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Keys, Card Keys and Locks, UCB Library

In summer of 2001, responsibility for keys, card keys and locks, was transferred from Library facilities to the Library Human Resources Office.
For more information regarding the transfer, click here.

Following are the current procedures in place for keys, card keys, and locks.

Subject Specialty Libraries

Most key, key card and lock repair needs for staff in subject specialty libraries should be addressed with the coodinator for the building that houses the subject specialty library.

New Keys and Key Cards

To request a new key for Doe or Moffit (Main Complex), fill out the key request form and submit it to keys@lists.berkeley.edu. To request a card key for Doe or Moffitt (Main Complex), fill out the card key request form and submit to keys@lists.berkeley.edu.

For help with ordering keys or card key access for Doe and Moffitt Libraries, contact the Library Key Controller at 2-3778.

Please note:

  • Key and key card assignment requires approval by a unit head, or his/her designee.
  • Student Library Employees (SLE's) are not eligible for keys. Supervisors of SLE's are asked to sign for their students when keys are needed.
  • Keys to the bike-parking area within Doe Library can only be issued for bicycles which have been registered. For more information on bicycle registration call the UCPD at 2-6760.


When an employee either transfers to another unit within the Library or terminates employment, he/she must return all keys to the Library's Human Resources Department.

Lock problems

Broken locks, problems with keys suddenly not working, etc., are handled like other building maintenance problems via the appropriate building coordinator. Doe, Doe Annex and Moffitt units can get assistance from Doe/Moffitt Facilities, 2-3613.

Security Design, new/renovated space

For help with key/card key design and planning for all renovations and new construction projects, call Space Planning, 2-5154.

Temporary access to Doe/Moffitt tunnel, Mail Room, Facilities

Staff needing access to the 2nd floor services between Doe and Moffitt (e.g. Mail Room, Facilities, CDT, etc.) must bring their staff or photo ID to either the South Security Desk or Moffitt Entry Security Desk and sign out a key. You will be asked to leave the ID with the desk attendant while you are using the key. The key must be returned immediately upon completion of the task at hand and your ID will then be returned to you.

Locked out?

If you are locked out of the building, your office or your desk, call Library Security at 812-0204. Most times they will be able to provide you access. You will be asked to show your staff or photo ID. If they cannot provide access to you, they will call Campus Physical Plant for assistance.


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