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Does the Library have a charger for my cell phone or tablet?

  • A universal charger that works with all current cell phone models and tablets is available in the Moffitt Library floor 3, where you'll find the public computers.
  • There are 10 Android and 10 Apple Lightning USB wall chargers with cables available for check-out to UC Berkeley students at the Moffitt Circulation Desk.
    • The loan period is two hours with no renewal or overnight.
    • The overdue late fee is $2.50 per hour.
    • Students must present their Cal1 ID card to borrow.

How long can I borrow a library laptop?

Laptops and iPads are available for four-hour loans. Please see the Electronic Devices Lending Policy for more information.

Can I reserve a laptop to check-out ahead of time?

Library laptops and iPads are available at Moffitt Library, Social Research Library and the Engineering Library on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can check their availability in OskiCat:

Can I check out a library laptop for a class presentation?

Yes, library laptops and iPads may be borrowed from Moffitt Library, Social Research Library and the Engineering Library. Display adapters are only available at the Media Resources Center. They may be checked out for four-hour loans.

Can I check out a laptop at the library?

UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students with a valid Cal ID or yellow library card can borrow Apple laptops and iPads from Moffitt Library, Social Research Library and the Engineering Library. Eligible students must be in good standing with the library (no fines, no overdue items, no recalls, and no blocks).

UC Berkeley staff and faculty are not eligible to borrow library laptops, nor are members of the public or other non-student users with library privileges.

Circulation details

  • Laptops and iPads are available for four-hour loans.
  • Laptops and iPads must be returned in-person to the library from which they were borrowed, and are not available for overnight check-out.
  • Laptops and iPads are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not available to reserve ahead of time. You can check current availability in OskiCat (iPad, MacBook Air with OSX, MacBook Air with Windows).
  • Only one device can be checked out at a time per patron.
  • Printing is available directly from library laptops or iPads via PrinterOn.

Technical details

  • MacBook Air 13” (256GB SSD, 8GB RAM) laptops are available, some with OSX and some with Windows OS. The following software is installed: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Java, Flash, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Silverlight, etc.
  • 32GB iPad Airs are available, with apps for office editing and reading ebooks.

Fines and charges
Borrowers are responsible for loss, damage, and theft of a laptop or iPad while in their possession. Borrowers should verify the condition of the device at the time of check-out and upon check-in. Replacement charges are as followed:

  • MacBook Air laptop: $2000
  • iPad: $1200
  • Overdue fines: $20 per hour with the maximum fine being the replacement cost
  • Standard hourly repair/inspection rate: $75
  • Replacement charges and fines cannot be waived or forgiven.

How do I get wireless access for my laptop, mobile, or PDA?

Wireless access is available in all campus libraries. Please see the guide Wi-Fi in the Libraries for more information.