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This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART


By Philip Hoehn and Mary Lynette Larsgaard (Map & Imagery Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara Library).  Designed by John Creaser

This dictionary decodes abbreviations and acronyms found in various publications including maps and websites. These abbreviations or acronyms, therefore, are not necessarily authoritative or standardized in format or content.

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A IN BAuto in basement
AA Antiaircraft artillery; Automobile Assn.
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Administration; American Automobile Assn.
AACRAnglo-American Cataloguing Rules
AACR2Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2d. ed.
AACCCMAnglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials
AAESAmerican Assn. of Engineering Societies
AAGAssn. of American Geographers
AAGSAmerican Assn. for Geodetic Surveying
AAGAssn. of American Geographers
AAPGAmerican Assn. of Petroleum Geologists
AARLSArkansas Assn. of Registered Land Surveyors
AARSAsian Assn. on Remote Sensing
AARSEAfrican Association for the Remote Sensing of the Environment
AASGAssn. of American State Geologists
AASPAmerican Assn. of Stratigraphic Palynologists
ABAir base
ABAGAssn. of Bay Area Governments (California)
ABETAccreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.
ABNAmerican Bank Note Company
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ABSMAlberta Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
ACAerospace Center; Air Corps; American Cartographer (journal)
A.C.Antonio Castro
ACAAmerican Cartographic Assn.; American Conservation Assn.; Automovil Club Argentino; Aerial Cartographics of America (Firm)
ACACCAssn. des cartoth`eques et archives cartographiques du Canada = Assn. of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
ACAPSAutomated Chart Production System (C&GS)
ACCAssn. des cartoth`eques et archives du Canada = Assn. of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives; Academia de Ciencias de Cuba
ACCAssociation canadienne de cartographie
AC&COffice of Aeronautical Charting and Cartography (U.S.)
ACCDTSAdvisory Committee on Canadian Digital Toponymic Services
AccuDEMHigh-accuracy DEM
Accu-DRAPEHigh-accuracy DEM Draped Images
ACDAeronautical Charting Division (C&GS)
ACDDSAdvanced Cartographic Data Digitizing System
ACEAdvanced Cartographic Equipment; Advanced Cartographic Environment (PCI Carto Inc.)
ACECAmerican Consulting Engineers Council
ACGAssociation canadienne des geographes; Address Coding Guides
ACIAssn. Cartographique Internationale = International Cartographic Assn.
ACICAeronautical Chart and Information Center (U.S.); Automated Cartographic Information Center (Univ. of Minnesota Library)
ACIUCentral Interpretation Unit (Royal Air Force, Great Britain)
ACLSAssn. of Canadian Lands Surveyors
ACMAssn. for Computing Machinery
ACMGISAssn. for Computing Machinery Geographic Information Systems
ACMLAssn. of Canadian Map Libraries
ACMLAAssn. of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
ACMSAutomated Census Mapping System
Assn. for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Graphics
ACOEArmy Corps of Engineers (U.S.)
ACRESAustralian Centre for Remote Sensing
ACRSAsian Conference on Remote Sensing
ACSAdvanced Cartographic Systems; Agricultural Cooperative Service; Automated Cartographic Systems; Automatic chemical sprinklers; Attitude Control Subsystem (Landsat); American Community Survey (USBC)
ACSADArab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands
ACSCAutomobile Club of Southern California
ACSMAmerican Congress on Surveying and Mapping
ACSTTOAssn. of Certified Survey Technicians and Technologists of Ontario
ACTAdministration du Cadastre et de la Topographie (Luxembourg); Australian Capital Territory
ADAdministrative Division (USGS); Aeronautical data
A/DAnalog to digital
ADACAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club
ADARAirborne Data Acquisition and Registration (Positive Systems, Inc.)
ADCAlexandria Drafting Company; American Digital Cartography Inc
A-DCSAdvanced/Data Collection System
ADDAAmerican Design Drafting Assn.
ADEAutoCAD Data Extension
ADEOSAdvanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADEPTAlexandria Digital Earth Prototype
ADFApplication Development Facility (GeoVision Corp.)
ADFGAlaska Dept. of Fish and Game
ADIAreas of Dominent Influence (USBC TIGER)
ADKArealdatakontoret (Denmark)
ADLAlexandria Digital Library
Adm.Admiral; Admiralty
ADM1First-order administrative division
ADM2Second-order administrative division
ADNRAlaska Dept. of Natural Resources
ADOTArizona Dept. of Transportation
ADOTPFAlaska Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities
ADPAutomated data processing
ADPDPAlaska Division of Policy Development and Planning
ADRAerial Data Reduction Associates Inc.
ADRGARC-digitized raster graphics (USDMA)
ADRGsArc digitized raster graphics(USDMA)
ADSAerial Data Service (firm)
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Ad. St.Aldolf Stieler
ADTAdvanced Data Technologies, Inc.; Abstract Data Type
AdVArbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Lander der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ADWAgricultural drainage well
ADWRArizona Dept. of Water Resources
A&EArchitect and Engineering
AECArchitecture, engineering and construction
AEDAnalysis and Evaluation Div.
AEFAlliance for Environmental Education; Accurate Environmental Forecasting, Inc.
AEGAssociation of Engineering Geologists
AEIAerial Exposure Index
AEIDCArctic Environmental Information Data Center
AEMAtmospheric Explorer Mission
AERSAdvanced Earth Resources Satellite
AESAnalysis and Evaluation Staff
AESEAssociation of Earth Science Editors
Aest.Aestuarium = Estuary
AE2SAdvanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.
AFAAmerican Forestry Assn.; Automatic fire alarm
AFBAir Force base; Aerial FotoBank (Firm)
AFCEAArmed Forces Communications and Electronics Assn.
AFEAutomated feature extraction
AFFAmerican Fact Finder (DADSO)
AFFRCAgriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Center (Japan)
AFIAmerican Forest Inst.
AFLAGAsean Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics
AFREFAfrican Geodetic Reference Frame
AfRLAkademie fur Raumforschung und Landesplanung (Germany)
AFSAir Force station
AFTAmbiguity function technique
AFWAAir Force Weather Agency (U.S.)
AGAttorney General
AGCArmy Geospatial Center (US); Assn. Geologique du Canada; Arkansas Geological Commission
AGCHOAfghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office
AGCOAfghan Geodesy and Cartography Office
AGDSAutomated Graphics Digitizing System
AGIAmerican Geological Inst.; Assn. for Geographic Information (London); Analytical Graphics, Inc.
AGICAlabama Geographic Information Council; Arizona Geographic Information Council
AGILEAssociation of Geographic Information Laboratories
AGIOArkansas Geographic Information Office
AGISAutomated Geographic Information System
Agriculture and Resources Inventory Surveys through Aerospace Remote Sensing
AGSAmerican Geographical Society; Alberta Geological Survey
AGSLAmerican Geographical Society Library
AGSOAustralian Geological Survey Organisation
AGSSAmerican Geographical and Statistical Society
AGUAmerican Geophysical Union
AHAPAlaska High-altitude Aerial Photography (program)
AHCPRU.S. Agency for Health Care and Policy Research
AHDASAdaptable Hydrologic Data Acquisition System
AHDSArts and Humanities Data Service
AHRSAttitude and Heading Reference System
AHSAutomated Highway System
AIArtificial intelligence; Appraisal Inst.
AIAAmerican Inst. of Architects
AI/ANAAmerican Indian/Alaska Native Area
AICAustralian Institute of Cartographers
AICPAmerican Inst. of Certified Planners
AIDAgency for International Development; Aeronautical information data
AIHAmerican Inst. of Hydrology
AILESPAmerican Indian Lands Environmental Support Project
AIMSAirborne Integrated Mapping System; Automated Investigation Measurement System (Nikon)
AIPGAmerican Inst. of Professional Geologists
AIPPAmbroziak Infinite Perspective Projection
AIRAmerican Indian reservation
AIRBAlabama Inspection and Rating Bureau
AIRSAtomspheric Infrared Sounder
AIREAAmerican Inst. of Real Estate Appraisers
AIRSAtmospheric infrared sounder
AISHAssn. Internationale des Sciences Hydrologiques = International Assn. of Hydrological Sciences
AJGAfrican Journal of Geoinformation
ALAAmerican Library Assn.
ALAEAtmospheric LymanAlpha Emissions
ALARSAlaska Land and Resources System
ALIAdvanced Land Imager
ALISAutomated Land Information System (TVA)
ALMRSAutomated Land and Mineral Record System (US BLM)
ALOHAAerial Locations of hazardous Atmospheres (model)
ALPAutomated Lands Project
ALSAAlberta Land Surveyors Association
ALTAAmerican Land Title Assn.
ALTMAirborne Laser Terrain Mapper (Optech)
ALTMSAirborne Laser Topographic Mapping System
AMAutomated Mapping
AMAAssociacion Mexicana Automovilistica
AMADAirborne Missions and Applications Division (NASA-Ames Research Center)
AMAPArctic Monitoring and Assessment Program
AMCAssn. Mineralogique du Canada; Australian Map Circle Inc.
AMEAero-Metric Engineering Inc.
AM/FMAutomated mapping/facilities management
AMGAustralian Map Grid; Automated machine guidance
AMIApplied Mapping Inc.
AMIEAirglow Measurements of Infrared Measurements Emissions
AMISAviation Management Information System
AMISARActive Microwave ImagerSynthetic Aperture Radar
AMLARC Macro Language
AMPRAmerican Map Price Record
AMPSAutomatic Mapping and Planning System
AMSArmy Map Service; American Meteorological Society; Attitude Measurement Sensor; Automated Mapping System
AMSDAdjusted Mapping Support Data
AMSRAdvanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer
AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit (JPL)
An.Anno = year
A.N.A.Asociacion Nacional Automovilistica (Mexico)
ANAArea Navigation Approach
ANAEAtlas of North American English
ANAREAustralian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
ANGELAirborne Natural Gas Emission Lidar (ITT)
ANTGSAlaska Natural Gas Transportation System
ANMSAutomated Notice to Mariners System
ANOVAAnalyses of variance
ANRCAlaska Native Regional Corp.
ANSIAmerican National Standards Inst.
ANVAlaska Native village
ANVSAAlaska Native village statistical area
ANWRArctic National Wildlife Refuge
ANZLICAustralia New Zealand Land Information Council
ANZMapSAustralian and New Zealand Map Society
AOArea of Operations
AOAAllen Osborne Associates, Inc.
AODCAustralian Oceanographic Data Centre
AOIArea of Interest
AOIPSAtmospheric and Oceanographic Image Processing System
AOLAmerica On Line
AOLSAssn. of Ontario Land Surveyors
AOMLAtlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
AOOAmerican Oceanographic Organization
AOSSAshtech Office Suite for Survey
APAnalytical Plotter
APAAmerican Planning Assn.
APCAAir Pollution Control Assn.
APBELAtlantic Provinces Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors
APCMAerial Photography Contract Management System
APDAutomated Plat Design (ConneXt, Inc.)
A.P.D.R.Avec privilege du Roi = By license of the King
APEAllen Precision Equipment
APEGGAAssn. of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta
APFOAerial Photography Field Office (USDA)
APIAmerican Petroleum Inst.; Application programming interface
APISAerial Photography Information System
APMIAerial Photography Micrographic Index System (USGS)
APPSRAerial Photography Progress Summary Report
APQFAerial Photography Quad File
APRAirborne Profile Recorder
APSAerosol Polarimetry Sensor
APSRAerial Photography Summary Record
APSRSAerial Photography Summary Record System (USGS)
APTAutomatic picture transmission; Area proportional to
APTSAerial Profiling of Terrain System
APWAAmerican Public Works Assn.
APWWAAmerican Public Water Works Assn.
ARAAddress Register Area; Algemeen Rijksarchief (Netherlands)
ARAMCOArabian American Oil Company
ARCAmes Research Center (NASA); Appalachian Regional Commission
ARCCAmerican Rivers Conservation Council
ArcFMArc Facilities Manager (ESRI)
Arch.Architect; Architecture
Arc-SDEArc Spatial Data Engine
ARGAmerican Resources Group
ARIAArizona Regional Image Archive
ARISAlabama Resource Information System; Arizona Resources Information System
ARMAdministracion de Recursos Minerales (Panama); Airborne Remote Mapping
ARMISArkansas Resource Management Information System
ARMSAgricultural Resource Management System (Canada)
ARRSTCAsian Regional Remote Sensing Training Centre
ARSAgricultural Research Service (USDA)
ARSCAustralian Remote Sensing Conference
ARSPApplied Remote Sensing Program (Univ. of Arizona)
ARZAutoRestricted Zone
ASAnti-spoofing; Area source; automatic sprinklers
ASAAmerican Standards Assn.
ASAPAdvanced Scientific Array Processor; Agricultural Sciences Advisory Panel
ASARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASB. CL.Asbestos-covered frame building
ASCAmerican Society of Cartographers
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASCE SMDAmerican Society of Civil Engineers Surveying and Mapping Division
ASCFAmes Satellite Communications Facility
ASCIEAmerican Standard Code for Information Exchange
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCLAAssn. of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ALA)
ASCPAmerica Society of Consulting Planners
ASCSAgricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (USDA)
ASDDAustralian Spatial Data Directory
ASDIAustralian Spatial Data Infrastructure
ASEEAmerican Society for Engineering Education
ASFAlaska SAR Facility
ASFEAssn. of Soil and Foundation Engineers
ASFPMAssn. of State Floodplain Managers
ASGAAssn. des Services Geologiques Africains
ASGCAustralian Statistical Geographical Classification
ASGSAustralian Statistical Geography Standard
ASHTDAmerican Assn. of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ASIAnalytical Surveys, Inc.
ASLAAmerican Society of Landscape Architects
ASLOAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanography
ASMCAlaska Surveying and Mapping Conference
ASOAustralian Survey Office
ASPAmerican Society of Photogrammetry; Application service provider
ASPGAmerican Society for Professional Geographers

Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors; Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors
ASPRSAmerican Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ASPSArkansas Society of Professional Surveyors
ASRLAtmospheric Sciences Research Laboratory
ASTAtlantic Standard Time; Automated Summary Tables
ASTERAdvanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materials
ATCAir Target Chart; Advance Technology Corp.
ATIDAttribute ID
Arizona Transportation Information System (ADOT)
ATKISAmtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches Informationssystem
ATMAdaptive triangular mesh
ATMETAtmospheric, Meteorological and Environmental Technologies, LLC
ATMSAdvanced Technology Microwave Sounder
ATONAids to Navigation
ATR1Automatic Target Recognition module (Leica)
ATSAdvanced Technology Satellite; Applications Technology Satellite; Automated Technical Systems (Firm)
AUAstronomical unit
AURISAAustralasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Assn.
AUSDECAustralasian Data Exchange Centre
AUSLIGAustralian Surveying and Land Information Group
AUVAutonomous underwater vehicle
AUVSIAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
AVAudio-visual; AmericaView
AVCAAudio-visual and Cartographic Archives Div., National Archives of Canada
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVIAudio Visual Interleave
AVIRISAdvanced Visible/InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer
AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location
AVNIRAdvanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer
AVOAlaska Volcano Observatory; Audio/visual object; Amplitude Versus Offset;
AVRIArizona Vegetation Resource Inventory
AVSApplication Visualization System (Visual Systems, Inc.)
AWARArea weighted average resolution
AWGAssociation for Women Geoscientists
AWIPSAdvanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWLSAmerican West Land Surveying (Firm)
AWMCAncient World Mapping Center
AWMSASArcView Marine Spill Analysis System
AWRAAmerican Water Resources Assn.
AWSAir Weather Service
AWWAAmerican Water Works Assn.
A.Z.Alexander Zakreski
AzMAPArizona Mapping Advisory Council

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BBrigade; Bulletin
B&LBoggs and Lewis
BABooksellers Assn. of Great Britain & Ireland
BAAMABay Area Automated Mapping Assn.
BADGERBay Area Digital GeoResource
Badan Koordinasi Survey dan Pemetaan Nasional (Indonesia) = National Coordination Agency for Surveying and Mapping (Indonesia)
BanobrasBanco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Publicos (Mexico)
BAORBritish Army of the Rhine
BAOSCBay Area Open Space Council
BARCISBARCode Information System
BARDSan Francisco Bay Area Regional Database
BARPBundesamt fur Raumplanung (Switzerland)
BARTBay Area Rapid Transit District (California)
BASBritish Antarctic Survey
BASICBeginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code; Bay Area Shared Information Consortium
BASINSBetter Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Systems (USEPA)
BATCOBoulder Area Trails Coalition
BBBand-by-band; Blattbereich
BBSBulletin board system
BCBritish Columbia; Ballistic camera; Bureau of the Census (U.S.)
BCCBibliographic Control Committee (ACMLA)
BCDCBay Conservation and Development Commission
BCGSBoard of Coast and Geodetic Survey (Philippines)
BCSSBattlefield Command Support System (Australian Army)
BDCBase de donnees sur les collectivities (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
BDETBengston, DeBell, Elkin & Titus Ltd.
BEBrick enclosed elevator
BEABernhard, Eisenbraun and Associates; Bureau of Economic Analysis (US)
B.E.F.British Expeditionary Force
BEGBureau of Economic Geology (Texas)
BEICIPBureau d'Etudes Industrielles et de Cooperation de l'Institut Francais du Petrole
BESBureau of Environmental Service (Portland, Oregon)
BETSBrunson Electronic Triangulation System
BEVBundesamt fur Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
BFEBase flood elevation
BfGRBundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (Germany)
BfLRBundesanstalt fur Landeskunde und Raumentwicklung (Germany)
BGBlock group
BGCBusiness Geographics Conference
BGNBoard on Geographic Names (U.S.)
bgsBelow ground surface
BGSBritish Geological Survey
Bgw.Bergwerk = mine
Bhf.Bahnhof = Railway station
BHICBrabants Historisch Informatie Centrum = Brabant Historical Information Centre
BHSBoston Harbor Software, Inc.
BIBig Idea (NIMA); Business intelligence
BIABureau of Indian Affairs (U.S.)
BICBorderlands Information Center (Texas)
BICIBook item contribution identifier
BIGBrunei Institution of Geomatics
BILBand Interleaved by Line
BIMBuilding information modeling
BIMCCBrussels International Map Collectors' Circle
BIOMAPSBiodiversity Mapping for Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
BIOTROPRegional Center for Tropical Biology (Indonesia)
BIPBand Interleaved by Pixel
BLGBinary line generalization
BLISBrownfields Location Information System (Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce)
BLMBureau of Land Management (U.S.)
BLOBBinary large object
BLPUBasic land and property unit
BLSBahamas Lands and Surveys Dept.
BLTBundesamt fur Landestopographie (Switzerland)
BLVABayerisches Landesvermessungsamt
BMBench mark; Bureau of Mines
BMABotswana Ministry of Agriculture
BMACBactria Margiana Archaeology Complex
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization (U.S.)
BMGBureau of Mines and Geosciences (Philippines)
.BMPBitmapped image format (Microsoft Corp.)
BMRBureau of Mineral Resources (Australia, Papua New Guinea)
BMWBarclay Mapworks, Inc.
BNBiblioth`eque Nationale
BNABlock numbering area
BNDStream bend
BNDTBase nationale de donnees topographiques (Canada)
BnFBibliotheque national de France
BNPCBathymetric navigation planning chart
BNPDBivariate Normal Probability Density
BNSCBritish National Space Centre
BOABuilding omission area
BOCBureau of the Census
BOFRSBooks and Open-File Report Section (USGS)
BOLSBADGER On-line Service
BOMBureau of Mines
BOPBureau of Printing
BORBureau of Reclamation (U.S.)
BOREASBoreal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study
BORPELSBoard of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (Calif.)
BOSSBehavior of Offshore Structures, Conference on
BOTUSBest of the U.S. (Space Imaging)
BPBoundary marker (USDMA)
BPABonneville Power Administration
BPIBits per Inch
BPPTBadan Pembinaan dan Penerapan Teknologi (Indonesia)
BPRBureau of Public Roads
BPSBits per Second
BRBureau of Reclamation
Brck.Brucke = bridge
BRFDBidirectional reflectance distribution function
BRGMBureau de recherches geologique et minieres (France)
BRICMICSBritish and Irish Committee for Map Information and Catalogue Systems
BRHBush, Roed & Hitchings (Firm)
BRSBibliographic Retrieval Service
BSBureau of Statistics (Japan)
Bs. As.Buenos Aires
BSBBayerische Staatsbibliothek
BSCBoston Survey Consultants
BSEBase flood elevation
BSNHHeadwater basin
BSQBand Sequential
BSRBibliographic Standard Record
BSUBase Spatial Unit
BTBase Topo
BTABasic Trading Areas (FCC)
BTSBureau of Transportation Statistics (US)
BUISBeihai Urban Information Center
BUPMISBeihai Urban Planning Management Information System
BUPNISBeijing Underground-Network Information System
BVGBerliner Verkehrs Gesellschaft
BVUBrightness Value Unit
B/WBlack and white
BWCBandwidth Compression
BWEBandwidth Expansion

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CCartography; Celsius (degrees)
CACalifornia; Cartographic and architectural; Census agglomeration (Canada)
C/ACoarse-Acquisition (code)
CAACivil Aeronautics Administration (U.S.); Civil Aviation Authority (Great Britain)
CAADCartographic and Architectural Archives Div., National Archives of Canada
CACCenter for Advanced Computation (Univ. of Illinois); Compressed Aeronautical Chart (U.S. government)
CACSCanadian Active Control System
CADComputer-aided drafting; Computer assisted design
CADDComputer-aided design and drafting
CADMAPComputer-aided drafting, mapping, and photogrammetry
CADRGCompressed ADRG
CAFFConservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna
CAFMComputer-aided facility management
CAGCanadian Association of Geographers
CaGISCartography and Geographic Information Science (journal)); Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (journal)
CAGISCartography and Geographic Information Society
CALMITCenter for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)
CALSConnecticut Assn. of Land Surveyors; Computer-aided acquisition and logistic support; Computer Assisted Land Survey System (SPDK)
CALTRANSCalifornia Dept. of Transportation
CAMComputer aided mapping
CAMAComputer-aided mass appraisal system (Montana)
CAMEOComputer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations System (U.S.)
CAMFERCenter for the Assessment & Monitoring of Forest & Environmental Resources (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley)
CANControlled Area Network
CANRICommunity Access to Natural Resources Information
CanSISCanadian Soil Information System
CANSPACECanadian Space Geodesy Forum
CanVecCanadian Vector Data
CAPCooperative Agreements Program (FGDC)
CAPCOCapital Area Planning Council (Texas)
CAPDUCanadian Assn. of Public Data Users
CARCurriculum, Accreditation and Registration Committee (ACSM); Central African Republic
CARESCenter for Agricultural, Resource, and Environmental Systems (Univ. of Missouri)
CARLCanadian Assn. of Research Libraries
CARSComputer-Assisted Reproduction; Center for Applications of Remote Sensing (Oklahoma State Univ.)
CASACentre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (Univ. College, London)
CASEComputer-Aided Software Engineering
CASICompact Airborne Spectrographic Imager
CaSILCalifornia Spatial Information Library
CASSCoding and Accuracy Support System (USPS)
CASTCenter for Advanced and Spatial Technologies (Univ. of Arkansas)
CATComputer Assisted Thermography
CATSConsequences Assessment Tool Set (FEMA)
CAVACartographic and Audio-Visual Archives Div. = Div. des archives cartographiques et audio-visuelles (DACA), National Archives of Canada
CAZRICentral Arid Zone Research Institute
CBColumn builder
C.B.Hollow concrete or cement block construction
CBDCentral business district
CBEPCommunity-Based Environmental Protection (USEPA program)
CBEPSCanadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors
CBETConcrete block enclosed elevator
CBFCartographic boundary file
CBIChina Burma India Theatre of Operations (WW II)
CBLCentraal Bureau Luchtkartering (Suriname); Calibration (or calibrated) base line
cbmKubikmeter (cubic meter)
CBMCoalbed Methane Map (Wyoming State Geological Survey)
CBNCooperative Base Network
CBPChesapeake Bay Project
C. BRConcrete, lime, cinder or cement brick
CBSCommunity Base Station
CBWECorn Blight Watch Experiment
CCCartographic Catalog
C.C.Chain carrier
CCACanadian Cartographic Assn.
CCAFSCape Canaveral Air Force Station (Florida)
CCAPCompetative Cooperative Agreements Program (U.S.)
CCBCCMCanadian Committee for the Bibliographic Control of Cartographic Materials
CCCCanadian Committee on Cataloging; Cataloging and Classification Committee (MAGERT)
CCCELSCalifornia Council of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors
CCDCensus county division; Computer Center Div. (USGS); Charged couple device; Charged-coupled device; Charge-coupled device
CCDMCore Cadastral Domain Model
CCELCCanada Committee on Ecological Land Classification
CCGECanadian Council on Geographic Education
CCGMCenter for Computing Graphics (Delft Univ. of Technology)
CCIGCentre canadien d'information sur la geoscience
CCIDChain component ID
CCISACongress of Cartographic Information Specialist Associations
CCITTInternational Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CCKCentrale Catalogus Kartografie (National Library of the Netherlands)
CCLSCanadian Council of Land Surveyors
CCMCanada Centre for Mapping; Compressed County Mosaic (USDA)
CCNS4Computer Controlled Navigation System (E. Coyote Enterprises, Inc.)
CCPSCentral Colorado Professional Surveyors
CCPRCalifornia Center for Population Research
CCRSCanada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCSCensus consolidated subdivision (Canada)
CCTComputer Compatible Tape; Centro de Ciencia Tropical
CDCompact disc; Conservation Div. (USGS); Committee Draft (ISO)
CDAColorado Dept. of Agriculture
CDCCalifornia Dept. of Conservation; Control Data Corporation
CD-CINCCD-ROM Consistent Interface Committee (U.S.)
CDEDCanadian Digital Elevation Data
CDFCumulative distribution function; California Dept. of Forestry (and Fire Protection)
CDFGCalifornia Dept. of Fish and Game
CDFSCloud Depiction and Forecast System
CDHCommunications and data handling
CDiCompact Disk interactive
CDISCoordinated Design and Information System
CDLCropland data layers (USDA NASS)
CDMGCalifornia Div. of Mines and Geology
CDNCoordinates, definitions and notations
CDOTColorado Dept. of Transportation
CDOWColorado Division of Wildlife
CDOWGCD-ROM Data Origination Working Group (U.S.)
CDPCartographer Development Program; Census designated place; Colorado Division of Planning
.CDRCorelDraw format
CD-RCompact disk-recordable
CD-ROMCompact disk-read only memory
CDRSCollaborative Digital Reference Service
CDSCatalogue of Data Sources
CDTComputer display terminal; Central Daylight Time; Constrained Delaunay triangulation
CDTEDCompressed digital terrain elevation data
CDVCartographic data visualizer
CD-WCompact disk-- re-writable
CDWRCalifornia Dept. of Water Resources
CECorps of Engineers
C.E.Civil Engineer
CEALCentro Editor de America Latina
CEAOCounty Engineers Association of Ohio
CEBAFContinuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
CECOConsulting Engineers Council of Ohio
CECSVBComit pour l'Etablissement de la Carte des Sols et de la Vegetation de la Belgique
CECWConsulting Engineers Council of Washington
CEDACComprehensive Economic Data Atlas of China
CEDARECentre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe
CEDDCommittee on the Exchange of Digital Data
CEEComite Estatal de Estadisticas (Cuba)
CEGETCentre d'Etudes de Geographie Tropical (Bordeaux)
CEGISCenter of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (USGS)
CELSOCConsulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California
CEMAConsumer Electronics Manufacturers Assn.
CEMARCentro de Estudos do Mar
CENComite europeen de normalization electronique
CENRENCentro de Recursos Naturales (El Salvador)
CENTACentro Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (El Salvador)
CENTAURCivil Engineering Technologies for Automatic Roadmaking (DSNP)
CEOEuropean Centre for Earth Observation
CEONetCanadian Earth Observation Network
CEPCelestial Ephemeris Pole
CERCLISComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (US EPA)
CERCOComite Europeen de Responsibles de la Cartographie Officielle
CERDCatalog of Environmental Resource Data
CERESCalifornia Environmental Resource Evaluation System
CERCGCentre d'Etudes et de Realisations Cartographiques Geographiques (France)
CERRCentre d'Ecologie des Ressources Renouvelables (France)
CESCommittee on Earth Sciences
CETCommission on Education and Training (IGA)
CETENALComision de Estudios del Territorio Nacional (Mexico)
CEUContinuing education unit
CFCComite francais de cartographie
CFCCCensus Feature Class Code
CFFCartographic Feature File
CFUACanadian Fire Underwriters' Association
C.G.Coast Guard
CGAColor Graphics Adaptor
CGCCommission geologique du Canada
CGDBCentral Geographic Data Base
CGDICanadian Geomatics Digital Initiative ; Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure
CGEComision Geografico-Exploradora (Mexico)
CGIComputer Graphics Interface; Common gateway interface; Center for Geographic Information
CGICCanadian Geoscience Information Centre
CGISCenter for GIS (Qatar)
.CGMComputer graphics metafile
CGMWCommission for the Geological Map of the World
CGNHSConnecticut Geological and Natural History Survey
CGNSCanadian Geographical Names Service
GCN1Canadian Geographical Names, Level 1
CGPMConference General des Poids et Mesures
CGPSContinuous global positioning system
CGRGCanadian Geomorphology Research Group
CGSCalifornia Geological Survey; Civil GPS Service; Coast and Geodetic Survey (U.S.); Colorado Geological Survey
C&GSCoast and Geodetic Survey (U.S.); Commercial & Government Systems (Kodak)
CGSBCanadian General Standards Board
CGSB-COGCanadian General Standards Board Committee on Geomatics
CGSICCivil GPS Service Interface Committee
CGSICOCivil GPS Service Interface Committee
CGTPCartographic and Geospatial Technology Programs
CGUCanadian Geophysical Union
CGWComputer Graphics World (journal)
CH; Ch.Chief Hydrologist; Church; Chapel
CHACanadian Hydrographic Association
CHEECCenter for the Health Effects of Environmental Contamination (Univ. of Iowa)
CHESTCombined Higher Education Software Team (UK)
CHGISChina Historical Geographic Information System (Harvard University)
CHIACumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment
CHNMMarine channel
CHSCanadian Hydrographic Service
CICompass and inclinometer; Coal Investigations Map (USGS)
CIACentral Intelligence Agency (U.S.)
CIAFCentro de Investigaciones en Percepcion Remota
CIASCD-ROM Index Architecture Specification Working Group (U.S.)
CIACERCentro de Investigacion y Aplicacion de Sensores Remotos (Bolivia)
CIBControlled image base
CIBESACartografica Iberica S.A.
CICAEDASCommittee Investigating Cartographic Entity, Definitions, and Standards
CICLOPSCassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations
CIDCommunity Information Database (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
CIDAMMCentro de Informacion y Documentacion del Area Metropolitana de Madrid
CIEIompair Eireann Coras; Classified image editor
CIESINConsortium for International Earth Science Information Network
CIGCanadian Inst. of Geomatics; Climate Interest Group; Centro de Investigaciones Geotecnicas (El Salvador)
CIGFCentre d'Information Geographique et Fonci`ere Ministre de l'Energie et des Ressources, Quebec)
CIGNETCooperative International GPS Network
CIKMConference on Information Knowledge Management
CIMCollection insertion map; Council on Information Management (Virginia)
CIMISCalifornia Irrigation Management Information System
CINDICenter for Integration of Natural Disaster Information (USGS)
CIOCentral Imagery Office (U.S.)
CIPContour Interpolation Program; Canadian Institute of Planners
CIRColor infrared
CIRSSCalifornia Integrated Remote Sensing System
CISCanadian Inst. of Surveying; Color Imaging Systems (Barneyscan Corp.)
CISDCook Islands Dept. of Survey
CISIGConservational International GIS
CISMCanadian Inst. of Surveying and Mapping
CISTCentre d'information sur les sciences de la Terre (Canada)
CITYGCity Graphic
CIUCentral Interpretation Unit (Royal Air Force, Great Britain)
CK-PLCheck plotter
CLACanadian Library Association
CLDCenter line data
CLDBCommon Land Data Base
CLDSCanada Land Data System(s)
CLICanada Land Inventory
CLICKCenter for LiDAR Information Coordination (USGS)
CLIDClass identifier
CLIRSENRemote Sensing Center (Ecuador)
CLLCorrected line length
CLOMAConfidential letters of map amendment
CLSCanada Lands Surveyor
CLSACalifornia Land Surveyors Assn.
CLSRCanada Lands Surveys Records
CLUCommon land units
CLUMPCanada Land Use Monitoring Program
CMCartographic material; Configuration management
CMACensus Metropolitan Area (Statistics Canada); Central Mapping Agency (New South Wales)
CMAPChicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
CMASCircular Mean Accuracy Standard
CMCCCalifornia Mapping Coordinating Committee
CMDCurrent meter digitizer; Command
CMEDSComprehensive Mapping and Engineering Data System (LES)
CMICorvallis Microtechnology Inc.
CMIBControlled multispectral image base
CMISConical-scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder
CMMCoalbed Methane Map (Wyoming State Geological Survey)
CMOCanada Map Office
CMOTSCartographic Material Order and Tracking System (USGS)
CMPCoastal Mapping Program; Camp
CMSCalifornia Map Society; Cavity Monitoring System (Optech); Clay Minerals Society
CMSAConsolidated metropolitan statistical area
CMSDUCommission on Map Use and Spatial Data Use (ICA)
CMSMCommittee on Marine Surveying and Mapping
CMTCorvallis Microtechnology Inc.
C&MTCommunication & Measurement Technologies Ltd.
CNAComiss~ao Nacional do Ambiente (Portugal)
CNIDRCenter for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (USA)
CNESCentre national d'etudes spatiales (France)
CNEXOCentre National pour l'Exploitation des Oceans (France)
CNICoalition for Networked Information
CNIGCentro Nacional de Informac~ao Geografica = Portuguese National Center for Geographic Information
CNRConsiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (Italy); Canadian National Railway
CNRACommission on National and Regional Atlases (ICA)
CNRGCentre National de Recherches Geomorphologiques (Belgium)
CNROACentro Nacional de Reconhecimento e Ordenamento Agrario (Portugal)
CNRSCentre National de Recherches Scientifique (France)
CNRSTCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique (Burkina Faso)
CNSTATCommittee on National Statistics (U.S.)
Co.Company; County
COCartometric operations; Colorado
COBOLCommon Business Oriented Language
COBRIGCouncil of British Geography
COECorps of Engineers (US Army)
COEBCoastal and Estuarine Oceanography Branch (US NOS)
COFPAESCommittee on the Federal Procurement of Architect and Engineer Services
COFRSChinese Operational Earth Resources Satellite
COGCouncil of Governments
COGNACouncil of Geographic Names Authorities
COGOCoordinate geometry; Coalition of Geospatial Organizations
C.O.I.Office of Coordinator of Information (U.S.)
col.Color; colored
Col.Colonel; Colorado
COLAgricultural colony
COLDComputer Output to Laser (optical) Disc
Com.Committee; Commission; Commodore
COMComponent Object Model (Microsoft)
COMAPContinuous area pattern mapping
COMISCartographic Operations Management Information System
COMPASCoastal Ocean Management, Planning and AssessmentSystem
COMSATCommunications Satellite (Corp.)
CONAEComision nacional de actividades espaciales (Argentina)
CONC.Concrete or reinforced concrete construction
CONRIMCommittee on Natural Resource Information Management(Alaska)
CONUSContinental United States
CO-COPSCenter for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (NOAA)
COP/BOPCity of Portland Bureau of Planning
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORCCooperative Online Resource Catalog (OCLC)
Corp.Corporal; Corporation
CORSContinuously operated reference station(s); Continuously operating GPS reference stations
CORSEConference on Remote Sensing Education
COSCentral Office of Statistics (Malta)
COSMICComputer Software Management and Information Center
COSMLCommittee on Southern Map Libraries
COSPARCommittee on Space Research
COVISCommonwealth of Virginia Information Systems
CPCartographic Perspectives (journal); color printer
CPFSColorado Plateau Field Station (USGS)
CPHCartographic Publishing House (China)
CPIDComposite ID
CPLARCommunity Perspectives on Land and Agrarian Reform (South Africa)
CPLCCourt of Private Land Claims
CPSCharacters per second; Contour plotting system; Cartographic production system
C.P.S.C.R.A.M.Cum Privilegio Sacrae Caesareae Regiaeque Apostolicae Majestatis = With the privilege of the Holy Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty
CPSOCataloging Policy and Support Office (Library of Congress)
CPUCentral processing unit
CRCentral Region; Coordinate reader
CRACommon Resource Area
CRADACooperative Research and Development Agreement (U.S)
CRAGColumbia Region Association of Governments
CRAIGESCartographic Reproduction and Interactive Graphic Editing System
CRBTCentre de Recherches Biologiques Tropicales (Algeria)
CREPUQConference des recteurs et des principaux des universites du Quebec
CRESPConsortium for Risk Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation (U.S.)
CRGCentre de Recherche en Geomatique (Universite Laval)
CRIBComputerized Resources Information Bank
CrISCross-track Infrared Sounder (US)
CRISTACryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for the Atmosphere
CRKTTidal creek
CRLCartographic research laboratory
CrlMSSCross-track Infrared and Microwave Sounding Suite
CrlSCross-track Infrared Sounder
CSDCensus subdivision (Canada)
CRMConsejo de Recursos Minerales (Mexico); Customer relationship management
CRNCanadian Road Network
CRPDCity Real Property Database
CRRELCold Region Research and Engineering Laboratories
CRSACanadian Regional Science Association
CRSCCalifornia Remote Sensing Council
CRSSCanadian Remote Sensing Society
CRTCathode ray tube
CRVCloth, rolled, varnished
CSColor scanner; Cubic splines
C.S.Charles Simonneau
CSACanadian Space Agency
CSAACalifornia State Automobile Association
CSACCensus Statistical Area Committee (U.S.)
CSAVCzechoslovak Academy of Sciences
CSCComputer Sciences Corporation; Commercial Space Center (NASA); Coastal Services Center (NOAA); California Surveying Corporation
CSDGMContent Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
CSDMSCentre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions
CSDSCalifornia Surveying and Drafting Supply
CSFSColorado State Forest Service
CSGCartography Special Group, Assn. of American Geographers; Council of State Governments
CSIGCyberinfrastrucure Summer Institute for Geoscientists
CSINComputer Systems Information Network
CSIPContinental Scale International Project
CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)
CSICConsejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain)
CSISSCenter for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (UCSB)
CSMLCommittee on Southern Map Libraries
CSOCConsolidated Space Operations Center
CSPConformal Space projection
CSPACouncil of State Planning Agencies
CSPGCanadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSRCenter for Space Research (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
CSRSCanadian Spatial Reference System
CSUFCalifornia State University, Fresno
CSUNCalifornia State University, Northridge
CSTCentral Standard Time; Chicago Steel Tape Co.; Coast; Certified Survey Technician
CSVNSCalifornia Surveying Virtual Survey Network (California Surveying and Drafting Supply
CTCensus tract; Connecticut
CTACrafton, Tull & Associates
CTCCartoteca de Catalunya; Cooperating Technical Communities
CTCUQCommission de transport de la Communaute urbaine de Quebec
CTDChief, Topographic Division; Conductivity-temperature-depth
CTICritical Technologies Inst. (RAND Corp.)
CTI-SCentre for Topographic Information - Sherbrooke
CTLCartographic Technology Lab.
CTOGContour to Grid
CTSCommunications Technology Satellite (Canadian); Conventional terrestrial system
CUACanadian Underwriters' Association
CUACCartographic Users Advisory Council (U.S.)
CUBECombined Uncertainty and Bathymetry Estimator
CUGiKCentralny Urzad Geodezji i Kartografii (Poland)
CURCouncil on Undergraduate Research
CUSECCentral United States Earthquake Consortium
CUSMAPConterminous United States Minerals Assessment Plan
CVOCascades Volcano Observatory (USGS)
CWHRCaliforia Wildlife Habitat Relationships
CWRACanadian Water Resources Program
CWSCartographic workstation
CYPCape York Peninsula
CYPLUSCape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy
CZCSCoastal Zone Color Scanner
CZMCoastal Zone Management (U.S. federal act of 1972)
C4GCenter for GeoInformatics (Louisiana State University)

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DDivision; Dwelling
DAData Acquisition; Dept. of the Army; Dissemination area (Canada)
D/ADigital to Analog (converter)
DAACDiv. des archives audiovisuelles et cartographiques, Archives nationales du Canada; Distributed Active Archive Center
DAASDefense Automatic Addressing System (USDMA)
DAASCDefense Automated Addressing System Center (USDMA)
DACDigital-to-Analog Converter
DACADiv. des archives cartographiques et audio-visuelles, Archives nationales du Canada
DACHDeputy Assistant Chief Hydrologist
DADSDigital Assisted Data Base System
DADSOData Access and Dissemination System Office (USBC)
DAESADual Axis Fourier Shape Analysis
DAFIFDigital Aeronautical Flight Information Files (NGA)
DAGDirectorate of Geographic Affairs (Lebanon)
DAIS-1Digital Airborne Imagery System (Space Imaging (Firm))
DAISIDSDistributed Ad-hoc Intelligent Sensor-Intrusion Detection System
DALData Analysis Laboratory
DAMDetection and mapping
DAMESDefense Automated Message Exchange Service (USDMA)
DANEDepartamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica (Colombia)
DARData acquisition request
DARDCDevice for Automatic Remote Data Collection
DARODefense Airborne Reconnaissance Office (U.S.)
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S.)
DASDelaware Assn. of Surveyors; Digial Aerial Solutions, LLC
DA&SMData Acquisitions & Systems Maintenance
DATDigital audio tape
DATISDigital Airborne Topographic Imaging System
DATPEDirection de l'Amernagement du Territoire et de la Protection de l'Environnement (Haiti)
D.A.V.Deutscher Alpenverein
DAVE-GDialogue Assisted Virtual Environment for Geoinformation
DBData base; Dissemination block (Canada)
DBBDeutsche Bundesbahn
DBDBDigital Bathymetry Data Base (U.S. government)
DBHDiameter at breast height
DBIDatabase Indexing; Database Interface
DBMSDatabase management system
DBPPWGData Base Population Planning Working Group
DBPWGData Base Population Working Group
DBRDienst Bodemkartering (Suriname)
DBSData Base Specifications; Direct broadcast satellites
DCDistrict Chief; District of Columbia; Div. Chief; Dublin Core
D.C.District of Columbia
DCADept. of Community Affairs (Montana)
DC&AData Collection and Analysis
DCASSDigital Cartographic Software System
DCDBDigital Cartographic Data Base
DCDSTFDigital Cartographic Data Standards Task Force (U.S.)
DCEData Communication Equipment; Distributed Computing Environment
DCFDigital Cartographic File
DCHUMDigital Chart Update Manual (USDMA)
DCIDifferential Corrections, Inc.; Director of Central Intelligence
DCMIDublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCNDireccion de Cartografia Nacional (Venezuela); Document control number
DCPDept. of city planning; Digital Cartographic Production; Data collection platform
DCPSDigital Cartographic Production Segment
DCRDesign Concept Review
DCRMDescriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials
DCRM(C)Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Cartographic)
DCSDigital Cartography Section; Digital color separate; Directorate of Colonial Surveys (U.K.); Data collection system; Digital Cartographic Studio
DCSEDiba Consulting Software Engineers
DCS/RSEData collection system receiving site equipment
DCSTData collection system tape
DCTDirection Topographique et du Cadastre (Congo)
DCWDigital Chart of the World (USDMA)
DDData dictionary; Dewey Decimal; Decimal degrees
DDAData descriptive area
DDACDeutscher Automobil-Club
DDCDewey Decimal classification; Digital data conversion
DDCMPDigital Data Communication Message Protocol
DDEDOE Data Explorer (US Dept. of Energy)
DDESDigital Data Editing System
DDFData descriptive file
DDGLa direction des documents gouvernementaux (La Bibliotheque et des Archives du Canada)
DDIDesign Data Inc.
DDISDepository Distribution Information System (USGPO)
DDLData Definition Language
DDMDocuments Data Miner; Digital Distance Model; Dynamic Digital Map
DDNDefense Data Network
DDPODefense Dissemination Program Office (U.S.)
DDPSDesktop Digital Photogrammetry System (3D Mapper Pty. Ltd.)
DDRData descriptive record
DDSDigital Data Storage
DDTIDigital Data Technologies, Inc.
DEData extraction; Delaware
DEADavid Evans and Associates, Inc.
DECDigital Equipment Corp.
DEDData Element Dictionary
DE-DEMDrainage-Enforced DEM
DEISDraft environmental impact statement
del.Delineation; delineator
DEMDigital Elevation Model; Digital elevation matrix
DEM-GDigital Elevation Model--Graphic (coordinates)
DEM-PDigital Elevation Model--Planar (coordinates)
DEMRDept. of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada
DEMVFYDigital Elevation Model Verify (verification software)
Dep.Deputy; Departement
DEPDept. of Environmental Protection
DESDigital Editing Station
DE/SData Extraction Segment
DESIDiversified Energy Services, Inc.
DEWDistant Early Warning Line
DFADDigital Feature Analysis Data (U.S. government)
DFCDigital Futures Coalition
DFGDept. of Fish and Game
DFLIPDigital Flight Information Publication
DFIRMDigital Flood Insurance Rate Map
DFODept. of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)
DFWDept. of Fish and Wildlife
DGCDirect Geodetic Constraint (software)
DGCMDirect Geodetic Constraint Method
DGDFDigital Geospatial Data Files
DGECDireccion General de Estadistica y Censos (Costa Rica)
DGFDept. of Game and Fish
DGGDireccion General de Geografia (Mexico)
DGGMDireccion General de Geologia y Minas (Colombia)
DGGSDiv. of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (Alaska); Directorate General of Geological Surveys (Iraq)
DGIDirektorat Geologi (Indonesia)
DGIAIDireccion General de Integracion y Analisis de la Informacion (Mexico)
DGISDirect Graphics Interface Standard
DGIWGDigital Geographic Information Working Group
DGfKDeutsche Gesellschaft fur Kartographie
DGK 5Deutsche Grundkarte 1:5 000
DGMDiv. des Gites Mineraux de l'Assn. Geologique du Canada; Direction de la Geologie et des Mines (Burkina Faso); Direccion General de Mineria (Dominican Republic)
DGMGDireccion General de Minas y Geologia (Venezuela)
DGMPDireccion de Geologia, Minas y Petrolio (Costa Rica)
DGNDomestic geographic name
DGNRDomestic Geographic Names Report (U.S.)
DGODireccion General de Oceanografia (Mexico)
DGPDigital Graphic Product
DGPADireccion General de la Produccion Agraria (Spain)
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning System; Differential Global Positioning Satellite
DGRMDireccion General de Recursos Minerales (Panama)
DGSDept. of Geological Survey (Botswana); Delaware Geological Survey
DGSEDept. of Geological Survey and Exploration (Burma)
DGUDanmarks Geologiske Undersogelse
DHDrill hole
D.H.Double hydrant
DHIDeutsches Hydrographisches Institut; Defense Hydrographic Initiative (USDMA)
DHNDirectoria de Hidrografia e Navegac~ao (Brazil)
DIData Integration; Digital image
DIADefence Intelligence Agency (U.S.); Dept. of Indian Affairs; Dept. of International Affairs
DIALDigital Image Analysis Laboratory (Univ. of Arizona); Differential Absorption LiDAR (Optech)
DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency Manual
DiAPDigital Image Analytical Plotter (ISM)
DIDData information delivery; Data information description; Digital Image Data
DIDSDigital Information Display System (U.S.)
DIELOGDAASC Integrated E-Mail Logistics System (USDMA)
DIESDigital Image Enhancement System
DIFData Integration Function; Data Interchange Format; Display Information Facility; Document Interchange Format (U.S. Navy)
difSARDifferential SAR
DIGCATDigital Catalog
DIGESTDigital Geographic Information Exchange Standard
DIGITDigitally Integrated Geographic Information Technologies (laboratory, Univ. of Utah Geography Dept.)
DILIGENTDigital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology (EC)
DIMDigital Image Matching
DIMEDual Independent Map Encoding (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
DINDeutsches Institut fur Normung
DinagecaDirecc~ao Nacional de Geografia e Cadastro (Mozambique)
DINOData in Ontario (organization)
DIPData Integration Program
DIPSDigital Image Processing System
DIRSDigital Image Rectification/Registration System
DISDistributed Information System; Draft International Standard (ISO)
DISGISDistributed Geographical Information Systems
DISHIDROSDinas Hidro Oceanografi (Indonesia)
DISTDAHSDistributed Satellite Telemetry Data Handling System
DKDGSDet Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab
DLData logging
DLADiffusion-limited aggregation
DLCWDepartment of Land and Water Conservation (NSW)
DLGDigital Line Graph
DLG-EDigital Line Graph--Enhanced
DLGFDigital Line Graph--Framework
DLG-ODigital Line Graph--Optional
DLG2DEMDigital Line Graph to Digital Elevation Model (production software)
DLG-3Digital Line Graph--level 3
DLIDigital Library Initiative (U.S.); Data Liberation Initiative (Canada); Dept. of Land Information
DLLWindows Dynamic Link Library
DLMSDigital Landmass System
DLNRDept. of Land and Natural Resources
DLODocument-like object
DLRDeutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
DLSDominion Land Survey (Canada); Dept. of Lands and Survey (Guyana); Dept. of Lands and Surveys (Cyprus)
DLTDigital linear tape
DLWCDept. of Land and Water Conservation (Australia)
DMDepartamento de Minas (Honduras); Data mining
DMADefense Mapping Agency (U.S.); Designated Market Areas (USBC TIGER)
DMAACDefense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
DMAFFDefense Mapping Agency Feature File; Defense Mapping Agency Feature Format
DMAHTCDefense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center
DMAIAGSDefense Mapping Agency Inter-American Geodetic Survey
DMAODSDefense Mapping Agency Office of Distribution Services
DMASPOEMDefense Mapping Agency Special Program Office for Exploitation Modernization
DMA TCDefense Mapping Agency Topographic Center (U.S.)
DMATCDefense Mapping Agency Topographic Center (U.S.)
DMAUSEDMA Utility Software Environment (USDMA)
DMCDisaster Monitoring Constellation (BNSC)
DMCADigital Millenium Copyright Act
DMEDistance measuring equipment; Dept. of Mines and Energy (Nova Scotia)
DMGISData, Map and Government Information Services (Univ. of Toronto Library)
DMIDigital Mapping, Inc.
DMMGDireccion Nacional de Mineria y Geologia (Uruguay)
DMMRDeputy Ministry for Mineral Resources (Saudi Arabia)
DMPDigital Map Products (Firm)
DMRDept. of Mineral Resources (New South Wales)
DMRSData Management and Retrieval System
DMRTDept. of Mineral Resources of Thailand

Data Management System; Desktop Mapping System (R-WEL, Inc.); Drawing Management System; Defense Mapping School (USDMA); Defense Message System (USDoD); Distribution Management System; Degrees, minutes, seconds
DMSIData Management Segment Interface Control Document
DMSODefense Mapping School Operations Office (USDMA)
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMTDigital Mapping Techniques
DMTIDesktop Mapping Technologies Inc.
DMUDefense Mapping Unit (Singapore); Distance measuring unit
DMWDaft, McCune, Walker
DNDigital Number
DNCDigital Nautical Chart
DNPMDepartamento Nacional de Produc~ao Mineral (Brazil)
DNPCTDirection National de Production Cartographique et Topographique (Mali)
DNRDept. of Natural Resources
DNRCDept. of Natural Resources and Conservation (Montana)
DNREPDept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (Kentucky)
DNTDireccion Nacional de Topografia (Uruguay)
DNRDept. of Natural Resources
Do.Ditto (the same)
DODigital Ortho; District office
DOADept. of Agriculture
DOCDept. of Commerce
DODDept. of Defense
DOEDept. of Energy
DOGAMIDept. of Geology and Mineral Industries (Oregon)
DOHDept. of Health
DOIDept. of the Interior; Digital object identifier; Document object identifier
DOMDocument Object Model
DOMSATDomestic Communications Satellite System
DOQDigital orthophoto quadrangle
DOQQDigital orthophoto quarter quadrangle
DORISDecision-Oriented Resource Information System (Ventura County, Calif.); Doppler obitography and radiopositioning integrated by satellite
DOSDirectorate of Overseas Surveys (U.K.); Dept. of State; Digital Orthophoto System; Disc Operating System
DOSLIDept. of Survey and Land Information (New Zealand)
DOTDept. of Transportation
DPData production; Digital Photogrammetry
DPEData processing environment; data processing equipment
DPEDDept. of Planning and Economic Development
dpiDots per inch
DPIDots per inch
DPIEDept. of Primary Industries and Energy (Australia)
DPLData Programming Language; Designated place
DPMAData Processing Management Assn.
DPPDBDigital Point Positioning Data Base
DPSDEM Production System; Digital Production System (USDMA)
DPWDept. of public works
DPWSDigital Photogrammetric Work Station
DQDBDistributed-Queue Dual Buses
DQQDigital Quarter Quadrangle
DRData record(s); Direct Reflex (Trimble)
DRAPEDigital Raster Acquisition Project for the East
DRAPPDenver Regional Aerial Photography Program
DRBCDelaware River Basin Commission
DRCDemocratic Republic of Congo
DRCOGDenver Regional Council of Governments
DRFDigital Raster File
DRGDigital Raster Graphic; Davey Resource Group
DRGMDirection des Recherches gologiques et minires (Niger)
DRGPDigital Representation of Graphic Products
DRGSDirect Readout Ground Station
DRISDigital Research and Instructional Services (Univ. of Virginia)
DRODigital Revision Overlay
DSDigital subsystem
D.S.District Surveyor
DSDDigital Sailing Directions
DSDPDeep Sea Drilling Project
DSFDelivery sequence file (U.S. Postal Service)
DSGMDirecc~ao de Servicos de Geologia e Minas (Angola); Direccion del Servicio Geografico Militar (Paraguay)
DSGZDept. of the Surveyor General (Zimbabwe)
DSIRDept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (Australia, New Zealand)
DSLDept. of Surveys and Lands (Botswana); Data Service Laboratory
DSMDirectorate of Surveys and Mapping (South Africa); Dept. of Surveys and Mapping (Botswana); Digital stereo model; Digital surface model
DSNDeep Space Network; Dataset Name; Data source name
DSNPDassault-Sercel NP
DSPDept. of State Planning; Depository Services Program (Canada)
DSPWDigital Photogrammetric Workstation (USCE)
DSSDigital Sensor System (Applanix or EMERGE )
DS/SData Services Segment
DSSSLDocument Style Semantic and Specification Language
DSUDigital Standard Update
DTADDigital Terrain Analysis Data
DTDDigital Terrain Data; Digital Topographic Data (Natural Resources Canada); Document Type Definition
DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data (U.S. government)
DTGDigital tape generation
DTMDigital Terrain Model (or Modeling)
DTOPDigital Topographic Data
DTSDigital transmission system
DTSS-PDigital Topographic Support System Prototype
DTWDesk-top Workstation
DUMCDutch Union Map Catalogue
DVDaily Value
DVDDigital video disc; Digital versatile disc
DVNPDeath Valley National Park
DVPDigital Video Plotter
DWData warehousing
DWDDeutscher Wetterdienst
DWFDrawing Web Format
DWMDigital Web Map (Idaho Geological Survey)
DWRDept. of Water Resources
DXFDrawing Interchange File; Digital Exchange Format
DXMData eXchange Manager
DySISDynamic Software and Integrated Solutions, Inc.
D-2National Interest Lands, Section D-2, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
D3Digital Design Data

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EEast; Electronic; Elevator (open); Einwohner = inhabitant
EAEnvironmental assessment
EACEngineering Accreditation Commission (ABET)
EAFEast African Force (UK)
EAFSEffective Aerial Film Speed
EAOSEnvironment Australia Online Service
EAPEnvironmental Affairs Program
EarthsatEarth Satellite Corp.
EAS-EEngineering and Survey-Exchange
EBAMCOElectronic Book and Map Company
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBRElectron Beam Recorder
EBRPDEast Bay Regional Park District (California)
EBXElectronic book exchange
ECElectronic control; European Community; European Commission
ECAIElectronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System (U.S.)
ECEE. Coyote Enterprises
ECEFEarthCentered EarthFixed
ECEYEvery City, Every Year (Aerials Express)
ECIElection Commission of India
ECPDEngineering Council for Professional Development
ECRFEarth Centered Reference Frame
ECSElectronic Charting Systems (NOAA)
Ed.Editor; edition
EDElevation data; Enumeration district
E.D.Eastern District
EDAElectronic design automation; Exploratory data analysis
EDCEROS Data Center (LIA); Electronic digital computer; Environmental Data Center (California)
EDDEnvironmental Data Directory (Australia)
EDGEEnergy Data Geographical Explorer (Petroconsultants, Inc.)
EDIElectronic Data Interchange; Electronic Devices Inc.
EDIESEROS Digital Image Enhancement Systems
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDINAEdinburgh Data and Information Access
EDIPSEROS Digital Image Processing System
EDISEnvironmental Data and Information Service; Electrical Distribution Information System (Santee Cooper)
EDITORERTS Data Interpretation and Tenex Operations Recorder
EDMElectronic distance measurement; Electronic distance meter
EDMASEnvironmental Dose Modeling and Analysis System
EDMIElectronic distance measuring instrument(s)
EDMSElectronic document management system(s)
EDPElectronic data processing
EDSElectronic Data Systems Corp.; Engineering Design System; Environmental Data Service (NOAA)
EDTEastern Daylight Time
EdUCEducation User Conference (ESRI)
EECEuropean Economic Community
EEZExclusive Economic Zone
EFFISEuropean Forest Fire Information System
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adaptor
EGIIEuropean Geographic Information Infrastructure
EGISEuropean GIS
EGNOSEuropean Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
EGSEuropean Geophysical Society; Economic geology series
EGSMAGeological Survey and Mining Authority (Egypt)
EHSExtremely hazardous materials
EIGSEthiopian Inst. of Geological Survey
EIMEnvironmental information management
eis.eisern = iron
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement; Environmental information system
Eisb. Brck.Eisenbahnbrucke = Railroad bridge
EIWGEarth Imaging Working Group
ELCEnd of line code
ELMOElectronic Map Ordering
El.W.Elektrizitatswerk = electric power station
E.M.Mining Engineer
EMAEnvironmental Management Agency; Ethopian Mapping Authority
EMAILElectronic Mail
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (U.S. EPA)
EMCEastern Mapping Center (USGS)
EMFEnhanced Meta Files (Windows)
EMIPEuropean Market for Infrastructural Projects
EMMMAEnvironmental Mercury Mapping, Modeling and Analysis
EMPSElevation Matrix Processing System
EMRDept. of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada; Electromagnetic radiation
EMSElectromagnetic spectrum; Engineering Mapping Solutions (Firm)
ENCElectronic Navigational Charts (NOAA)
Eng. Dept.Engineering Dept.; Dept. of Engineers
Engr. Bn.Engineer Battalion
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
ENIDEndnote ID
E-N&NElectronic News and Notes (WAML)
ENSGEcole Nationale des Sciences Geographiques
entw.Entworfen = Drawn
entworf.Entworfen = Drawn
ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
EOEarth observation
EOCAPEarth Observations Commercial Applications Program
EODMSEarth Observations Data Management Systems
EOFEnd of File
EOSEarth Observing System; Greek National Mountaineering Assn.
EOSATEarth Observation Satellite (Company)
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System
EOTEnd of Text
EOTDEnhanced observed time difference
EPEnd Point
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
EPBEarth Physics Branch (Canada)
EPIElectronic Position Indicator
EPIRBEmergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPPEducational Partnership Program (Topcon)
EPSEncapsulated PostScript
EREconomic region (Canada)
ERAElectric Records Archives (NARA)
ERBSEarth Radiation Budget Satellite (or Sensor)
ERCEGroupe d'Etudes de Recherches Critiques d'Espace (Universite du Quebec, Montreal)
ERDASEarth Resources Data Analysis System
ERDCEarth Resources Data Center (ERIM); Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE)
ERDLEngineer Research and Development Laboratories
EREPEarth Resources Experiment Package (Skylab)
ERIMEnvironmental Research Inst. of Michigan
ERINEarth Resources Information Network; Environmental Resource Information Network (Australia)
ERISEarth Resources Inventory System; Earth Resources Infomation System
ERLEnvironmental Research Laboratories (NOAA); Earth Resources Laboratory (NASA)
ERLASEarth Resources Laboratory Application Software
ERMEarth Resource Mapping (Firm)
EROSEarth Resources Observation Satellite; Earth Resources Observation System
ERPEnterprise resource planning
ERPANETElectronic Resource Preservation and Access Network
ERREinsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg fur die Besetzten Gebiete
ERRSACEastern Regional Remote Sensing Applications Center (NASA)
ERSEarth Remote Sensing (satellite)
ERSACEnvironmental Remote Sensing Applications Centre (United Arab Emirates)
ERSALEnvironmental Remote Sensing Analysis Laboratory (Oregon State Univ.)
ERSAREarth Resources Synthetic Aperture Radar
ERSCEgyptian Remote Sensing Center
ERSPEpipolar Rectified Stereo Pair
ERTSEarth Resources Technology Satellite
ERSUNEnvironmental Remote Sensing Unit (British Aerospace Space Systems, Ltd.)
ESAEgyptian Survey Authority; European Space Agency; Earth Sciences Associates
ESCEuropean Seismological Commission
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESDEngineering Services Dept. (Qatar)
ESDAEarth Sciences Data Standards (council); Exploratory spatial data analysis
ESDDEarth Science Data Directory (USGS)
ESDIEarth Science Data Interface
ESEEarth Science Enterprise
ESEMEarth Systems Engineering and Management
ESIEagleScan Inc.; Enironmental Sensitivity Index
ESICEarth Science Information Center (USGS); Earth Sciences Information Centre (Canada)
ESIGExemplary Systems in Government award (URISA)
ESIMEarth Science Information Manager
ESINEarth Science Information Network
ESIOEarth Science Information Office
ESIPEarth Science Information Partners
ESISEarth Science Information System
ESLElectromagnetic Systems Laboratories, Inc.
ESMIEuropean Spatial Metadata Infrastructure
ESREngineering Surveys Reproduction Ltd.
ESRIEnvironmental Systems Research Inst., Inc.
ESSAEnvironmental Science Service Administration
ESSCEarth System Science Center (Pennsylvania State Univ.)
ESSHCEuropean Social Science History Conference
ESSIEarth Search Sciences Inc.
ESSICEarth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (Univ. of Maryland)
E. St.Eisenbahn Station = railway station
ESTEastern Standard Time
ES&TEnvironmental Science and Technology
ETFrame enclosed elevator with self-closing traps
ETFEuropean Transfer Format
ETLEngineer Topographic Laboratories (USCE); Extract, transform, load
ETMEnhanced Thematic Mapper
ETM+Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
EUEuropean Union
EUBAlberta Energy and Utilities Board
EUROGIEuropean Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
EVCEast View Cartographic (Firm)
EVIEnhanced vegetation index
EVOErnst Volker (Oldenburg, Germany)
EWPExecutive Wilderness Programmes
Ex. doc.Executive document
EXIFExtensible Image File Format

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FFahrenheit; Flat
FAFire alarm box
FAAFederal Aviation Administration (U.S.)
FAATFully Analytical Aerotriangulation
FACFeature analysis code(s)
FACCFeature and Attribute Coding Catalog
FACEField Ancillary Computer Effort
FACMFlorida Assn. of Cadastral Mappers
FACSFeature Attribute Coding Standard; Feature Attribute Coding System
Fahrb.Fahrbahn = roadway
FAOFood and Agricultural Organization (United Nations)
FAPARFraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
FAQFrequently Asked Question(s)
FARCFederal Archives and Record Center
FASForeign Agricultural Service(USDA)
FASTFaceted Application of Subject Terminology
Fb.Fabrik = Factory
FBFreytag-Berndt und Artaria
FBNFederal base network (U.S.)
FCField component; Field completion
FCCFalse color composite; Federal Communications Commission (U.S.)
FCMFeature change map
FCTForestry Commission Tasmania
FCWFederal Computer Week (journal)
FDDIFiber Digital Data Interface
FDEPFlorida Dept. of Environmental Protection
FDISFormal Draft International Standard (ISO)
FDLPFederal Depository Library Program (US GPO)
FDLSFiji Dept. of Lands and Survey
FDPPFramework Demonstration Projects Program (FGDC)
FEFeature extraction; Field engineer; Frame enclosed elevator
F.E.Forest Engineer
fe.Fecit (maker)
FEATAlternate Feature Identification Code
fec.Fecit (maker)
FEDFederal electoral district (Canada); Field-emission displays
FedUCFederal User Conference (ESRI)
FEEFeature Extraction Environment
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (U.S.)
FEPFeature Extraction Processor
FESFeature Extraction Segment
FESWMSFinite Element Surface Water Model System
FEWSFeature Extraction Workstation
FGCCFederal Geodetic Control Committee (U.S.)
FGCSFederal Geodetic Control Subcommittee (U.S.)
FGDCFederal Geographic Data Committee (U.S.)
FGEFFederal Geographic Exchange Format (U.S.)
FGIFree Government Information (US)
F.G.S.Fellow of the Geological Society
FGSFlorida Geological Survey
FGTFederal Geographic Technology (U.S.)
FHField headquarters
FHAFederal Highway Administration (U.S.)
FHWAFederal Highway Administration (U.S.)
FICCDCFederal Interagency Coordinating Committee on Digital Cartography (U.S.)
FIGFederation Internationale des Geom`etres = International Federation of Surveyors
FIIFundacion Instituto de Ingeneiria
FILSFederal Government Information Locator System
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standard(s); Flagstaff Image Processing System
FIRMFlood Rate Insurance Map
FIRMSFlood Rate Insurance Maps
FLFlorida; Focal length; Function libraries
FLHOFederal Lands Highway Office (U.S.)
FLI-IWGFuture of Land Imaging Interagency Working Group (US)
FLIMAPFast Laser Imaging Mapping and Profiling (system)
FLIPFlight Information Publication (NGA)
FLIRForward-looking Infrared
FLOPSFloating Point Operations per Second
FMFacilities management; Field manual
F.M.Field Marshall
FMCFederal Maritime Commission (U.S.)
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (US)
FMEFeature Manipulation Engine (Safe Software Inc.)
FMGISFlight management geographic information system
FMLISFederal Mineral Lands Information System
FMPField Pack Mobile Professional (All Points Software)
FMSFacility Mapping Systems Inc.; Flight Managing System
FMS/ACFacility Mapping System for AutoCAD
FNCForeign Names Committee (USBGN)
FNESAFederation of New England Surveyors Assn.s
FNIBForeign Names Information Bulletin
FNMOCFleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (U.S.)
FOField office
F.O.Field Officer; Foreign Office
FOCFull operational capability
FOFFiltering optical fiber
FOGsFiber Optic Gyros
FOMField Operations Manual
FORTRANFormula Translation (computer language)
FOUOFor official use only
FOVField of view
fPARFraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
FPCFederal Power Commission; Federal Publishers Committee
FPTFull production training
FPUFloating point unit
FRAFederal Railroad Administration (U.S.)
FRAPFire and Resource Assessment Program (Calif. Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection)
FRBRFunctional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (IFLA)
FRCFederal Records Center (U.S.)
F.R.G.S.Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
FRIForest Resource Inventory Map (Ontario)
FRPFederal Radio-navigation Plan
F.R.S.Fellow of the Royal Society
FSFire station; Forest Service (U.S.); Federal Survey Div. (Nigeria)
FSAFarm Service Agency (USDA)
FSLUPCFederal/State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska
FSMSFlorida Surveying and Mapping Society
FSOField Support Office (U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories)
FSPLSFlorida Society of Professional Land Surveyors
FSRFlight Summary Report
FSRAMISForest Service Range Management Information System
FTField terminator
FTAFederal Transit Administration (US)
FTLFuture Temporal Logic
FTMFoiben Taosarintanin' i Madagasikara
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FUField unit
Fw.Fussweg = Footpath
FWPCAFederal Water Pollution Control Administration (U.S.)
FWSFish and Wildlife Service (U.S.)
FYROMFormer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
FZDSFlood Zone Determination Services

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GGeometry; Imperial guards
G&MGeography and Map; geography and Map Div.
G&OGreenhorne & O'Mara Inc.
GAGeorgia; Geographic access; Geographical Association
GACGeological Assn. of Canada; Global Area Composite; Geospatial Advisory Committee (USFS)
GAFGesellschaft fur Angewandte Fernerkundung
GAMSGIS azimuth measuring system
GANSGeomatics Association of Nova Scotia
GAPGap Analysis Program (USNBS); Geographic Application Program; Google Ancient Places
GATGeography Assn. of Thailand
GBGigabyte; Geologische Bundesanstalt (Austria)
GBAGeoBusiness Assn.; George Butler Associates, Inc.
GBAMSGBS Master Series, Inc.
GBAUGGreater Boston Autodesk User Group
GBfGuterbahnhof = freight depot
GBFGeographic Base File
GBFPGeorgia Basin Futures Project (Digital Library)
GBIGreen biomass index
GBISGeo-Based Information System; Global Business Intelligence Solutions (IBM)
Gbo.Grabador = engraver
GBSGeograpic Base System
GCCSGlobal Command, Control System (USDMA)
GCDBGeographic Coordinate Data Base (U.S.)
GCDISGlobal Change Data and Information System
GCGGeocartographics Subdivison (Canada)
GCHCGulf Coast Hydroscience Center (U.S.)
GCLIGIS in Canadian Libraries Initiative
GCMGeneral circulation model; Global climate model; General Command of Mapping (Turkey)
GCMCGeospatial Center and Map Collection (Ball State University)
GCPGround control point(s); Geodetic control point(s)
GCRAGeographic and Cartographic Research and Applications Section
GCRSGulf Centre for Remote Sensing (Firm)
GCSSGlobal Combat Support System
GCTGreenwich Civil Time
GCTPGeneral Coordinate Transformation Package (software); Geographic Coordinate Transformation Package (software)
GDGeologic Div. (USGS); Geospatial data; Graphic digitization
GDAGeographic Data Analysis System
GDALGeospatial Data Abstraction Library
GDCGeographic Data Council
GDDGraphics Data Display Manager; GIS Data Depot
GDDDGeographical Data Description Directory
GDEGraphic Developer's Engine (FCAD Software, Inc.)
GDFGeographic data file
GDHSGround Data Handling System (GFSC)
GDMGeospatial data management
GDNGeography Discipline Network
GDSGraphic Data Systems Corp; Grumman Data Systems; Geo-Data System; Geographic Data Service (U.S.)
GDTGeographic Data Technology Inc.; Geophysical diffraction tomography
GDTAGroupement pour le Developpement de la Teledetection Aerospatiale (France)
GEGeneral Electric; Geographic equivalent; Google Earth
GEBCOGeneral bathymetric chart of the oceans = Carte generale bathymetrique des oceans
GECCoGeospatially Enabling Community Collaboration (program, GITA)
GEDSGeneral Environmental Data Base System (Florida)
GEGMRGeneral Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources (Syria)
GEHCGrup d'Estudia d'Historia de la Cartografia
GEMGraphical Environment Manager
GEMSGlobal Environment Monitoring System; GeoMap Society
GEOGeospatial Metadata Application Profile (USA); Geostationary Earth orbit; Global Environment Outlook
GEOBALServicio Geologico de Bolivia
GEO-CATGeographic catalog of political and statistical areas
GeocorrGeographic Correspondence Engine
GEODESYGeospatial Data and Exploration System (Harvard Univ.)
GEOINTGeographical intelligence
GEOLANGeological (survey) local area network
GeoLoBGeospatial Line of Business
GEOREFGeological Reference (system)
GEOSGeodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSATGeodesy Satellite
GEOSECGeographic Security
GeoTMSGeographic Town Management System (Des Lauriers & Assoc. Inc.)
GEOZAVODZavod za Geoloska i Geofizicksa Istrazivanja (Yugoslavia)
GEPGoogle Earth Pro
GESGeographic Entry System
gest.Gestechen = Engraved
gez.Gezeichnet = Designed
GFDLGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (U.S.)
GFOSSGeospatial Free and Open Source Software
GGBRGolden Gate Biosphere Reserve (Calif.)
GGMCGuyana Geology and Mines Commission
GGNRAGolden Gate National Recreation Area (Calif.)
GGRFGalileo Geodetic Reference Frame
GGSGeorgia Geologic Survey
GGUGronlands Geologiske Undersogelse
GIGeographic information; Geospatial information
GIAGeographic information analysis; Geographic information and analysis; GPS International Assn.; Geomatics Industry Association
GIAAGeometrics Industry Assn. of America
GIACGeomatics Industry Assn. of Canada; Geographic Information Advisory Council (Kentucky)
GIALGeographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (State Univ. of New York, Buffalo)
GIBGeographic Information Board (Florida); Geomagnetic Indices Bulletin; G.I. Barnett & Son
GICCGeographic Information Coordinating Committee (Colorado)
GICSGeographic Identification Code Scheme
GIDGeodaetisk Institut (Denmark)
GIDWGeneral inverse-distance weighted interpolation model
.GIFGraphics Interchange File; Graphics Interchange Format
GIFTSGeosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
GIG Geologic Inquiries Group
GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GIMSGeographic Information Management Systems Committee (ASCM/ASPRS)
GINIEGeographic Information Network in Europe
GIOGeographic Information Officer; Geographic Investigations Office (USGS); Geospatial Information Office (USGS)
GIPSGeneralized Image Processing Sytstem
GIRGeographic information retrieval
GIRASGeographic Information Retrieval and Analysis System (USGS)
GISGeographic(al) information system(s); Geohydrologic Information System; Geoscience Information Society; Global Indexing System
GISCIGIS Certification Institute
GISCOGeographic Information System of the European Commission
GISDEXFederal Geographic Information and Spatial Data Exposition and Conference (U.S.)
GIScienceGeographic information science
GISICGeographical Information Systems International Group
GISOMGenerating Information and Scanning Ohio Maps (Ohio State Univ. Center for Mapping)
GISPGIS professional
GISSGoddard Institude of Space Studies
GISS-SGGeographic Information Systems and Science Specialty Group (AAG)
GISTGeographic Information System for Transportation
GITGeomatics information technology; General Information Technology; Global Imaging Technologies (Firm)
GITAGeospatial Information & Technology Assn.
GITCGeomatics Information Trading Center
GITCOGovernment Information Technology Committee (GODORT)
GIUGeographic Information Unit (US Dept. of State)
GIVGeologic Information Visualization (software)
GKPGeodeticky a Kartograficky Podnik v Praze
GKSGraphics Kernal System
GLABBayerisches Geologisches Landesamt
GLAB-WGeologisches Landesamt Baden-Wurttemberg
GLAIGreen leaf area index
GLAN-WGeologisches Landesamt Nordrhein-Westfalen
GLASGeoscience Laser Altimeter System; Geologisches Landesamt des Saarlandes
GLAS-HGeologisches Landesamt Schleswig-Holstein
GLCFGlobal Land Cover Facility
GLDASGlobal Land Data Assimilation System (NASA)
GLIGlobal Imager
GLISGeographic Land Information System (USGS); Geographic and Land Information Society
GLMGeneral linear model; GEO Lightning Mapper
GLOGeneral Land Office (U.S.)
GLOBEGlobal Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
GLONASSGlobal Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (Russia)
GLOSSGlobal Observation Surveillance System
GLR-PGeologisches Landesamt Rheinland-Pfalz
GLRSGeoscience Laser Ranging System
GLTGeospatial Light Table (ERDAS IMAGINE)
GLTNGlobal Land Tool Network
GMGeography and Map; Geologic map
GMATGreenwich Mean Astronomical Time
G.M.Grist mill
GMDGeologisch Mijnbouwkundige Dienst van Suriname
GMDCGeospatial Map and Data Centre (Ryerson University)
GMEGeohydrologic Map Editor
GMLGeography Markup Language
GMRGovernment Micro Resources Inc.
GMSGeostationary meteorological satellite(s); Geographic Measurement Systems (Firm)

Ground Modeling Systems Inc.; Gandalf Mobile Systems Incorporated; GMSI Inc. is a firm (not an abbreviation)
GMTGreenwich Mean Time; Generic Mapping Tools
G.M.T.Giuseppi Maria Terreni
GNGrid north
GNCGeologic Names Committee; Global navigation chart
GNDBGeographic Names Data Base (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
GNIAGGeomatics Niagara Information Advisory Group
GNISGeographic Names Information System (U.S.)
GNMPGettysburg National Military Park
GNSGEOnet Names Server (USNIMA)
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNUGeologic Names Unit (USGS)
GNULEXGeologic Names Unit Lexicon (USGS)
GOGeometric Operations
G&OGreenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.
GoCGovernment of Canada
GODORTGovernment Documents Round Table (ALA)
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (NASA)
GOMEGlobal Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GOMSGeostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite(s)
GoMMapPGulf of Maine Mapping Portal
GOSGeospatial One-Stop
GOS-PIGeospatial One-Stop Portal Initiative (Open GIS Consortium)
Gov. Gen.Governor General
GPGraphic production; Graphics processor; Geography Program (USGS)
GPFGeospatial Prototype Facility
GPGGraphic Product Generation
GPHGeological Publishing House (China)
GPIGraphics Programming Interface; Greenman Pedersen Inc.
GPIPGeneral Purpose Image Processor
GPMGestalt Photo Mapper
GP.MCGeoprocessing Map Call
GP.MCDGeoprocessing Map Call Deamon program
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GPOSGovernment Printing Office Style Manual
GPPUGraphic Polygon Processing Utilities
GPRGround-Penetrating Radar
GPSGlobal positioning system(s)
GPSDRGlobal positioning system demonstration receiver
GPSICGlobal Positioning System Information Center (U.S. Coast Guard); GPS Industry Council
GPSOSGlobal Positioning System Occultation Sensor
GPSTGlobal positioning system time
GPTGIS Portal Toolkit (ESRI)
GPW2Gridded Population of the World (dataset)
GQGeologic quadrangle
GQLGraphical Query Language
GRACEGravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
GRAMPSGraphic Map Production System
GRASSGeographic Resource Analysis Support System
GRBGovernment Records Branch (Library and Archives of Canada; National Archives of Canada)
GRCGeneration of reproducible copy; Geoscience Research Corp.
GRDGround Resolved Distance
GRDLGeodetic Research and Development Laboratory
GREGeologic Resources Evaluaion (program, US NPS)
GRF-NGeographic Reference File-Names
GRIDSGrid Referenced Information Display System; Gridded Resource Inventory Data System
GRSGeodetic Reference System
GRS 80Geodetic Reference System of 1980
GRSUGeography Remote Sensing Unit (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
GSGeological Survey (U.S.); Gray scale
GSAGeneral Services Administration (U.S.); Geological Society of America; Geological Survey of Alabama
GSCGeological Survey of Canada; Geographic Systems Corp.; Geotronics Service Center; Geocode Service Center (HUD)
GSDGround sample distance; Geological Survey Dept. (Malawi); Geological Survey Div. (Jamaica); Geodetic Survey Div. (Natural Resources Canada)
GSDIGlobal Spatial Data Infrastructure
GSDMGlobal Spatial Data Model
GSDSGlobal spatial data system
GSFGeneric Sensor Format
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
GSGSGeographical Section, General Staff (U.K.)
GSHAPGlobal Seismic Hazard Assessment Program
GSIGeographical Survey Inst. (Japan); Geological Survey of India; Geological Survey of Iran; Geological Survey Inst. (Japan); Geological Survey of Ireland; Geophysical Services Inc.; Geospatial Systems, Inc.
GSJGeological Survey of Japan
GSKGeological Survey of Kenya
GSLGeographic Sciences Laboratory (USCE)
GSMGraphic Standard Metafile
GSMDGeological Survey and Mines Dept. (Swaziland)
GSNGeological Survey of Namibia
GSNIGeological Survey of Northern Ireland
GSPGeological Survey of Pakistan; Geographical statistics program
GSPBGeodetic Satellite Policy Board
GSPNGGeological Survey Papua New Guinea
GSRCGeological Survey Research Committee
GSSGeographic support system
GSSAGeological Survey South Africa
GSTGalileo System Time
GSTCGeospatial Service and Technology Center (USFS)
GSWGeological Survey of Wyoming; GeoScienceWorld
GSWAGeological Survey of Western Australia
GSZGeological Survey of Zambia
GTGeometry and topology; Greater than; Geologian Tutkimuskeskus = Geological Survey of Finland
G.T.Gas tank
GTAGreater Toronto Area
GTCMGeospatial Technology Competency Model (US Dept. of Labor)
GTEGreater than or equal
GTIGIS Technology Inc.
GTSGPS Timing Simulator (NovAtel Inc.); Great Trigonometrical Survey of India
GTUBGeographic tabulation unit base
GUGovernment unit; Guam
GUDSGeologicky ustav Dionyz Stur
GUGiKGlowny Urzad Geodezji i Kartografii (Poland)
GUGKGlavnoe Upravlenie Geodezii i Kartografii (USSR)
GUGKKGlavno Upravlenie po Geodezia I Kartografia y Kadaster (Bulgaria)
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally unique identifier
GUIDEGeomatics Utilization Inventory and Design Environment
GUNIGoteborgs Universitet Naturgeografiska Institutionen
GUNOGlavnoe Upravlenie Navigatsii i Okeanografii (USSR)
GVFGoodness of variance fit
GVIGreen vegetation index
GVisGeographic Visualization
GVISGeographic Visualization
GWGas well (natural); Ground water
GWEGlobal Weather Experiment
GWENGround Wave Emergency Network (U.S.)
GWSIGroundwater site inventory
GXL-AGeoImaging Accelerator Aerial (PCI Geomatics and Vexcel Imaging GmbH)
GZDGrid Zone Designation

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h.hoch = high
H.Hohe = height; Howitzer
ha.Hectare; Hektar
HAHydrologic Investigations Atlas or Hydrologic Atlas (USGS)
HABSHistoric American Buildings Survey
HACHarbor and Approach Chart
HALSHawaii Assn. of Land Surveyors
HANDGPSHigh Accuracy Nationwide Differential GPS
HARNHigh-Accuracy Reference Network (U.S.)
Hauptm.Hauptmann = Captain
HAZUSHazards U.S.
HAZUSMHHazards U.S. multihazard version
HbfHauptbahnhof = main railway station
HBCAHudson Bay Company Archives
HBFHerbert Bismarck Foster
HBGNHawaii Board on Geographic Names
HBMHydrologic bench mark
HBMNHydrologic Bench Mark Network
HCHard copy
HCCHeat Capacity Mapping Mission
HCDNHydroclimate Data Network
HCFCDHarris County (Texas) Flood Control District
HCMMHeat-capacity Mapping Mission
HCMRHeat-capacity Mapping Radiometer
HCRSHeritage Conservation and Recreation Service (U.S.)
HDHydrographic Dept. (Great Britain)
HDDTHigh-Density Digital Tape
HDOPHorizontal Dilution of Precision
HDSHigh-Definition Surveying (Leica Geosystems)
HDTHigh density tape
HDT-AHigh density tape (not geometrically corrected)
HDTRHigh density tape recorder
HDTVHigh-definition television
HEIRSHistoric Environmental Reporting System (IAO)
HEPSHigh Energy Particle Sensor
HeRMISHeritage Resource Management Information System (PAA)
HE/SHardcopy Exploitation Segment
HFHigh frequency
HFAHydrologic field assistant
HFIHall & Foreman, Inc.
HfnHafen = port, harbor
H-GACHouston-Galveston Area Countil
HGCSDHarris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District (U.S.)
.HGLNewlett-Packard Graphics Language format
HGMLHyper Graphic Markup Language
HGSHalliburton Geophysical Services
HHGHousehold goods (Rand McNally MileMaker)
HIAHydrologic Investigations Atlas
HIDHistorical Imagery Declassification (NIMA)
HIFHydrologic Instrumentation Facility
HINDGeographical Section General Staff (India [Headquarters India])
HIRANHigh Range Navigation
HIRSHigh-resolution Infrared Sounder
HISHydrologic Information System; Hyperspectral imagery
HISSHeritage Information Statistical System
HITHorizons Technolgy Inc.
HIUHydrologic Information Unit
HJWHammon, Jensen, Wallen & Associates; HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.
HKGAHong Kong Geographical Assn.
HLABHessisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
HLfBHessisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
HLRHigh level radiation; High level radioactivity
HLRSHighway Location Reference Standard
HLSHue, lightness and saturation
HLVAHessisches Landesvermessungsamt
HLWHigh level waste (radioactivity)
Hm. Bgs.Hermann Berghaus
HMGSHellenic Military Geographical Service
HMSOHer/His Majesty's Stationery Office (Great Britain)
H.O.Hochofen = blast furnace
HOGGHistory of Geology Group
HOMHotine oblique Mercator
HpHaltepunkt = stopping place
HPHewlett-Packard (corp.)
HPFSHigh pressure fire service
HPGLHewlett Packard Graphics Language
HPGNHigh-Precision Geodetic Network
HPPHigh Precision Photogrammetry
HPRASAHigh Plains Regional Aquifer System
HRHouse of Representatives; High resolution
HRBHighway Research Board
HRDHigh-resolution data
HRDBHigh-resolution Data Base
HRDIHigh-resolution Doppler Imager
HRFRSHigh-resolution Film Recorder Subsystem
HRGAHigh Rate Geographical Areas
HRIRHigh-resolution Infrared Radiometer
Hrm. Bghs.Hermann Berghaus
HRMSIHigh Resolution Multispectral Stereo Imager
HRVHigh Resolution Visible
HRVIRHigh Resolution Visible Infrared (scanner)
HSHigh school
H.S.H. Schleifmann
HSBHumidity Sensor for Brazil (JPL)
HSDLHigh-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
HSGTHitachi Software Global Technology, Ltd.
HSIHorizontal Situation Indicator; Habitat Suitability Index
HSRCHydrographic Science Research Center
HSRPHydrographic Services Review Panel (US)
H. St.Eisenbahn Haltstelle = railway stop
HSVHue Saturation Value
HTCHydrographic Topographic Center (USDMA)
H., T.C.Thomas Campanius Holm
HTDPHorizontal Time-Dependent Positioning
HTIHorizons Technology, Inc.
HTMLHypertext (or HyperText) Markup Language
HTSHuman terrain systems
HUAHydrologic Unit Area
HUCHydrologic Unit Code
HUDDept. of Housing and Urban Development (U.S.)
HURRDATHurricane Data Set

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IAInfrastructure Analyst (BaySys Technologies Inc.); Iowa
IACWDInteragency Advisory Committee on Water Data
IADOInstituto Argentino de Oceanografia
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAEGInternational Assn. of Engineering Geologists
IAEGSInstitute for Advanced Education in Geospatial Sciences
IAGInternational Assn. of Geodesy
IAGSInter-American Geodetic Survey
IAHInternational Association of Hydrogeologists
IAHSInternational Assn. of Hydrological Sciences = Assn. Internationale des Sciences Hydrologiques
IAHWGIntergovernmental Ad Hoc Working Group
IAKARInertially aided kinematic ambiguity resolution
IALAInternational Assn. of Lighthouse Authorities
IALSIdaho Assn. of Land Surveyors
IAMAInternational Antiquarian Mapsellers Association
IAOInsurers' Advisory Organization
IAOOInternational Assn. of Assessing Officers
IASImage Assessment System
IASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IASSISTInternational Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology
IATImage Annotation Tape; International Atomic Time
IATOItalian atlas assembled to order
IAWPRCInternational Assn. for Water Pollution Research and Control
IBCInternational Boundary Commission (U.S.-Canada)
IBDFInstituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento Florestal
IBGInst. of British Geographers
IBGEInstituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estadistica
IBISImage-Based Information System
IBMInternational Business Machines (corp.); International boundary marker
IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
IBSPIdaho Bureau of State Planning
IBWCInternational Boundary and Water Commission (Mexico-U.S.)
ICIntegrated circuit(s)
I.C.Johannes Condet (engraver)
ICAInternational Cartographic Assn. = Assn. Cartographique Internationale
ICACETInternational Cartographic Assn. Committee on Training
ICAITIInstituto Centro Americano de Investigacion y Tecnica Industrial
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organiztion
ICA-USNCInternational Cartographic Assn. U.S. National Committee
ICCInstitut Cartografic de Catalunya; Interstate Commerce Commission (U.S.); International Cartographic Conference
ICCPInst. for Certification of Computer Professionals
ICEInformation Center for the Environment (UCD); Imagery Cooperative Exchange
ICEDIntraprofessional Council on Environmental Design
ICESInstitution of Civil Engineers (UK); Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications
ICEXIce and Climate Experiment
ICGCInstituto Cubano de Geodesia y Cartografia
ICGIInteragency Committee on Government Information (US)
ICGRSInternet-Enabled Continuous Geodetic Reference Station
ICGWMInternational Clearinghouse for Ground Water Models
ICHCInternational Conference on the History of Cartography
ICISIntegrated Cadastral Information Society
ICITVInstitut de la Carte International du Tapis Vegetale
ICMInstituto Cartografico Militar
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICMSSRInteragency Committee on Meteorological Services and Supporting Research
ICONAInstituto Nacional para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza (Spain)
ICPInteractive closest points
ICRIntelligent Character Reader
ICRSEInternational Center for Remote Sensing Education
ICTInformation and communication technologies
ICWInternational Computer Works, Inc.
IDIdentification; Interface device; Idaho; Island
IDASImage Data Analysis Systems
IDCInternational Data Corp.
IDCCCInterior Digital Cartographic Coordination Committee (U.S.)
IDDInformation and data dissemination; Initiative de democratisation des donnees de Statistique Canada
IDEImbedded Drive Electronics
IDENIdentification module
IDFGIdaho Dept. of Fish and Game
IDIMSInteractive Digital Image Manipulation System
IDIQIndefinite delivery/indefinite quantity
IDLIdaho Dept. of Lands; Interactive Data Language; Interface Definition Language
IDLHImmediately dangerous to life and health
IDLSInternet Data Library System (Univ. of Western Ontario)
iDNAIntegrated Dataset for North America (Rand McNally)
IDOTIllinois Dept. of Transportation
IDRInterface drawing
IDSInformation Decision Systems (firm)
IDWOIntelligence Div., War Office (U.K.)
IDWRIdaho Dept. of Water Resources
IEGDRInitial Experimental Gridded Data Record(s)
IEMVTInstitut d'Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux
IENCInland Electronic Navigation Charts (USCE)
IEOSIntegrated Earth Observation System
IEPIndependent electric plant
IERSInternational Earth Rotation Service
IESInst. for Environmental Sciences
IFFrame identification
IfAGInstitut fur Angewandte Geodasie
IFFInterchange Format File (Commodore Amiga)
IFLAInternational Assn. of Library Asociations and Institutions
IFNService de l'Inventaire Forestier National (France)
IFOVInstantaneous Field of View
IFPInstitut Francais de Pondicherry; Institut Francais du Petrole
IFRInstrument Flight Regulation
IFREMERInstitut francais de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer
iFSInternet File System (Oracle Corp.)
IFSARInter-ferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
IFSAREInter-ferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Elevation
IGInstytut Geologiczny (Poland)
IGAIstituto Geografico de Agostini
IGACInstituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi"
IGBFInstitut Geographique de Burkina Faso
IGBPInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGCInternational Geologic Congress; Intelligent Graphics Controller; Informative Graphics Corp.
IGCIInstitut Geographique de la Cote d'Ivoire
IGCPInternational Geological Correlation Program; Instituto Geografico e Cadastral (Portugal)
IGDCInteragency Geographic Data Committee (U.S.)
IGDSInteractive Graphics Design System (software); Intergraph Design Software
IGEBUInstitut Geographique de Burundi
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification; International Graphics Exchange System
IGFInset Graphics Format
IGFCOTInstitutul de Geodezie, Fotogrammetrie, Cartografie si Organizarea Teritoriului (Romania)
IGGInstitutul de Geologie si Geofizica (Romania)
IGGSPInstituto Geografico e Geologico de S~ao Paulo
IGIFInternational Geographic Information Foundation
IGISIntegrated Geographic Information System; Intelligent GIS
IGLInteractive Graphics Library
IGLD 85International Great Lakes Datum of 1985
IGMInstituto Geografico Militar
IGMEInst. of Geology and Mineral Exploration (Greece); Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espa~na
IGMIIstituto Geografico Militare Italiano
IGNInstitut geographique national; Instituto Geografico Nacional
IGNBInstitut Geographique National (Belgium)
IGNCInstitut Geographique National Congolaise
IGNTGInstituto Geografico Nacional "Tommy Guardia" (Panama)
IGPTInteragency Geospatial Preparedness Team (US)
IGSInformation & Graphics Systems Inc.; International GPS Service; Idaho Geological Survey; Indiana Geological Survey; Geological Survey of Israel
I.G.S.John Gaspar Scheuchzer
IGSN71International Gravity Standardization Net 1971
IGTIntegrated GPS Technologies Inc.
IGUInternational Geographical Union; Instituto Geografico Universitario (Dominican Republic)
IGUGIntergraph Graph Users Group
IGWMCInternational Ground Water Modeling Center
IGYInternational Geophysical Year
IGZaInstitut Geographique du Zaire
IHAInstituto Hidrografico de la Armada (Chile)
IHACInstituto Hidrografico de la Armada, Chile
IHBInternational Hydrographic Bureau
IHDInternational Hydrological Decade
IHDCIowa Heritage Digital Collection
IHGCInternational Health Geographics Conference
IHOInternational Hydrographic Organization
IHPInternational Hydrologic Program
IHSIInstitut Haitien de Statistique de d'Informatique
IIAFIdaho Image Analysis Facility
IICTInstituto de Investigac~ao Cientifica Tropical (Portugal)
IIGSInitial Image Generating System
IIPLInteractive Image Processing Laboratory
IISInternet Information Server
IJAGRInternational Journal of Applied Geospatial Research
IJCInternational Joint Commission (U.S. & Canada)
IKCSI.K. Curtis Services, Inc.
IKUInstitutt for Kontinentalsokkelundersokelse (Norway)
ILCInterim Library Catalog
ILEXInteractive Landsat Executive (NASA software)
ILHInternationales Landkartenhaus (Stuttgart)
ILIInst. for Land Information
ILIMInst. for Land Information Management (University of Toronto)
ILLIACIllinois Institute for Advanced Computation
ILMFInternational LiDAR Mapping Forum
ILRIS-3DIntelligent Laser Range Imaging Scanner (Optech)
ILSIntelligent Library System (Lockheed Martin)
ILWISIntegrated Land and Water Information System (ITC)
IMInformation management
IMAIntermap Analytic
IMACSIntegrity Monitoring and Control Software (Javad Positioning Systems)
IMACUACInformation Management and Computer Utilization Advisory Committee
IMADSInteractive Map and Data Server (USFWS)
IMAGInformation Management Advisory Group
IMAGEIntegrated Mapping and Geographic Encoding System
IMAGE 100Interactive Multispectral Image Analysis System (GE)
IMANImage Analysis (system); Intermap Analytic Nucleus
IMAPInput, Management, Analysis, and Presentation
IMCImage Motion Compensator
IMCoSInternational Map Collectors Society
IMDAInternational Map Dealers Assn.
.IMGADRG image format (USDMA)
IMGWInstytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej (Poland)
IMLSInstitute of Museum and Library Services (US)
IMOInternational Maritime Organization
IMPIntegrated Micro Products Inc.
IMPACImage Analysis Computer Package (Egbert Scientific)
IMSIntermediate map scale; Image Manipulation System; Internet Map Server (ESRI)
IMSIInternational Microcomputer Software, Inc.
IMTInformation Management Technologies (Firm); Internet Media Type
IMTAInternational Map Trade Assn.
IMUInertial measurement unit
IMWInternational Map of the World
in.Inch; inches
INCInstitut National de Cartographie
INCAIndian National Cartographic Society
INCGInstitut National de Cartographie du Gabon; Institut Geographique National Guineen
INCITSInternational Committee for Information Technology Standards
INDECInstituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos (Argentina)
INEInstituto Nacional de Estadistica (Ecuador, Guatemala)
INEACInstitut National pour l'Etude Agronomique du Congo
INEGIInstituto Nacional de Estadisticas, Geografia e Informatica (Mexico)
INETERInstituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales
INFORMInformation Network for Operational Resources Management (Arizona)
INGEMMETInstituto Geologico Minero y Metalurgico (Peru)
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Geologico-Mineras (Colombia)
INGMInstituto Nacional de Geologia
INMARSATInternational Maritime Satellite (organization)
INMGInstituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Geofisica (Portugal)
INMHInstituto Nacional de Meteorologia y Hidrologia (Ecuador)
INPEInstituto das Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil)
INQUAInternational Union for Quaternary Research
INRAInstitut National de Recherche Agronomique (France)
INRATInstitut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie
INSInertial Navigation System
InSARInterferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
INSEEInstitut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (France)
INSIDEInteractive Numeric Spatial Information Data Engine (Univ. of Idaho)
INSMAPInternational Symposium on Marine Positioning
INSPIREInfrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe
INSTAARInst. of Arctic and Alpine Research (Univ. of Colorado)
INTAInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (Argentina)
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite (organization)
InterPARESInternational Research on Permanent Authentic Records Electronic Systems
INTRISCAIntegrated Resource Inventory for South-Central Alaska
INUPALInformaciones Unidas para America Latina (Chile)
IOInput/output; Interior orientation
IOCIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission; Initial operational capability
IONInstitute of Navigation
IOPInternational Organisation of Palaeobotany; Interagency Operating Picture (USGS)
IOSInstitute of Oceanographic Science (Great Britain)
IPInternet protocol; Image point
IPAImagery Product Archive (USDMA)
IPAMInstituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazonia
IPCSImage Production Control System
IPEImage processing engine
IPFImage Processing Facility (GSFC)
IPGPInstitut de Physique du Globe de Paris
IPRGInst. for Petroleum Resources and Geophysics (Israel)
IPLSAIllinois Professional Land Surveyors Assn.
IPOSTELInstituto Postal Telegrafico (Venezuela)
IPPIntegrated Plotting Package
IPSImage processing system; Inertial Positioning System
IPTInformatica per il Territorio; Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas (Sao Paulo, Brazil); Integrated Product Team
IPXInternet Packet Exchange
IPYInternational Polar Year
IRImaging Radiometer; Infrared
I.R.Imperiale Reale
IRATInstitut de Recherches en Agronomie Tropicale (France)
IRCIntergraph Registered Consultant
IR. CH.Iron chimney
IR. CH.S.A.Iron chimney with spark arrestor
IRDInformation Resources Division (Arizona)
IRDBIntegrated regional database
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary System
IRFInternal Raster File; Internal Raster Format
IRGInter-Record Gap
IRICCInteragency Resource Information Coordination Council
IRISInfrared Interferometer/Spectrometer; Interim Research and Intelligence Service (U.S. Dept. of State); Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
IRIS R&AResearch and Analysis Branch, Interim Research and Intelligence Service (U.S. Dept. of State)
IRLSAIllinois Registered Land Surveyors Assn.
IRRIInternational Rice Research Inst.
IRSInternal Revenue Service (U.S.); Information retrieval system; Indian Remote Sensing (Satellite)
IRSAInst. of Remote Sensing Applications
IRWAInternational Right of Way Assn.
IRWDIrvine Ranch Water District
ISInternational Standard
I.S.John Speed
ISAInstitute of Surveyors of Australia; Internet Starter Applications; Integrated Survey Area (British Columbia)
ISABUInstitut des Sciences Agronomiques au Burundi
ISAMSImproved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder
ISAPIInternet Server Application Programming Interface
ISBD(CM)International Standard Bibliographic Description for Cartographic Materials
ISBD(ER)International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Resources
ISCInformation Systems Council
ISCCPInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISCEMInternational Society of Curators of Early Maps
ISDInformation Services Div.
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISEAIcosahedral Snyder equal area (projection)
ISERTInstitut Superieur pour les Etudes et Recherches Scientifique et Techniques (Djibouti)
ISGSIllinois State Geological Survey
ISHMInternational Society for the History of the Map
ISIImage Subsystem Interface; Information Systems Inventory (EPA); Interpretation System, Inc.
I-SITEIntelligent Screening of Imagery for Teleophthalmology
ISLIsland; Illinois State Library
ISLPLand-tied island
ISMInterpretive Structural Modeling
ISMSInternational Society for Mine Surveying
ISOImaging Spectrometer Observatory; International Standards Organization
ISPInternet service provider
ISPIIntermediate-scale Product Inventory
ISPLSIndiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors
ISPRSInternational Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ISRInformation Storage and Retrieval
ISROIndian Space Research Organisation
IS&TInformation Systems and Technology
ISTATIstituto Centrale di Statistica (Italy)
ISTDInter-Services Topographical Dept. (Great Britain)
ISUInternational System of Units
ISURLIndiana State Univ. Remote Sensing Laboratory
ITInformation technology; Integration Technologies Inc.
I.T.Idaho Territory
ITAIntelligent Traverse Adjustment
ITAAInformation Technology Assn. of America
ITCInternational Inst. for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (Netherlands; formerly International Training Centre for Aerial Survey); International Trade Commission
ITCAInternational Topographic Composition Assn.
ITDInterim Terrain Data
ITEInstitute of Terrestrial Ecology (Great Britain)
ITFINTERLIS Transfer Format
ITFEInductive terrain feature extraction
ITRFInternational Terrestrial Reference Frame
ITRF00International Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2000
ITRMInformation Technology Resouces Management (standard, Virginia)
ITRSInternational Terrestrial Reference System
ITSIntelligent transportation system
ITSAIndependent Travel Stores Assn.; Ingeneria y Topografia, S.A. de C.V.
ITUImage Transfer Unit; International Telecommunications Union
IUEInternational Ultraviolet Explorer
IUGGInternational Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IUGSInternational Union of Geological Sciences
IUSMInternational Union for Surveying and Mapping
IVHSIntelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
IWInformation Warfare
IWARDSIowa Water Resources Data System
IWISInternational Water Information System
IWPCInst. of Water Pollution Control
IWRAInternational Water Resources Assn.
I2SInternational Imaging Systems Inc.

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JACIEJoint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (Committee, USA)
JAGISJournalism and GIS Interest Group
JALBTCXJoint Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise
JAMPJoint Automated Mapping Project
JATOPArmy Topographic Service (Indonesia)
JAXAJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
J.C.Johannes Condet (engraver)
JCCDSJoint Committee on Cartographic Data Standardization (U.S.)
JCLSJohn Chance Land Surveys, Inc.
JCPJoint Committee on Printing (U.S. Congress)
JDSFJackson Demonstration State Forest (Calif.)
JECJohn E. Chance & Associates
JECAJohn E. Chance & Associates
JERSJapanese Earth Resources Satellite
JFAJohn Frank & Associates
JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format
J.G.S.John Gaspar Scheuchzer
.jgwJPEG with World File
J.H.Jagerhaus = hunting lodge
JICAJapan International Cooperation Agency = Kokusai Kyoryoku Jigyodan
JIGIJava Interface for Geospatial Information
JISCJoint Information Systems Committee
J&KJammu and Kashmir
JMCJapan Map Center
JMPCJoint Mapping and Photography Committee (U.S.)
JMTJohnson, Mirmiran and Thompson (Firm)
JMTKJoint Mapping Tool Kit
JNCJet Navigation Chart
JNGCJordan National Geographic Centre
JOGJoint operations graphic
JOG-AJoint operations graphic--air
JOG-GJoint operations graphic--ground
JOG-RJoint operations graphic--radar
JOIDESJoint Oceanographic Institutions' Deep Earth Sampling
JoMJournal of Maps
JOMARJoint Office for Mapping and Research (USGS-NOAA)
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
.JPGJoint Photographic Experts Group format
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.)
JPSJavad Positioning Systems, Inc.
Jr HSJunior high school
JRIJordregisterinstituttet (Norway)
JSCJohnson Space Center
JSDJamaica Survey Dept.
JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTUJabatan Tanah dan Ukur
JWPCFJournal of the Water Pollution Control Federation
J.W.John Webber
JWSJames W. Sewall Company, Inc.

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K1,000; Kilo
KAMKansas Assn. of Mappers
KANDIDATSUniv. of Kansas Landsat Software System
KAPSKentucky Assn. of Land Surveyors
KARKinematic ambiguity resolution
KARSKansas Applied Remote Sensing (program)
KBPSKilobytes per second
KCWAKern County Water Agency (Calif.)
KDDKnowledge discovery in databases
KDIKnowledge and Distributed Intelligence
KDMSKork Digital Mapping System
KDSPKork Digital Stereo Plotter
K&EKeuffel & Esser
K+FKummerly + Frey AG
KGPSKinematic GPS
KGSKansas Geological Survey; Kentucky Geological Survey
KIERKorean Inst. of Energy and Resources
KINDSKnowledge Interfaces to National Data Sets
k.k.Kaiserlich-koenigliche = Imperial, royal
KKHKarakoram Highway
KLKarhunen-Loeve (transform)
K-LKarhunen-Loeve (transform)
KleinbKleinbahn = Narrow-guage railroad
Kls.Kloster = cloister
KLSDKiribati Land and Survey Div.
KMKansas Mapper
KNKartographische Nachrichten (journal)
KNPKruger National Park
KNRISKentucky Natural Resources Information System
KREMUKenya Rangeland Ecological Monitoring Unit
KRGKurdistan Regional Government
KRISKentucky Resources Information System
KSCKennedy Space Center (US)
KSNMThousands (K) of square nautical miles
KUUniv. of Kansas
KWICKey Word in Context
KWOCKey Word Out of Context
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