Recruitment and Hiring

The Library Human Resources Department works with Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) for all Library staff recruitments.

Once a unit and Associate University Librarian (AUL) determine the need to post a position, there is a process to follow which initiates the recruitment.

The position has to be approved by the Library Cabinet, followed up by internal HR and Business Services approvals which include the classification and determination of funding source. The job will be then posted by BRS for at least 14 days on UCB website. LHRD coordinates all interviews and supports the search committee during the recruitment process.

Some short-term limited positions (up to 900 hours) do not require posting, but the hiring supervisor has to provide the AUL and LHRD with written waiver, justifying the need for the position.

To post a student job, please refer to the Supervisor's Guide to Student Employment.

Go to the Library staff job board for current recruitments.