What are the penalties for the late return of a recalled book?

Late recall books follow the same fine and fee process as typical overdue books. You will receive a courtesy reminder via the email address specified in your library account, specifying the new due date for the recalled item. Thereafter, overdue notices will be issued 4 days, 14 days, and 30 days after the due date.

When the second (14-day) overdue notice has been issued, your borrowing privileges will be blocked and a bill warning will be generated. Bills for lost items are equal to $150 or the value of the book, whichever is greater, plus a  $10 bill processing fee.

Upon return of the overdue item, the cost of the book will be waived, but the $10 bill processing fee will remain. Patrons who accrue more than $50 in fines will be blocked from using the library until fines are paid at the Doe Library Privileges Desk.

Fines also accrue for overdue reserve items. For two-hour reserve items, fines are $2.50 for every 20 minutes overdue.