfer function
MTJMendocino Triple Junction
MTLTMinimum Total Length Triangulation
MTOMinistry of Transportation (Ontario)
MTPMSS Telemetry Processor
MTPEMission to Planet Earth (NASA)
MTSMountains; Maine Technical Source
MTSATMulti-Functional Transport Satellite (Japan)
MTTMobile Training Teams (USDMA)
MTUMagnetic tape unit
MUACMap Users Advisory Committee (ACMLA)
MUIDMap Unit ID (Identification)
MUIRMap Unit Interpretations Record (US NRCS)
MURBMinister fur Umwelt, Raumordnung und Bauwesen (Saarland)
MVEMulti-View Editor
MVIMapping for the Visually Impaired
MVPMoving vessel profiler
MWDIMaster Water Data Index
MWFMap Window File
MWRTKMidwest Real Time Kinematic
MWTMinimum Weight Triangulation
MyCOEMy Country, Our Earth

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n.nordlich = northern
NNorden = North
NANational Archives; National Atlas; Not available; Not applicable
NABCINorth American Bird Conservation Initiative
NABGGNational Assn. for Black Geologists and Geophysicists
NACNASA Advisory Council
NACISNorth American Cartographic Information Society = Sociedad de Informacion Cartografica Norte Americana
NACoNational Assn. of Counties
NACSNational Assn. of County Surveyors
NADNorth American Datum
NAD 27North American Datum of 1927
NAD 83North American Datum of 1983
NADCONNorth American Datum Conversion (NGS)
NADECNational Atlas Development Centre (Ghana)
NADONational Assn. of Development Organizations
NAFSMANational Assn. of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies
NAGTNational Assn. of Geoscience Teachers
NAHSCNational Automated Highway System Consortium
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System
NAIPNational Agriculture Imagery Program (USDA)
NAISNational Atlas Information Service (Canada)
NALMSNorth American Lake Management Society
NALSNevada Assn. of Land Surveyors
NAMCORNational Petroleum Corporation of Namibia
NAONorth Atlantic Oscillation
NAPNorthern Affairs Program (Canada)
NAPANational Academy of Public Administration
NAPLNational Air Photo Library (Canada)
NAPPNational Aerial Photography Program (U.S.)
NARANational Archives and Records Administration (U.S.)
NARCNational Association of Regional Councils
NARLNaval Arctic Research Laboratory (Barrow, Alaska)
NARSNational Archives and Records Service (U.S.)
NARSANational Advanced Remote Sensing Applications Program
NASNational Academy of Sciences (U.S.); National Airspace System (U.S.)
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.)
NASBOGNational Assn. of State Boards of Geology
NASDANational Space Development Agency (Japan)
NASSNational Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)
NASTNPOESS Airborne Sounder Testbed
NATM New Austrian Tunnelling Method
NATMAPDiv. of National Mapping (Australia)
NATMOIndian National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAUSNational Atlas of the United States
NAVDNorth American Vertical Datum
NAVD 88North American Vertical Datum 1988
NAVOCEANONaval Oceanographic Office (U.S.)
NavSolNavigation Solutions LLC
NavtechNavigation Technology Seminars Inc.
NAVTECHNavigation Technologies Corp.
NAWQUANational Water Quality Assessment (Program, USGS)
NBNarrow band; New Brunswick
NBFUNational Board of Fire Underwriters
NBINational Bridge Inventory (US)
NBIINational Biological Information Infrastructure
NBMGNevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
NBSNational Biological Survey (U.S.); National Bureau of Standards (U.S.); National Board of Survey = Maanmittaushallitus (Finland)
NBSMNational Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (China)
NBTRNarrow band tape record(s or -er)
NCNorth Carolina
N.C.North Carolina
NCAPNational Collection of Aerial Photographs
NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research (U.S.)
NCARBNational Council of Architectural Registration Boards
NCCNational Cartographic Centre (Iran); National Commission for Cartography (Canada)
NCDCDSNational Committee for Digital Cartographic Standards (U.S.)
NCDOTNorth Carolina Dept. of Transportation
NCDSNational Cartographic Data Standard
NCDSBNational Cartographic Data Standard Base
NCENorth Coast Engineering
NCEENational Council of Engineering Examiners
NCEESNational Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
NCEPNational Centers for Environmental Prediction (US)
NCGANational Computer Graphics Assn.
NCGENational Council for Geographic Education
NCGIANational Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
NCGMPNational Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (US)
NC&GSNational Charting & Geodetic Survey
NCGSNorth Carolina Geological Survey
NCHRPNational Cooperative Highway Research Program
NCICNational Cartographic Information Center (U.S.)
NCITSNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (USA)
NCMOCNaval Central Meteorology and Oceanography Center (US)
NCMPNational Coastal Mapping Program (USCE)
NCRNational Capital Region
NCRDSNational Coal Resources Data System
NCRSTNational Consortia on Remote Sensing in Transportation
NCRST-FNational Consortia on Remote Sensing in Transportation - (Flows)
NCSNational Cartographic Standards
NCSANational Center for Supercomputer Applications
NCSDNebraska Conservation and Survey Div.
NCSMEService des Mines et de l'Energie (New Caledonia)
NCSSNorth Carolina Society of Surveyors
NDNorth Dakota
N.D.North Dakota
NDARNational Directory of Australian Resources
NDCDBNational Digital Cartographic Data Base (USGS)
NDCSNational Digital Cartographic Standards
NDFNevada Division of Forestry
NDGNorthern Development Group Inc.
NDGPSNational Differential GPS Network (or System) (US); Nationwide Differential GPS
NDGSNorth Dakota Geological Survey
NDINautical Data International Inc.
NDIIPPNational Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (Library of Congress)
NDLNational Digital Library (Library of Congress)
NDLSNauru Directorate of Lands and Survey
NDNRCNevada Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation
NDOTNevada Dept. of Transportation
NDSNational Decision Systems
NDSLNevada Division of State Lands
NDSPLSNorth Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index
NENortheast; Nebraska
NEARNear Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
NEDNational Elevation Dataset (earlier sometimes called Database)(USGS)
NE[Delta]Exoatmospheric Noise Equivalent Reflectances
NEDSSNational Electronic Disease Surveillance System (US)
NEHRPNational Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
NEICNational Earthquake Information Center (USGS)
NEISNational Earthquake Information Service
NELNational Exploitation Laboratory
NEMONorth East Map Organization
NEPANNational Environmental Policy Act; National Environmental Protection Act
NERDDNetworked Electronic Report & Document Distribution
NERLNorth East Research Libraries (US)
NESNew England Section (ACSM)
NESDISNational Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (US)
NESACSMNew England Section ACSM
NESDISNational Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NESSNational Environmental Satellite Service
NESTANational Earth Science Teachers Assn.
NETNew Electronic Titles (US GPO)
NETRNationwide Environmental Title Research, LLC
NEXRADNext Generation Weather Radar
NFAPNational Forest Applications Program
NFDRSNational Fire Danger Rating System
NFFLNational Forest Fire Laboratory
NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program (U.S.)
NFIRANational Flood Insurance Reform Act (U.S.)
NFISNational Forest Information System
NFSNational Forest Service (USA); National Forest System; Network File System
NFWSNational Fish and Wildlife Service (USA)
N.G.Nicholas Guerard
NGANational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGBNNational Gravity Base Net (USA)
NGCSNational Geodetic and Cartographic Service (Vietnam)
NGDANational Geospatial Digital Archive (Library of Congress)
NGDCNational Geophysical Data Center (USA); National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
NGDFNational Geospatial Data Files; National Geospatial Data Framework (UK)
NGESNorthrup Grumman Electronic Systems
NGGINational Greenhouse Gas Inventory (Australia)
NGINational Geography Inst. = Kungnip Chiriwon (S. Korea)
NGICNational Geodetic Information Center
NGMANational Geoscience Mapping Agency (Australia)
NGMBDNational Geologic Map Database (USGS)
NGPRPNorthern Great Plains Resource Program
NGRINational Geophysical Research Inst. (India)
NGRSNational Geodetic Reference System (USA)
NGSNational Geographic Society (USA); National Geodetic Survey (U.S.)
NGSPNational Geodetic Satellite Program
NGTOCNational Geospatial Technical Operations Center (USGS)
NGUNorges Geologiske Undersokelse
NGVDNational Geodetic Vertical Datum
NGVD29National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929
NGWICNational Ground Water Information Center
NHNew Hampshire
N.H.New Hampshire; New Haven
NHAPNational High Altitude Photography (program)
NHCNational Hurricane Center (USA)
NHDNational Hydrography Dataset (USGS)
NHGISNational Historical Geographic Information System (MPC)
NHLSANew Hampshire Land Surveyors Assn.
NHPNNational Highway Planning Network (FHWA)
NHSNational Highway System; National Height System (USA); National Household Survey (Canada)
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (USA)
NINatturfraedistofnun Islands
NICMOSNear-Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US)
NIINational Information Infrastructure
NIIGANauchno-Issledovatel'skii Institut Geologii Artiki (U.S.S.R.)
NILSNational Integrated Land System (US BLM)
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency (USA)
NIMSANational Interest Mapping Service Agreement (UK)
NIPNational Imagery Project (NRCan)
NIPRNational Inst. for Polar Research (Japan)
NISNationwide Inpatient Sample (AHCPR)
NISTNational Inst. of Standards and Technology (USA)
NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format
NIUANational Inst. of Urban Affairs (India)
NIWARNational Inst. of Water and Atmosphere Ltd. (New Zealand)
NJNew Jersey
N.J.New Jersey
NJDEPNew Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
NJDOTNew Jersey Dept. of Transportation
NJGINNew Jersey Geographic Information Network
NJGSNew Jersey Geological Survey
NJITNew Jersey Institute of Technology
NJMappNew Jersey Mapping Assistance Partnership Program
NJSPLSNew Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors
NJSPSNew Jersey Society of Professional Surveyors
NLANational Land Agency (Japan); National Library of Australia
NLAPSNational Landsat Archive Production Sytem (USGS)
NLCDNational Land Cover Dataset (USGS & USEPA)
NLDNational Levee Database (UCACE)
NLDASNorth American Land Data Assimilation System (NASA)
NLISNational Land Information Service (UK)
NLLNorthern Limit Line (Korea)
NLQNear-letter quality
NLRBNational Level Bibliographic Record
NLUISNorthern Land Use Information Series (Canada)
NMNew Mexico
NMASNational Map Accuracy Standard(s)
NMASMNew Mexico Assn. of Surveyors and Mappers
NMBNational Mapping Bureau (Papua New Guinea)
NMBM&MRNew Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
NMCNational Map Collection (Canada)
NMCCNational Map Collection of Canada
NMDNational Mapping Div. (USGS)
NMDOTNew Mexico Dept. of Transportation
NMFNetwork Mapping Facilities (Firm)
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service (U.S.)
NMMCNational Map Managers Conference
NMPNational Mapping Program (USGS)
NNENorth northeast
NNSSNavy Navigational Satellite System
NNWNorth north west
NONordosten = northeast
N.O.New Orleans
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (U.S.)
NOBSNorthern Ohio Bibliographic Society
NODNew Orleans District
NOMSNorthern Ohio Map Society
NOPPANational Ocean Pollution Protection Act
NORTADNorth American Transportation Atlas Data; North American Transportation Database
NOSNational Ocean Service (U.S.); National Ocean Survey (U.S.)
NOSCNational Oceans Systems Center
NOSSNational Oceanographic Satellite System (U.S.)
NPNorsk Polarinstitutt
NPFNorsk Petroleums-forening = Norwegian Petroleum Society
NPICNational Photographic Interpretation Center (U.S.)
NPMSNational Pipeline Mapping System (US)
NPOCNaval Polar Oceanographic Center (U.S.)
NPOESSNational Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites
NPPNOOESS Preparatory Project
NPRNational Performance Review (U.S.); Non-photorealistic rendering
NPRANational Petroleum Reserve (Alaska)
NPR-ANational Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
NPSNational Park Service (U.S.); Nonpoint source
Nr.Nummer = number
NRANational Recreation Area; NASA Radarsat Program
NRCNational Research Council; Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S.)
NRCanNatural Resources Canada
NRCSNatural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)
NRCTNational Resources Council of Thailand
NRDDNatural Resources Data Directory (NSW); National Resources Data Directory (Australia)
NRINational Resources Inventory (SCS)
NRICNational Resource Information Centre (Australia); Natural Resources Information Council
NRISNational Resource Information System
NRNNational Road Network
NRONational Reconnaissance Office (U.S.)
NRSNational Reference System (U.S.)
NRSANational Remote Sensing Agency (India)
NRSCNational Remote Sensing Centre (U.K.)
NRSLNorthern Remote Sensing Laboratory (Univ. of Alaska)
NRTNavigation Response Team (US Coast Survey)
NRVISNatural Resources and Values Information System (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
NSNova Scotia; Not sprinklered
NSANational Security Agency
NSAPINetscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSBNorth Slope Borough (Alaska)
NSCNational Space Council (U.S.); National Security Council (U.S.); National Society of Cartographers
NSDNepal Survey Dept.
NSDCNational Spatial Data Council (U.S.)
NSDINational Spatial Data Infrastructure; National Spatial Data Information
NSDNRNova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources
NSFNational Science Foundation (U.S.)
NSGICNational States Geographic Information Council
NSINatural Scale Indicator
NSIFNATO Secondary Image Format
NSKVNorges Sjokartverk
NSLABNiedersachsisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
NSLVANiedersachsisches Landesverwaltungsamt
NSNNational Satellite Network
NSPENational Society of Professional Engineers
NSPSNational Society of Professional Surveyors
NSRFCNova Scotia Research Foundation Corp.
NSRSNational Spatial Reference System (NOAA)
NSSNational Soil Survey (Ireland); National Speleological Society; Navigational Safety System
NSSDANational Standard for Spatial Database Accuracy
NSTBNational Satellite Test Bed
NSTLNational Space Technology Laboratory
NSWNew South Wales
NTADNational Transportation Atlas Data (or Database(s) -- U.S. Bureau of Transportation)
NTDNational Topographic Database (OS)
NTDBNational Topographic Data Base (Canada)
NTDLNorthern Territory Dept. of Lands (Australia)
NTDMEDept. of Mines and Energy (Northern Territory, Australia)
NTFNational Transfer Format (U.K.)
NTISNational Technical Information Service (U.S.)
NTMNotice to Mariners
NTPSNational Transportation Planning System

National Topographic Series (Canada); National Topographic System (Canada); Navigation Technology Satellite; Nevada Test Site
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)
NUCNational Union Catalog
NUC CMNational Union Catalog, Cartographic Material
NURENational Uranium Resources Evaluation (program)
NVCANottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
NVCNNational Vertical Control Network (U.S.)
NVDINormalized difference vegetation index
NWNorthwest; Nordwesten
NWANational Water Alliance
NWFPNorth West Frontier Province (Pakistan)
NWINational Wetlands Inventory (USFWS); National Wilderness Inventory (Australia)
NWSNational Weather Service (NOAA)
NWSCANational Water and Soil Conservation Authority (New Zealand)
NWWSNorth West Wetlands Survey
NYNew York
N.Y.New York
N.Y.C.New York City
NYPLNew York Public Library
NYSAPLSNew York State Assn. of Professional Land Surveyors
NYSDOTNew York State Dept. of Transportation
NYSDTNew York State Dept. of Transportation
NYSGSNew York Geological State Geological Survey
NZNew Zealand
N.Z.New Zealand
NZFSNew Zealand Forest Service
NZGDNew Zealand Geophysics Div.
NZGSNew Zealand Geological Survey
NZMGNew Zealand Map Grid
NZMSNew Zealand Dept. of Lands and Survey
NZOINew Zealand Oceanographic Inst.
NZSBNew Zealand Soil Survey

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OOsten, Orientalis, Orien, Oriente, Orientis = East
OABOperational advisory broadcasts
OACOsterreichischer Automobil Club
OACESOregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors
OACHOffice of the Assistant Chief Hydrologist
OADCESOn-line Aerotriangulation Data Collection and Editing System
OAdWOsterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
OAFOptimal aerial forecasting
OALSOffice of Arid Lands Studies
OAMTCOsterreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring-Club
OASOrbit Adjustment Subsystem; Organization of American States
OASISOceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information System
OBMOntario Base Map; Ontario Basic Mapping Program
OBRPObject representation
OBSOffice of Biological Services
OCOil and Gas Investigation Chart (USGS)
OCAPOhio Capability Analysis Project
OC-CLSAOrange County Chapter of the California Land Surveyor's Assn.
OCEOffice of the Chief of Engineers
OCHOffice of the Chief Hydrologist
OCLObject Constraint Language
OCLCOhio College Library Center
OCROptical Character Recognition; Optical Character Reader
OCRSOntario Centre for Remote Sensing
OCSOffice of Cadastral Survey (BLM); Operational Control System; Outer Continental Shelf; Ocean Color Scanner
OCTSOcean Color and Temperature Scanner
OCULOntario Council of University Libraries
OCXObject Component eXtension
ODOptical disc; Outside diameter
ODAIPROpen Data Access and Intellectual Property Rights (ICA)
ODBCOperational Database Connectivity
ODCOpen Data Consortium
ODEOpen development environment
ODFOregon Dept. of Forestry
ODFWOregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
ODGMIOregon State Dept. of Minerals and Mineral Industries
ODGSOhio Div. of Geological Survey
ODNROhio Dept. of Natural Resources
ODOPOhio Digital Orthophotography Project
ODOTOhio Dept. of Transportation; Oregon Dept. of Transportation
OEEPEOrganisation europeene d'etudes en photogrammetrie experimentale
OESAOffice of Earth Science Applications
OFOpen file; Open-file
OFATOntario Flow Assessment Techniques
Offn.Offnung = aperture, opening
OFIPLANOficina de Planificacion Nacional (Costa Rica)
OFROpen file report; Open-file report
OFSSOpen-file Services Section
OGCOpen GIS Consortium, Inc.; Oil and Gas Commission (British Columbia)
OGDEOntario Geographic Data Exchange
OGDIOpen Geospatial Datastore Interface
OGICOregon Geographic Information Council
OGISOpen GIS; Office of Geographic Information Systems (New Jersey)
OGRIPOhio Geographically Referenced Information Program
OGSOntario Geological Survey; Oklahoma Geological Survey
OGWOffice of Ground Water
OGWPOffice of Ground Water Protection (EPA)
OHAOfficeof Hawaiian Affairs
OHWOffice of Hazardous Wastes Hydrology
OIAOffice of International Activities
OICCOntario Institute of Chartered Cartographers
OIGOffice of International Geology
OIHOffice of International Hydrology
OIIEuropean Commission's Open Information Interchange
OILTOil tank farm
OIR-GISOffice for Information Resources-GIS Services Division (Tennessee)
OISObstruction Identification Surfaces
OKOkonomisk kart (Norway); Osterreichische Karte; Oklahoma
OKAGEOklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education
OLAPOnline analytical processing
OLEObject Linking/Embedding
OLIDOntario Land Information Directory
OLSOperational Linescan (or Line Scan) imaging system; Ordinary Least Squares; Operational Line Scanner (DMSP)
OMOil and Gas Investigation Map (USGS)
OMGOpen Management Group
OMNROntario Ministry of Natural Resources
OMOOther mapping organization
OMPSOzone Mapping and Profiler Suite
OMTCOntario Ministry of Transportation and Communications
ONOntario; Original negative
ONCOperational Navigation Chart
ONERNOficina Nacional de Evaluacion de Recursos Naturales (Peru)
ONIGOffice Nationale de la Geologie (Algeria)
ONPROffice of National Petroleum Reserve (USGS)
ONSWGOpen Navigation Surface Working Group
OOPECOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities
OOSIOsterreichisches Ost- und Sudosteuropa-Institut
OPACOnline public access catalog; online patron access catalog
OPALObscurant penetrating autosynchronous Lidar
OPCSOffice of Population Censuses and Surveys (U.K.)
OPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEDSOutside Plant Engineering Design System (ESRI, Bell South)
OPISOcean Planning Information System
OPLOilfield Publications Limited
OPPOperational Positional Procedure
OPROffice of Planning and Research
OPSOptical sensor(s)
OPUSOnline Positioning User Service (US NGS); Online Processing User Service
ORMAPOregon Map (organization)
OQOrthophoto quadrangle
ORBIMAGEOrbital Imaging Corp.
ORHOffice of the Regional Hydrologist
ORIDOrtho Rectified Image Data
ORNOntario Road Network
ORRHOffice of the Regional Research Hydrologist
ORRIOrthorectified radar imagery
ORSEROffice for Remote Sensing of Earth Resources (Penn. State Univ.)
ORSTOMOffice de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre Mer
OSOrdnance Survey (U.K.); Object space; Operating System
OSBEELSOregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying
OSCAROnline Satellite Catalog and Request System (NOAA)
OSDOverseas Surveys Directorate (U.K.); Office of the Secretary of Defense (U.S.); On-screen display
OSDAOregon State Dept. of Agriculture
OSDLOregon Spatial Data Library
OSECOcean Systems Engineering Corp.
OSECOOgden Surveying Equipment Company
OSEDAOffice of Social and Economic Data Analysis (Missouri)
OSFDOregon State Forestry Dept.
OSGBOrdnance Survey (U.K.)
OSIOrdnance Survey of Ireland; Open Systems Interconnect model; Open Systems Interconnection
OSIPOperational Satellite Improvement Program
OSLSOklahoma Society of Land Surveyors
OSMOffice of Surface Mining; Open Street Map
OSNIOrdnance Survey of Northern Ireland
OSOAOptimal Statistical Objective Analysis
OSPOffice of State Planning
OSPEOhio Society of Professional Engineers
OSSOffice of Strategic Services (U.S.)
OSSIOptronic Sensor for Stereo Imagery
OSSIMOpen Source Software Image Map (ImageLinks)
OSTAOffice of Space and Terrestrial Applications (NASA)
OSTFOrdnance Survey Transfer Format
OSTZOsterreichisches Statistisches Zentralamt
OSUOregon State University
OSWOffice of Saline Water; Office of Surface Water
OTAOffice of Technology Assessment
OTCOver-the-counter; Office for Topography and Cartography (Tunisia)
OTHOver the horizon
OTHTOver the horizon targeting
O.U.Open under
OUCLSOntario Universities' Library Cooperative System
OUOOfficial use only
OVNOptical visible near-infrared
OWOil well
OWDCOffice of Water Data Coordination
OWRDOregon Water Resources Dept.
OWRROffice of Water Resources and Research
OWRTOffice of Water Research and Technology
OWSOGC Web Services

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PPrecision; Ponente = West
PAAPriority abatement areas; Provincial Archives of Alberta
PAADProgram Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions
PACPublic Archives of Canada; Photo Annotation/Classification; Publications Advisory Committee (WAML)
PACOGPueblo Area Council of Governments
PACONPacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology
PADPosition Aware Device
PADCOPlanning and Development Cooperative International
PAGESProgram for the Adjustment of GPS Ephemeris (NGS)
PAGISProtected Area Geographic Information System (NOAA); Planning and Geographic Information Systems (Hawaii); Pulaski (County, Ark.) Area Geographic Information System
PAIPacific Air Industries
PAIGHPan-American Inst. of Geography and History
PALPrime agricultural lands
PALISPonds and Lakes Information System
PAMPort-A-Meter; Point access methods
PANPolska Akademia Nauk
Pan-STARRSPanoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System
PAPSPooled Analytical Plotter System
PARCPalo Alto Research Center (Calif.)
PASPacific Aerial Surveys
PASDAPennsylvania Spatial Data Access system
PASPPlanning and Analysis Section
PASSPrecision Aerial Survey System (3Di)
PASSIAPalestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs
PATPolygon Attribute Table
PAVEPackage for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental Data
PbfPersonenbahnhof = Passenger railway station
PBMPortable Bitmap (format)
PBOPlate Boundary Observatory; Performance-based organization
PBSPrimary Base Series (USFS)
PCPersonal Computer; Principal components
PCAPrincipal components analysis
PCCProfessional competency credit; Program for Cooperative Cataloging (Library of Congress)
PCDPractical Cartography Day
PC-DOSPersonal Computer-Disc Operating System
PCGNPermanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use
PCHProfessional competency hour; Pacific Coast Highway (Calif.)
PCLIIndependent political entity (republic)
P-CodePrecise code; Protected code
PCSPOS Computer System
PCTPacific Coast Trail
.PCXPC Paintbrush Export Format
PDPrecision digitizing; Publications Div. (USGS)
PDAPersonal digital assistant; Portable data access
P&DCPrinting & Distribution Center
PDEPPennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Projection
PDFPlatform Data File; Portable Document Format
PDHProfessional development hour
PDLPage Description Language; Positioning Data Link (Pacific Crest Corp.)
PDOPPosition dilution of precision
PDQPublic Data Queries, Inc.
PDRPreliminary Design Review (U.S. government)
PDSPhotogrammetric Data Services
PDTPacific Daylight Time; Precision digitizing table; Pliable Display Technology
PDUProfessional development unit
PDWSPrecision digitizing workstation
P.E.Photogrammetric Engineer; Professional Engineer
PECGProfessional Engineers in California Government
PE&RSPhotogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (journal)
PESPost enumeration survey
PFASPennsylvania Facility Analysis System (PDEP)
PFLPPoint-feature label placement
PFMPure File Magic (format)
PGDPersonal Geodatabase(s)
PGMPermanent ground monument; Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen; Portable Grayscale Map
.PGMPortable Graymap (format)
PGMLPrecision Graphics Markup Language
PG/SProduct Generation Segment
P.H.Power house
PHCProbable hydrologic consequences
PHIGSProgrammer Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PhillipsPhillips, P.L. List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress
PHODISPhotogrammetric Image Processing System (Carl Zeiss Inc.)
PIPseudo intelligence; Photo interpretation
PICPublic Information Center
.PICLotus 1-2-3 Picture Format
PICAProject Integrated Catalogue Automation
PICGProgramme International de Correlation Geologique
PICSPacific Institute of Cartographers Society
PIDPhotoionization detector; Permanent station identifier
PIDLPolygon ID left
PIDRPolygon ID right
PIERPacific Island Ecosystems at Risk
PIGPanstwowy Instytut Geologiczny (Poland)
PIMMAPipeline Integrity Management Mapping Application (RSPA)
PINParcel identification number
PIOPublic Inquiries Office (USGS)
PIOSPolygon Information Overlay System (ESRI)
PixelPicture element
PKMPenyiasatan Kajimbumi Malaysia; Professional Kansas Mapper
PLProgramming language; Public law
PLFPoint Location File
PLGRPrecision lightweight GPS receiver
PLIPrecision Laser & Instrument, Inc.
PLOTPlotting (software)
PLQPublic land quadrangles (Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources)
PLSProfessional Land Surveyor
PLSCProfessional Land Surveyors of Colorado
PLSOProfessional Land Surveyors of Oregon; Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio
PLSSPublic Land Survey System (U.S.)
P.M.Prime meridian
PMAProduction and Marketing Administration (USDA)
PM/SProduction Management Segment
PMSAPrimary metropolitan statistical area
PMTPositive media transfer; Photomultiplier tube
PNDIIntermittent pond
.PNGPortable Network Graphics (format)
PNRCPacific Northwest Regional Commission
PNRSPreliminary Natural Resources Survey
PNWPacific Northwest
POPhotogrammetric Operations; Post office
P&OPlans & Operations
POAMPolar Ozone and Aerosol Measurement
POCPoint of contact; Point of control
POESPolar-Orbiting Satellites (NOAA)
POLYIDPolygon identification number
POSPoint-of-scale; Position orientation systems; Position and Orientation System (Applanix)
POS LV 220Position and Orientation System for Land Vehicles 220 (Applanix)
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments (UNIX)
POTSPan-only Triangulation System
PPProof plot; Proof plotter
PPAProvincial Archives of Alberta
PPBParts per billion
PPCPocket PC
PPDBPoint Positioning Data Base
PPGISPublic participation GIS
PPLPopulated place
PPMPortable Pixelmap (format)
PPMSPhotogrammetry Production Monitoring System
PPNLPacific Northwest National Laboratory
PPNMPengarah Pemetaan Negara, Malaysia
PPPPoint-to-point (protocol account, for email connections)
PPPGPusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi
PPSPerformance Planning System; Precise Positioning Service; Photographic Processing System
PPSSPrecise Positioning Service Security Module
PPWKPanstwowe Przedsiebiorstwo Wydawnictw Kartograficznych (Poland)
PQProvince Quebec
PRPhoto revision; Precipitation Radar; Pattern recognition; Puerto Rico
PRFPoint response function; Pulse repetition frequency
PRIMPrimary Map (inventory)
PRISMParameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model
PROPublic Record Office (U.K.)
PROSIXProduction System (USGS)
PROSYSProduction System--UNIX (USGS)
PRSNPuget Reference Station Network
PRS92Philippines Reference System of 92
PSPlot Services; Point source; PostScript; Paleontological Society; Polar stereographic (projection); Professional Surveyor (journal)
PSAPaciulli, Simmons & Associates Ltd.
PSANProfessional Surveyors Assn. of Nebraska
PSCOGPuget Sound Council of Governments
PSDPerceived spatial dispersions; Programme des services de depot (Canada)
PSFMProfessional Society for Forensic Mapping
PSIPlanning Systems, Inc.
PSLSPennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
PSMProfessional Surveyor Magazine
PSMAProfessional Services Management Assn.
PSPCIProfessional Surveyors Publishing Company, Inc.
PSPEPennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
PSSCPublic Service Satellite Corp.
PSTPacific Standard Time
PSUPrimary sampling unit
PTCPositive train control
PUBGRF90TIGER Geographic Reference File Names, 1990
PUGPetroleum Users Group (ESRI)
PUMAPublic Use Microdata Area (USBC)
PUMSPublic Use Micro-Data Sample
PURLPersistent URL software
PVTPosition, Velocity and Time

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QAQuality assurance
QA/QCQuality assurance/quality control
QBSQuality-based selection
QCQuality control
QDFQueensland Dept. of Forestry
QDMQueensland Dept. of Mines
Q.H.Quadruple hydrant
QINSyQuality Integrated Navigation System (Quality Positioning Services, Inc.)
QLIDQueensland Land Information Directory
QLISQueensland Land Information Strategy
QLPSQuick-Look Processing System
QMSoftQualitative Marketing Software Inc.
QSQuadratic splines
QSLQuarter scan line
QTMQuaternary triangular mesh
QW Quality of water
QWIFSQueen's Web Interface for SPSS (Queen's University)

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RRange; Release; Ruin
R&A OSSResearch and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services (U.S.)
RARural area (Canada)
RACRelated Accreditation Commission (ABET)
RADRapid development application; Rules for Archival Description
RADARRadio Detecting and Ranging
RADEFRoad Administration Data Exchange Format
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIMReceiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (GPS)
RALIResource and Land Information; Resource and Land Investigations (program LIA)
RALSRandom access logical subfiles
RAMRandom access memory
RAMSRegional Atmospheric Modelins System (ATMET)
RAPRegional applications program
RAPIDRapid Application Planning Implementation and Deployment (GeoData Solutions, Inc.)
RASRemote Analysis Systems
RASCRoyal Australian Survey Corps
RASVYRoyal Australian Survey Corps
RATPRegie autonome des transports parisiens
RBDSRadio broadcast data system
RBERule-Base Engine
RBIRiver Basin Investigation
RBMSRelational Database Management System
RBVReturn Beam Vidicon
RCARadio Corporation of America
RCCRegional census center
RCICRegional Coastal Information Center
RCIDRecord ID (Identification)
RCMRDRegional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (Kenya)
RCRAResource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCSResearch Camera System
RCSSMRSRegional Centre for Services in Surveying and Mapping and Remote Sensing (Nairobi)
RCWDRancho California Water District
R&DResearch and development
RDBMSRelational database management system
RDCRegional Distribution Centre (Natural Resources Canada); Research Data Centre (Canada)
RDIResource Data International Inc.
RDSRadio data system
RDTSResearch and Development Tracking System (BLM)
RERoyal Engineers (U.K.)
REARural Electrification Administration (U.S.)
REAPRegional Environmental Applications Program (N. Dakota)
RE COMPRecompile
RECONRetrospective conversion
RECTASRegional Center for Training in Aerospace Surveys (Nigeria)
REDIReal Estate Data Inc.; Regional Economic Development Information System (San Diego, Calif.)
REGISRegional Geographic Information System (Kent County, Mich.)
ReichsbReichsbahn = National railroad
ReichsbfReichsbahnhof = National railroad station
RELOSRegional Locator System
REMSRegional Earth Modeling System (NASA)
RepCodeRepresentation Code
RESCURemote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit
RESTECRemote Sensing Technology Center of Japan
RETRotterdamsche Electrische Tram
RETSAMReview, Editing and Tagging Software for Automated Mapping
REUResources Evaluation Unit (USFS)
REVPGRevision and Product Generation System
RFRepresentative fraction; Reef; Radio frequency
RfCReference concentration
RFPMGRadar Fixed Point Minigraphic
RGRecord group
RgbfRangierbahnhof = Shunting station
RGDRijks Geologische Dienst (Netherlands)
RGSRoyal Geographical Society (U.K.)
RHRegional hydrologist; Relative humidity
RIRhode Island
R.I.Rhode Island
RIAIRoyal Inst. of Architects of Ireland
RICSRoyal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (U.K.)
RIJPRijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders (Netherlands)
RINRealty Information Network
RINEXReceiver Independent Exchange (GPS data format)
RIPRaster Image Processing; Raster Image Processor; Road Inventory Program
RIPSRemote Image Processing System; Remote Information Processing System
RIRTRussian Inst. of Radionavigation and Time
RISRapid Imaging Software; Retroreflector in Space
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RiskMAPRisk Mapping and Planning (FEMA)
RITRochester Institute of Technology
RKSWRocks in water
RKWRock in water
RLRannsoknastofnun Landbunadarins (Iceland)
RLERun-length encoded
RMReplacement mapping
RMAReliability, Maintainability and Availability; Risk Management Agency (USDA)
RMCARoad Map Collectors of America
RMDHans Rudolf Manual Deutsch
RMIBRudolf Muller International Booksellers
RMKR.M. Keddal & Associates, Inc.
RMMCRocky Mountain Mapping Center (USGS)
RMSRoot mean square
RMSERoot mean squared error
RMSIRisk Management Solutions Inc.
RMTRemotely measured target
RNRCRenewable Natural Resources Center
RNRFRenewable Natural Resources Foundation
RORange only
RODOBRASComiss~ao Especial construc~ao da Rodovia Belem-Brasilia
ROMRead-Only Memory
ROMANSERoad Management System for Europe
ROMPRegional Observation Monitoring (well) Program
ROPRaster operations processor
ROW or R-O-WRight-of-way
RPReference point
RPCRational polynomial coefficient
RPERegional political ecology
RPFRaster product format
RPIDRepresentation module ID
RPIEReplacement Photographic Image Equipment
RPMISReal Property Management Information System
RPPRBV Preprocessor
RPURemote positioning unit
RQARiver Quality Assessment
RRDSReduced Resolution Data Set
RRHRegional Research Hydrologist
R/SRemote sensing
RSACRemote Sensing Application Center (USFS)
RSALRemote Sensing Applications Laboratory (Univ. of Washington)
RSC/TAMURemote Sensing Center/Texas A&M Univ.
RSGSRoyal Scottish Geographical Society
RSIRemotely Sensed Imagery; RADARSAT International Remote Sensing Institute (S.Dakota State Univ.); Research Systems, Inc.
RSIPRemote Sensing and Image Processing
RSPAResearch and Special Programs Administration (USDOT)
RSRPRemote Sensing Research Program (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley)
RSSCRemote Sensing Science Council
RSTRepresentation Style Table
RSTFRemote Sensing Task Force
RSTNRailroad station
RSVPResource reservation protocol
RTRadio tower; Real time; Remote terminal
RTARegional Transport Authority (Chicago)
RTCMRadio Technical Commission for Maritime (format)
RTFRich Text Format
RT-GPSReal-time Differential GPS
RTKReal-time kinematic; Right-to-Know Network
RTNReal-time network
RTPReal Time Positioning
R&TSResearch & Technical Standards
RTSDRoyal Thai Survey Dept.
RTSIRouting Technology Software Inc.
RTTKReal Time TurboKinematic (Allen Obsobne Associates)
RTVRaster to vector
RUISSan Diego Regional Urban Information System
RUSRest of the U.S.
RVReise- und Verkehrsverlag
R-VISReality Visualization
RVPRaster-to-vector processor; Radar Verification Programme

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s.Sculpsit (engraver); sudlich = southern, southerly
SSecret; Store; Suden = south
SASelected availability; Selective availability; Signal accuracy; Situational awareness; Source acquisition
S&ASampling and analysis
SAASouthern Appalachian Assessment (GIS database)
SACSectional aeronautical chart; Satellite Applications Centre (CSIR); Statistical Area Classification (Canada)
SACCSpatial Analysis Coordinating Committee
SADIESystem at Arizona for Digital Information Extraction
SADLSouth Australia Dept. of Lands
SADMESouth Australian Dept. of Mines and Energy
SADRSpatial address
SAESurvey Agro Ekonomi (Indonesia)
SAFSociety of American Foresters
SAFODSan Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
SAGAShort Arc Geodetic Adjustment (doppler)
SAGEEPSymposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems
SaGESSurveying and Geomatics Educators Society
SAICScience Applications International Corp.
SALStanford Auxiliary Library
SaLISSurveying and Land Information Systems (journal)
SAMSpatial access methods
SAM IncSurveying and Mapping, Inc.
SAMABSouthern Appalachian Man and Biosphere (project)
SAMSOGSurveying and Mapping Society of Georgia
SANAISSouth African Natural Areas Information System
SANDAGSan Diego Association of Governments
SanGISSan Diego Geographic Information Source
SARSynthetic aperture radar
SARSATSearch and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking System
SARMSpatial Auto-Regressive Model
SA/SSource Aquisition Segment
SASTScientific Assessment and Strategy Team (U.S.)
SATSmall area triangulation
SAWSpill analysis workstation; Surface acoustic wave
SAZUSlovenske Akademije Znanosti in Umetnosti = Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Art
SBSurvey of Bangladesh
SBASSchool Boundary Analysis System (GeoSpatial Technologies)
SBCDPSmall Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program (U.S.)
SBETSmoothed bed estimate of trajectory
SBMSurveys and Mapping Branch (Manitoba)
SBUVSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet (spectrometer)
S.B.V. Adm.Schulbucher-Verschleiss-Administration (Wien)
sc.Sculpsit = engraver
SCSouth Carolina
S.C.South Carolina
S.C.A.Samuel Chapman Armstrong
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCAMPSouthern California Aerial Mapping Project
SCANSurface Condition Analyzer (Surface Systems Inc)
SCARScientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCBStatistika Centralbyran (Sweden)
SCCServico de Cartografia e Cadastro (Macao); SoftCopy Catalog (USDMA)
SCCAMASouthern California Computer Aided Mapping Assn.
SCDSource Control Drawing; Specification Control Drawing
SCDOTSouth Carolina Dept. of Transportation
SCECSouthern California Earthquake Center
SCEPServico Cartografico do Exercito (Portugal)
SCERPSouthwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy
SCGISSedgwick County (Kans.) GIS Dept.
SCGPSociete Canadienne des Geologique Petroliers
SCGSSouth Carolina Geological Survey
Schl.Schloss = castle
SCMSupply chair management
S.C.M.Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis = Holy Imperial Majesty (Holy Roman Emperor)
SCOState Cartographer's Office (Wisconsin)
SCOOPSchedule Control of Orthophoto Products
SCOPEScientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCRService Cartographique du Rwanda
SCSSoil Conservation Service (USDA); Soft Copy Search (NIMA)
SCSAStandard Consolidated Statistical Area; Soil Conservation Society of America
SCSDStreet Centerline Spatial Dataset
SCSISmall computer system interface
SCSMACSouth Carolina State Mapping Advisory Committee
SCSPLSSouth Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors
sct.Sculpsit (engraver)
SCTRAPSouth Carolina Toxic Risk Atlas Project
sculp.Sculpsit (engraver)
SCWRCSouth Carolina Water Resources Commission
SDSouth Dakota
S.D.South Dakota
SDASpalding DeDecker Associates, Inc.; Survey Document and Analysis (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
SDBSpatial data base
SDBMSSpatial database management system
SDDOTSouth Dakota Dept. of Transportation
SDDPSpatial Data Discovery Portal (Simon Fraser University )
SDESpatial Database Engine (ESRI)
SDESSpatial Data Exchange Standard
SDGSurvey Dept. Ghana
SDGSSouth Dakota Geological Survey
SDHSpatial data handling
SDISelected Dissemination of Information; Spatial data infrastructure
SDLSurvey Dept. of Libya
SDLCSynchronous Data-Like Control; System Development Life Cycle
SDMGDirection des Mines et de la Geologie (Senegal)
SDMSSpatial Data Management System
SDNRState Dept. of Natural Resources
SDOISpatial Data Organization Information
SDPSSpatial Data Production System
SDRWSociete de Developpement Regional pour la Wallonie
SDSSwaziland Dept. of Surveys; Simplicial data structure
SDSBSatellite Data Services Branch (NOAA)
SDSFIESpatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (Tri-Services)
SDSSSpatial decision support systems
SDTSpatial Data Technologies (Firm)
SDTPSpatial data transfer processor
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer Standard
SDUKSociety for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
SDVSoil Data Viewer (NCRS)
SEAMSSoil, Environmental, and Agricultural Management System (Univ. of Florida Dept. of Soil and Water)
SEASATSea Satellite (U.S.)
SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization
SECFTSociedad Espa~nola de Cartografia, Fotogrametria y Teledeteccion
SECOSurveying Equipment Company (later: SECO Manufacturing)
SEDACSocioeconomic Data and Application Center
SEDESOLSecretaria de Dessarrollo Social (Mexico)
SEDICSudan Engineering & Digital Information Centre
SEDMSSpatially Enabled Document Management System (Intergraph Corp.)
SEDUESecretaria de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecologia (Mexico)
SEGSociety of Economic Geologists; Society of Exploration Geophysicists
S.E.O.P.Secretaria de Estado de Obras Publicas (Argentina)
SEOSStationary Earth Orbit Satellite
SEPAState Environmental Protection Agency
SEPMSociety for Sedimentary Geology
SERIESSatellite Emission Range Inferred Earth Surveying
Servicio Nacional Geologia y Mineria (Chile)

SESStandalone Edit Stations
SESCPFService d'Etude des Sols et de la Carte Pedalogique de France
SESWGSolid Earth Science Working Group
SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager
SEWUGSoutheastern Water Use Group
S.F.San Francisco
SfBWWSenator fur Bau- und Wonungswesen (Berlin)
SFHASpecial Flood Hazard Area
SFQLStructured Full-text Query Language
SfSUSenator fur Stadtentwicklung und Umweltschutz (Berlin)
SGASociete Geoscientifique de l'Atlantique; State Geologic Agencies; Service Geologique de l'Armee (Syria)
SGBService Geologique Belgique; Servicio geologico de Bolivia
SGCBState Geodesy and Cartography Board (Mongolia)
SGDSolar Geophysical Data (journal); Symbolized Graphic Data; Surveyor General's Dept. (South West Africa)
SGEServicio Geografico del Ejercito (Spain)
SGGService Geologique du Gabon
SGpKSchweizerische Geophysikalische Kommission
SGIServicio Geologico d'Italia; Silicon Graphics workstation
SGKSchweizerische Geologische Kommission
SGLService Geologique de Luxembourg
SGMServicio Geografico Militar (Uruguay)
SGMLStandard generalized markup language
SGNServicio Geologico Nacional (Argentina, Nicaragua); Service Geographique National (Laos)
SGSStanford Geological Survey
SGtKSchweizerische Geotechnische Kommission
SGUSveriges Geologiska Undersokning; Savezna Geodetska Uprava (Yugoslavia)
S.H.School house
SHAState Highway Administration (Maryland)
SHAPESystematic Horizontol Adjustment of Positional Errors
SHCService hydrographique du Canada
S.H.C.Surveyor, Hopkins County
SHDSLSymmetric High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHEFStandard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format
SHIPSSeizmic Hazards Investigation in Puget Sound
SHMPSeizmis Hazard Mapping Program
SHNServicio de Hidrografia Naval (Argentina)
SHOALSScanning Hydrographic Operational Airborne LiDAR System (or Survey -- USCE, Optech)
SHOMService Hydrographique et Ocenographique de la Marine (France)
SHORANShort-range Navigation (system)
SHSSurveyors Historical Society
SISurvey of India; Survey of Israel
SIACSpatial Information and Analysis Consortium
SIAMSShip Information and Management System
SIANService d'information de l'atlas nationale (Canada)
SIATSpecial Image Annotation Tape
SIBSolar Indices Bulletin
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SICCSurveying Instrumentation and Coordinate Computation
SICOSchonstedt Intstrument Company
SICOMSouth Australian Spatial Information Committee
SIDScanned Image Data; South Australian Spatial Information Directory
SIFStandard Interchange Format (Intergraph)
SIGSistemas de informacion geografica; Special interest group
SIGACESpecial Interest Group for the Application of CD-ROM in Education
SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications & Technology (U.S.)
SIGGRAPHSpecial Interest Group on Graphics (ACM)
SIGITSwedish Institute for Geographic Information Technology
SIGLITSpecial Interest Group on Library Information Technology (U.S.)
SIGSSolomon Islands Geological Survey
SIGSASistemas de Informacion Geografica S.A.
SILSScience Information and Libary Services (USGS)
SIMSpatial interaction model
SIMAGSpatial Information Management Advisory Group
SIMESpace Imaging Middle East
SIPScanner Interface Processor
SIPESSociety of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
SIRShuttle Imaging Radar; Space Imaging Radar (NASA); Surveys, Investigations and Research (USGS)
SIRGASSistema de Referencia Geocentrico para las Americas
SIRSSatellite Infrared Spectrometer
SIRUSoils and Irrigation Research Unit (South Africa)
SISStandard Indexing System (DOD aerial photography); Spatial Information Systems (Computer Aided Development Corp.)
SISMDSolomon Islands Survey and Mapping Div.
SJSUSan Jose State University
SKSurvey of Kenya; Slovenska Kartografia
SKVStatens Kartverk (Norway)
s.l.Sine loco = without place (of publication)
SLASpecial Libraries Assn.; Singapore Land Authority
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAGMDSpecial Libraries Assn. Geography & Map Div.
SLAPSoils Landscape Analysis Project; Supplemental Low Altitude Photography
SLARSide-Looking Airborne Radar
SLATSpacecraft Location/Attitude Tape
SLATSStatewide Landcover and Trees Study (Queensland DNR)
SLCScan Line Corrector (USGS)
SLDSlope-Line Detection
SLDISustainable Land Development International
SLD29Sea Level Datum of 1929
SLFStandard Linear Format
SLGSymbolized Line Graph; Synthetic Line Generation
SLGSDSri Lanka Geological Survey Dept.
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SLMStructure line model
SLNSWState Library of New South Wales
SLRSatellite Laser Ranging; Side-looking Radar
SLSDSri Lanka Survey Dept.
SLSISociety of Land Surveyors of Iowa
SLUPDSwaziland Land Use Planning Dept.
SMSurvey Manual
S.M.Saw mill
SMASchweizerische Meteorologische Anstalt
SMACState Mapping Advisory Committee (or Council)
SMARTSpatial Mapping Academic Research Tools
SMASCHSpecimen Management System for California Herbaria
SMBSurveys and Mapping Branch (Manitoba)
SMCSpecial Mapping Center
SMCDGSmall Map Collection Discussion Group (MAGERT)
SMCRAsurface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
SMDSurveys and Mapping Div. (Tanzania)
SMESoftcopy Monoscopic Extraction; Society of Mining Engineers; society for Mining, Metalurgy, and Exploration, Inc.
SMGESociedad Mexicana de Geografia y Estadistica
SMISurveyors Module International (Firm)
SMIBSurveying and Mapping Inst. of Beijing
SMIMSSingle MIM-Based Integrated Mapping System (USBC)
SMIRRShuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer
SMIPSSmall Interactive Image Processing System
SMMRScanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SMMTSubmilimeter Telescope
SMNServicio Meteorologico Nacional (Argentina)
SMOWStandard Mead Ocean Water
SMSSynchronous Meteorological Satellite(s)
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
S/NSignal-to-Noise Ratio
s.n.Sine nomine = without name (of publisher)
SNARILSocial, Natural, and Agricultural Resources Information Laboratory (Univ. of Kentucky)
SNBService New Brunswick
SNCFSociete Nationale des Chemins de Fer (France)
SNDStreet Network Database
SNEPSierra Nevada Ecosystem Project
SNFSuperior National Forest (Minn.)
SNGMServicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria (Chile)
SNISiemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG
SNIDStartnode ID
SNIGSistema Nacional de Informac~ao Geografica = Portuguese National Infrastructure for Geographic Information
SNLCSServico Nacional de Levantamento e Conservac~ao de Solos (Brazil)
SNMSquare nautical miles
SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
SNRIMSubcommittee on Natural Resources
SNTServicio Nacional de Turismo (Chile)
SNWASouthern Nevada Water Authority
SNWSSouthern Nevada Water System
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocal
SoCSociety of Cartographers
SOCCSatellite Operations Control Center (NOAA)
SODEMISociete pour le Developpement Minier de la Cote d'Ivoire
SOFRATOPSociete francais de travaux topographique et photogrammetriques
Soft ATSoftcopy Aerotriangulation
SOHOSolar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite
SOISurvey of India
SOLESpatial On-Line Editor (ESRI)
SOLSEShuttle Ozone Limb Scanning Experiment
SOMSpace Oblique Mercator (projection); Spatial Object Manager (Smallworld)
SONARSound Navigation and Ranging
SONATRACHSociete Nationale de Recherches de l'Explorations Mini`eres (Algeria)
SOPSecretaria de Obras Publicas
SORCESolar Radiation and Climate Experiment
SORSASpatially-Oriented Referencing Systems Assn.
SOSSurvey Office System
SOWRSensitivity of Water Resources (global change hydrology program)
SPSurvey of Pakistan
SPANSSpatial Analysis System (TYDAC Technologies)
SPARRSOBangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation
SPBSpace Planning Bureau
SPCState Plane Coordinate (system or systems)
SPC RESurvey Production Centre, Royal Engineers (U.K.)
SPCSState Plane Coordinate System(s)
SPDKSistem Pengurusan Data Kadaster (Malaysia)
SPEKSistem Pengeshan Kualiti = Quality Assurance System (SPDK)
SPIDSistem Pengurusan Imej Dokumen = Certified Plan Image Database (SPDK)
SPIESociety of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers
SPIN-2Space Information-2 Meter Data (Russian Space Agency)
SPIRESpatial Paradigm for Information Retrieval and Exploration
SPOState Planning Office
SPOEMSpecial Projects Office for Exploitation Modernization (USDMA)
SPOTSyst`eme Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre (satellite)
SPOTSStandard Programming of Telemetry Systems
SPRIScott Polar Research Inst. (Univ. of Cambridge)
SPSStichting Planbureau Suriname; Standard Positioning Service
SP/SSource Preparation Segment
SPTStrathclyde Passenger Transport
SPVEASuperintendencia do Plano de Valorizac o Economica da Amazonia (Brazil)
SQLStandard Query Language; Structured Query language
SRBCSusquehanna River Basin Commission
SRES OPSpecial Report on Emission Scenarios Open Process
SRFSystematic reconnaissance flights
SRISpatial Reference Information
SRMBSurveys and Resource Mapping Branch (British Columbia)
SROMSpectro-radiometer for Ocean Monitoring
SRTMShuttle Radar Topography Mission
SRVSocialist Republic of Vietnam
SSASeismological Society of America
SSCCSPAWAR Systems Center, Charleston
SSDSingapore Survey Dept.; Sudan Survey Dept.
SSDANSocial Science Data Analysis Network (University of Michigan)
SSESouth Southeast
SSEWSoil Survey of England and Wales
SSEOPSpace Shuttle Observation Project (U.S.)
SSGNService Geographique National (Senegal)
SSISurface Systems Inc.
S-SIGSureying Special Interest Group
SSKStereo Softcopy Kit (Intergraph Corp.)
SSM/ISpecial Sensor Microwave Imager
SSMCSilver Spring Metro Center (NOAA)
SSMSSpatial statistical modeling service
SSSSide Scan SONAR; Simple "Sight" Survey (Carlson Software)
SSSASoil Science Society of America
SSTSea-surface temperature
SSUStrategic Services Unit (U.S. War Dept.); Secondary sampling unit; Stratospheric Sounding Unit
SSURGOSoil Survey Geographical (database)
SSWSouth Southwest
StSaint; Street
STAACSpace and Terrestrial Applications Advisory Committee
STACState Technology Applications Centers (NASA)
StatsCanStatistics Canada
STATSGOState Geographic Database (U.S.)
Stb.Steinbruch = stone quarry
STCStandard Telephones & Cables PLC; Stanford Technology Corp.
STCBSurvey Technician Certification Board (ASCM)
Stde.Stunde = hour
STEPSSpatial Templates for Emergency Preparedness (PlanGraphics, Inc.)
STDMSocial Tenure Domain Model; Stadium
STDNSpacecraft Tracking and Data Network
STFSummary tape file
STIASpatial Technologies Industry Association
STIBOKAStichting voor Bodemkartering (Netherlands)
STINASUStichting Natuurbescherming Suriname
STKSatellite Tool Kit (Analytical Graphics, Inc.); Surveyor's Tool Kit
STMStream; System test mode; Solid Terrain Modeling; Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc.
STMIIntermittent stream
STMMStream mouth
Str.Strasse = street
STVService Topographique (Vanuatu)
SUStandard update; Stanford University; Syracuse University
SUCSociety of University Cartographers
SUDENESuperintendencia de Desenvolvimento do Nordeste (Brazil)
SuDocsSuperintendent of Documents (U.S.)
SUDSSSpatial understanding and decision support system
SUESurface utility engineering
SUGKSlovak Office of Geodesy and Cartography
SUMStandard update, monoscopic
SUNIStockholms Universitet Naturgeografiska Institutionen
SUNMAPDept. of Natural Resources (Queensland) and its earlier names: Dept. of Lands; Division of Information, Dept. of Lands; Dept. of Geographic Information; Dept. of Mapping and Surveying
SUSStandard update, stereoscopic
SVSpace vehicle
SVCScalable Vector Graphics
SVDSingular Value Decomposition
SVFSimple Vector Format
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
S-VGASuper Video Graphics Array
SVPSociety of Vertebrate Paleontology
SWSoftware; Southwest; Surface water
SWASuper-wide angle
SWABSouthwest Alluvial Basins (project, NM)
SWDCSouthwestern Colorado Data Center
SWEMPSouthwest Exotic Plant Mapping program
SWGStandards working group
SWIRShort wave infrared
SWMDSelected World Mineral Deposits
SWOOPSouth Western Ontario Orthophotography Project
S.W.P.A.Southwest Pacific Area (Allied Forces)
SYCISystem Corrected Images
SYMAPSynagraphic Mapping System
SzBPKStaatsbibliothek zu Berlin-Preussischer Kulturbesitz
S3Satellite Security Systems

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t.tief = deep
TTownship; photogrammetric elevation (measured with stereo plotter); Tramontana, Tramuntana, Triones = North
T.Tiefe = depth
TACTerrain Analysis Center (USCE); Technology Accreditation Commission (ABET); Topcon America Corporation
TACATransportes Aereos Centro Americanos
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TACCTexas Advanced Computing Center
TAGTabular and Graphic (system); Trans-Atlantic Geotraverse
TAPSTennessee Assn. of Professional Surveyors
TARTape address register
TARAThe Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (UK)
TARGATrueVision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter
TASCTransportation Administration Service Center (US); The Analytic Sciences Corp.
TASMAPTasmania Dept. of Lands
TAVOTubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients
TAZTraffic analysis zone
TBDTo be determined
TBMTemporary bench mark; Tunnel boring machine
TBPLSTexas Board of Professional Land Surveying
TBVTo be verified
T.C.H.Thomas Campanius Holm
TCITouring Club Italiano
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCTTrans-continental Traverse (U.S.)
TDThematic data; Topographic Div. (USGS); Total depth; Topographische dienst (Netherlands)
TdATeledeteccion Aplicada, S.A.
TDCTennessee Dept. of Conservation
TDDTelecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDMTasmania Dept. of Mines
TDNTopografische Dienst Nederland
TDOATime Difference of Arrival
TDOTTennessee Dept. of Transportation
TDRTime Domain Reflectrometry
TDRSSTracking and Data Relay Satellite System (US DoD)
TDSTripod Data Systems
TDSATribal designated statistical area
TDTTerrestrial Dynamic Time
T.E.Topographical Engineer
TECThe Engineering Center; Topographic Engineering Center (USCE)
TEFISTransmission Electrical Facilities Information System (Santee Cooper)
TEKPLOTTektronix Plotting (DLG software)
TELEXTeletypewriter Exchange
TELNETTelecommunications Network
TERCOMTerrain Contour Matching
TERSSTasmanian Earth Resource Satellite Station
TESTerrain Edit System
TESCTile enclosed elevator with self-closing traps
TESEMPSTerrain Edit Station/Elevation Matrix Processing System
TEXPLOTTektronix Plotting (DLG software)
TFCForestry Commission Tasmania
TFELThin-film electrolumiscent
TFHTechnische Fachhoschule (Berlin)
TGOTrimble Geomatics Office
TGSTechnicolor Graphic Services, Inc.
T.H.Triple hydrant; Territory of Hawaii
THNOCThe Historic New Orleans Collection
THSOAThe Hydrographic Society of America
TITechnical instruction; Technical investigation; Texas Instruments; Topographic instruction
TIBTabula Imperii Byzantini
TICTechnical Information Center (NASA)
.TIFTagged Image File
TIFFTagged Image File Format
TIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIGERTopologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing
TIGRISTopologically Integrated Geographic Resource and Information System
TIMSTherms Infrared Multispectral Scanner
TINTriangulated irregular network
TIRThermal infrared ; Tabula Imperii Romani
TIROSTelevision Infrared Observation Satellite
TIRSThermal Infrared Scanner
TJSATribal jurisdiction statistical area
TLITerrain Line Interpolation
TLIDTIGER/Line Record Identification Number
TLMTelemetry; Topographic Line Map
TLSDTuvalu Lands and Survey Div.
TLUITraditional Land Use Inventory (NSB GIS Div.)
TLVThreshold limit value
TMThematic Mapper (Landsat); Timber management
TMACTechnical Mapping Advisory Council (US)
TMCThe Map Collector (journal); Thinking Machines Corp.
TMDLTotal maximum daily load
TMITopographic Mapping Initiatives (NR Can)
TMLSMinistry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources (Tonga); Terrestrial mobile LIDAR scanning
TMSThematic Mapper Simulator; Topographic Mapping Service (Geomatics Canada); TIGER Mapping Service
TNAThe National Archives (UK)
TNPTerrain Navigator Pro (Maptech); Transportation Network Profile
TNRISTexas Natural Resources Information System
TNSTopoNet Server (Maps a la carte, Inc.)
T-OOrbis terrarum (Medieval European map type: Nile and Don rivers and Mediterranean form a "T" surrounded by ocean in the shape of an "O")
TOFTime of flight
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (NASA)
TOPOCOMU.S. Army Topographic Command
TOPSTerrestrial Observation and Prediction System
TOSCAThe Oxford Seminars in Cartography
TPCTactical Pilotage Chart; Traverse PC
TPSThin-plate splines; Topcon Positioning Systems
TP&WTexas Parks and Wildlife
TQTopographic quadrangle
TRTownship and Range (public land survey)
TRACETopographic Resources and Cost Evaluation (system)
TRBTechnical Review Board (U.S.)
TRETopaz Ranch Estates (Nevada)
TRFTerrestrial Reference Frame
Trgf.Tragfahigkeit = Carrying capacity
TRIToxic Release Inventory (USEPA)
TRIMTerrain Resource Information Management (program, British Columbia)
TRMMTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
T/RSTownship/Range System
TRSTrimble Reference Station
TRSCThailand Remote Sensing Center
TSTop secret
TSATexas Surveyors Association
TSARPTropical Storm Allison Recovery Project
TSC1Trimble System Controller
TSDTreatment, storage and disposal sites
TSGSTopographic Section, General Staff (Gt. Brit.)
TSITeqnical Services Inc.
TSISTotal Solar Irradiance Sensor
TSOPThe Society for Organic Petrology
TSPSTexas Society of Professional Surveyors
TSS2TurboSurvey Software 2
TTTT Maps & Publications Private Ltd.
TTDTactical terrain data
TTPITrust Territory of the Pacific Islands
TUGTriuniversity Group
TUNSTechnical University of Nova Scotia
TVATennessee Valley Authority
T.V.K. & CoTanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co.
TVPTopological vector profile
TWATime-weighted average
TWRATennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
TWRITechniques of Water Resources Investigations (USGS)
TxDAPATexas Digital Aerial Photo Archive
TxDOTTexas Dept. of Transportation
TxMAPTexas Mapping Project
TXRTKTexas RTK Network

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UAUrban area (Canada); Urbanized area
UAMUnited Aerial Mapping; Urban Airshed Model (USEPA)
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UASUrban Area Studies
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCUniv. of California
UCAIDUniv. Corp. for Advanced Internet Development
UCBUniv. of California, Berkeley
UCDUniv. of California, Davis
UCDLUniversity of California Digital Library
UCGISUniv. Consortium for GIS
UCLGESUnified Cartographic Line Graph Encoding System
UCLSUtah Council of Land Surveyors
UCPTEUnion for the Coordination of the Production and Transport of Electric Power
UCSUniform Color Space
UCSBUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
UDAUser data area
UDBUniversal Data Base
UDCUniversal Decimal Classification
UDFUniversal Data Format
uDIGUser-friendly Desktop Internet GIS
UDNRUtah Dept. of Natural Resources
UDOGMUtah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDSUrban Data Solutions
UDSLUtah Division of State Lands
UDWRUtah Division of Water Resources
UEUseful elevation
UGBUrban growth boundary
UGCUtility Graphics Consultants
UGIDUniversal Geographic Identity
UGKK SRUrad geodezie, kartografie e katastra Slovenskej republiky
UGSUtah Geological Survey
UGMSUtah Geological and Mineral Survey
UGSMDUganda Geological Survey and Mines Dept.
UHFUltra-high frequency
UHGPUpland Habitat Goals Project (San Francisco Bay Area, California)
UHMSUrban Hydrology Monitoring System
UIDUnique identifier; User identification
UKUnited Kingdom
U.K.United Kingdom
UKMOUnited Kingdom Meteorological Office
ULCCUtility Location and Coordination Council
ULSDUganda Dept. of Lands and Surveys
UMACUpper Midwest Aerospace Consortium
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMSUniversal Map Sharing (Traverse PC)
UNUnited Nations
UNAMUniversidad Nacional de Mexico
UNDPUnited Nations Development Program
UNECAUnited Nations Economic Commission for Africa
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNGEGNUnited Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names
UNGIWGUnited Nations Geographical Information Working Group
UNIMACEUniversal Automated Mapping Compilation Equipment
UNRUniv. of Nevada, Reno
UPUrban planning
UPADIUnion Panamerica de Asociaciones de Ingenieros
UPCUniversal Product Code
UPPSUniversal Projection Plotting System
UPRNUnique Property Reference Number
UPRRUnion Pacific Railroad
UPSUniversal polar stereographic
UQAMUniversite du Quebec a Montreal
URUniversal Rectifier
URISAUrban and Regional Information Systems Assn.
URUIDUnrectified image data
URLUniversal Resource Locator; Uniform Resource Locator
URPIUnit for Retail Planning Information Ltd.
URSUnrestricted random sample
U.S.United States of America
USAUnited States of America; United States Army
USACEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USACERLU.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories
USAETLUnited States Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAPUnited States Antarctic Program
USARPUnited States Antarctic Research Program
USBUnderwriters' Survey Bureau; Unified S-Band
USBCUnited States Bureau of the Census
USCUnified soil classification
USC&GSUnited States Coast and Geodetic Survey
USCEUnited States Army Corps of Engineers
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USCSUnited States Customary System
USDUniv. of South Dakota
USDAUnited States Dept. of Agriculture
USDCUnited States Dept. of Commerce
USDIUnited States Dept. of the Interior
USDMAUnited States Defense Mapping Agency
USDOTU.S. Dept. of Transportation
USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
USFSUnited States Forest Service
USFWSUnited States Fish and Wildlife Service
USGCRPU.S. Global Change Research Program
USGIFUnited States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
USGKUtstredni Sprava Geodezie a Kartografie (Czechoslovakia)
USGPOUnited States Government Printing Office
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
USGS-MPUnited States Geological Survey, Menlo Park
USLSUnited States Lake Survey
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USNBSUnited States National Biological Survey
USNUnited States Navy
USNCHCUnited States National Committee on Scientific Hydrology
USNC-ICAUnited States National Committee for the ICA
USNGUS National Grid
USNOUnited States Naval Observatory
USNOSUnited States National Ocean Service (or Survey)
USPLSSU.S. Public Land Survey System
USPSUnited States Postal Service
USRUniversal Space Rectangular (coordinate system)
USSCSUnited States Soil Conservation Service
USTUnderground storage tank
UTUnit terminator; Universal Time; Unorganized territory; Utah
UTAUniversity of Texas at Arlington
UTCUniversal Time Coordinated; Urban Traffic Control System (Siemans)
UTMUniversal transverse Mercator
UTMSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications Systems
U-TDOAUplink Time Difference of Arrival (TruePosition)
UUGUtstredni Ustav Geologicky
UURIUniv. of Utah Research Inst.
UVUltraviolet; Unit value
UWUniv. of Washington
UWMUniv. of Wisconsin, Madison
UVMapUrban VMap
UWCLUniv. of Wisconsin Cartography Laboratory (Madison)
U-2A high altitude remote sensing aircraft

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VAVisual accumulation; Virginia
VABMVertical angle elevation bench mark
VACPVirtual active control point
VAPValley Air Photos (Firm)
VARISVirginia Resources Information System
VASVirginia Assn. of Surveyors
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VCGIVermont Center for Geographic Information
VCRVideo cassette recorder
VDMRVirginia Div. of Mineral Resources
VDOTVirginia Dept. of Transportation
VDSLVery-high speed Digital Subscriber Line
VDTVideo display terminal
VDUVideo display unit
VEDISVallejo [Calif.] Economic Development Information System
VegCAMPVegetation Classification and Mapping Program (California Dept. of Fish and Game)
VEN'DBrick veneered building
VFCVector Function Chainer
VFRVisual Flight Rules; Vector Relational Format
VGAVideo Graphics Array; Video Graphics Adaptor
VGIVolunteered geographic information
VGSVermont Geological Survey
V/HVertical over height ratio
VHBVanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
VHFVery high frequency
VHPVolcano Hazards Program (USGS)
VHRRVery high resolution radiometer
VIVirgin Islands
VIAFVirtual International Authority File
VICARVideo Information Communication and Retrieval (JPL software)
VICMAPVictoria Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey
VIIRSVisible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
VIMSARSVideo image map storage and retrieval system
ViSCVisualization in Scientific Computing
VISGVisual Information Services Group
VISIONVisual Information System Integrating our Neighborhoods (Columbus, Ohio)
VITDVPF Interim Terrain Data
VITecVisual Information Technologies Inc.
VLBIVery long baseline interferometric (or interferometry)
VLSVirtual Learning Systems, Inc.
VLSIVery large scale integration
VMapVector Smart Map
VMLVector Markup Language
VMRVertical Mapping Resources, Inc.
VMSVoyage Management Sytem
VNIRVisual and near-infrared
VNPVoyageurs National Park
VOCVerenigde Oostindische Compagnie
V.P.Vertical pipe or stand pipe
VPVector program
VPASSVideo Processor and Sync Separator
VPFVector Product Format
VPFPSVector Product Format Production System (Intergraph Federal)
VPF/PSVector Product Format/Production System (Intergraph Federal)
VPNVirtual private network
VRAVisual Resources Assn.
VRMLVirtual Reality Mock-up (or Mark-up or Modeling) Language
VRPVector-to-raster processor
VRSVirtual Reference Station (Trimble)
VSEGEIVsesoiuznnoi Nauchno-Issledovatel'skii Geologicheskii Institut (USSR)
VSLSVermont Society of Land Surveyors
VTAValley Transportation Authority (San Jose, Calif.)
VTDVoting district
VTIRVisible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer
VTMVegetation Type Map
VTRVideo tape recording
VTRAKVector-to-raster conversion software
VtransVermont Agency of Transportation
VVKVerwaltung Vermessungs und Kartenwesen
VVTValue Valid Table

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WAWashington (State)
WAASWide area augmentation system (or sites)
WACWorld Aeronautical Chart
WACMAWestern Australia Central Map Agency
WADGPSWide Area Differential GPS
WADMDept. of Mines Western Australia
WAGWireless Assisted GPS
WAGAPWashington Gap Analysis Program
WAGDAWashington State Geospatial Data Archive
WAGNWest Antarctic GPS Network
WAISWide-area Information Server (or Service or System); Western Antarctic Ice Sheet
WALISWestern Australian Land Information System
WAMWestern Air Maps, Inc.
WAMLWestern Assn. of Map Libraries
WAML IBWestern Assn. of Map Libraries Information Bulletin
WANWide area network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WASPWildfire Airborne Sensor Program
Wash.Washington (State)
WATWeighted-average toxicity
WBWorld Bank
WBVTWide-band video tape
WBVTRWide-band video tape recorder
WCBWorkshop Certification Board (ACSM)
WCCSWashington Council of County Surveyors; Wisconsin County Coordinate System
WCMCWorld Conservation Monitoring Center
WCRPWorld Climate Research Program
WCSWorld Construction Set (Questar Productions); World coordinate system
WCWMCWilliam C. Wonders Map Collection (Univ. of Alberta)
WC2NWestern Canadian Cryospheric Network
WDWorking Draft (ISO)
WDB IWorld Data Bank I (US CIA)
WDB IIWorld Data Base II
WDDESWorld Digital Database for Environmental Science (ICA/IGU)
WDGWashington Dept. of Game
WDGERWashington Div. of Geology and Earth Resources
W.D.M.C.War Dept. Map Collection (U.S.)
WDMSWatershed Data Management System
WDNRWashington Dept. of Natural Resources
WDOEWashington Dept. of Ecology
WEFWater Environment Federation
WELUWestern Energy Land Use Team
WESTFEDWestern Federation of Professional Surveyors
WETWetland Evaluation Technique
WFPLSWestern Federation of Professional Land Surveyors
WFPSWestern Federation of Professional Surveyors
W.G.Wired glass skylight
WGMGWorking Group on Map Generalization (ICA)
WGNHSWisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
WGSWorld Geodetic System; World Geodetic Survey
WGS 84World Geodetic System of 1984
W.H.Wirtshaus = public house, inn; William Harrison
WICWestindische Compagnie
WIMSWeather Information Management System
WISWatershed Information System
WISCLANDWisconsin Initiative for Statewide Cooperation on Landscape Analysis and Data
WISEWomen Investigating Sciences and Environment (Univ. of Nebraska)
WLAWilliam Lettis and Associates, Inc.
WLIAWisconsin Land Information Society
WLSWeighted least squares
WLUWorld Land-use Survey
WMATAWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WMCWestern Mapping Center (USGS)
WMDWater management district
WMEWindow to My Environment (US EPA)
.WMFWindows Metafile Format
WMLWireless markup language
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization; Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe
WMPWorld Mapping Project
WMSWashington (D.C.) Map Society; Web Map Server; Web Map Service (Open GIS Consortium); Work Management System; World Mapping System; World Market Strategies Ltd.
WNROGPS Week Number Roll Over
WNWWest northwest
WOWelsh Office
WOMWeb Object Management
WORMWrite Once, Read Many
WPWord processor
WPCFWater Pollution Control Federation
.WPGWordPerfect Graphic format
WPUWilayah Pembangunan Utama
WQMWater quality monitor
WRWater Resources; Western Region
WRAPWestern Regional Applications Program (NASA)
WRCBWater Resources Control Board
WRDWater Resources Div. (USGS); Water Resources Dept.
WRIWater Resources Investigations (USGS)
WRIDSWildland Resources Information Display System
WRIPWater Resources Information Project (Ontario)
WRIRWater Resources Investigation Report
WRISWildland Resources Information System
WRRIWater Resources Research Inst.
WRSWorld Reference System (Landsat)
WRSICWater Resources Scientific Information Center
WSWork station
WSCWater Survey of Canada
WSDOTWashington State Dept. of Transportation
WSGWine Specialty Group (Assn. of American Geographers)
WSGSWyoming State Geological Survey
WSLDWestern Samoa Lands and Survey Dept.
WSLSWisconsin Society of Land Surveyors
WSMWidener Surveying and Mapping (Firm)
WSPWater-supply Paper
WSPSWestern Society of Professional Surveyors
WSRNWashington State Reference Network
WSUWashington State Univ.
WSUCSCWashington State Univ. Computing Service Center
WSWWest southwest
W.T.Water tank; Washington Territory
WTCDDeltaic watercourse
WT&HWoodward, Tiernan & Hale
WTUSMWuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping
WVWest Virginia
W. VaWest Virginia
WVALSWest Virginia Assn. of Land Surveyors
WVGESWest Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
WVSWorld Vector Shoreline (USDMA)
WVS+World Vector Shoreline Plus
WVSPLUSWorld Vector Shoreline Plus
WWWWorld Wide Web
WYSDOTWashington State Dept. of Transportation
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium

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XDSeXternal Data Source
XMIXML Metadata Interchange
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XWDX-Window screen dump
XMPExtensible Metadata Platform (format)
Y2KYear 2000 (problem)
ZCTAZipCode Tabulation Area
ZGIZentrales Geologisches Institut (German Democratic Republic)
ZGSZambia Geological Survey Dept.
ZIMASZoning Information and Map Access System (Los Angeles, Calif.)
ZLIZia Landform Images
ZMAZone Map Automation (Los Angeles, Calif.)
ZPSZEH plotting software
ZRCZnanstvenoraziskovalni Center (Slovenske Akademije Znanosti in Umetnosti)
ZSZambia Survey Dept.
ZSEZaenkert Surveying Essentials (Firm)
ZTSZoom Transfer Scope

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The compilers wish to thank Bryon D.H. Ellingson for the approximately 1,100 names we were allowed to incorporate into this dictionary from his unpublished Acronyms & Abbreviations (6th ed., 1995), and for contributions by Chris Bledsoe, Richard A. Buggelli, John Creaser, Peter De Vincentis, Alice Drew, Rodney Evans Garrett, Ryan Goodpasture, Cristina Gouveia, Linda Grover, Peter Grueschow, Jim Guthrie, Greg Hajic, Alex Irving, David Irving, Ron Jones, Khaleel Khan, Doug Kibbe, Bob Kilmer, Mark Leitzell, Rick Lorenz, Mike Molloy, Philip Mulholland, Kevin J. Newland, Mike Oimoen, Uriel Perez, Abram Pointet, Beverly Ryan, Steve Scamp, Rich Soares, Joan Steber, J Steele, Cristina P. Tanzi, Zoltan Vekerdy, David R.W. Wadsworth, Bob Ware, M.G. Quill Williams and Alberta Wood.   NASA-Ames Research Center Technology Applications Branch's Acronyms Reference Guide (1981) was an invaluable source.

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