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The Library is available to help instructors and program coordinators consider fair use issues and to provide readings and other resources for online courses. Please contact the Library at for more information.

Fair use and copyright

eReserves in bSpace and bCourses

  • bSpace - Use the Resources area to create links to Library and web resources, upload digital works, and more. For more information see bSpace help.
  • bCourses - Use the Files area to upload readings, or edit any bCourses page to add a direct link to an online library-licensed resource. For more information see bCourses help.
  • Other systems - Copyrighted content that is uploaded to your course site should only be available to students enrolled in the course and only for the duration of the course. If a learning management system is unable to provide this level of protected access, copyrighted materials should not be hosted online.

Library services and help

  • You can submit your reading list to the Library to find and create links to library resources (a clickable syllabus) that you can include in your online course. Contact Doe/Moffitt Instruction and User Services Head Jennifer Dorner.
  • Instructors are welcome to place physical materials on reserve in the Libraries, consult the reserve instructions for faculty and instructors.
  • Resources not owned by the Library can be suggested for purchase.

Scanning materials at the Library

A self-service scanner is available in Doe Library 202, behind the Doe Reference Desk, for instructors and their proxies to scan documents to accessible PDF. The scanner is linked to a PC for easy uploading to bSpace or bCourses, and is available during Reference hours (typically 10-5, M-F). Assistance is available by appointment. Contact Doe/Moffitt Instruction and User Services at 510-643-9959 or for more information.

Finding and using library-licensed content

  • Books and journals - Search for book and journal titles in OskiCat, using the available online option to limit your results to online resources.
  • Articles - Use the Citation Linker to locate known articles in the library’s article databases.
  • Providing persistent links - Consult this guide for help creating stable links to online library resources.

eReserve considerations for other campus-related programs

  • UC Extension - Students in UC Extension courses may not have access to library-licensed resources at UC Berkeley if they have not purchased a Library card.
  • UC Online - Students in UC Online courses who are not fully-matriculated students at UC Berkeley do not presently have access to the full suite of library-licensed online resources.
  • edX - The use of copyrighted course materials in MOOCs is a complex issue, and best practices for including information resources in traditional courses may not apply to edX courses. The Library is currently working with other edX institutions to develop a new set of best practices to address the use of course materials in edX. In the meantime, the Library recommends using publicly available, public domain and open-access content when possible, and Library staff are available to help you find those resources.
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