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Bancroft study award winners

Recipients by year


Cycle canceled due to Covid-19.

2020-2021 Academic Year (Meylan)

Maria Barreiros Almeida-ReisBackwaters of the Atlantic World: Slavery, Governance and the Scramble for the Amazonian Borderlands. 1580-1700

2019-2020 Academic Year (Hill)

Alexander Scott ArroyoDesigning an Ocean: Oceanic Imaginaries of American Empire in the New Artic

2019 Summer

Juan Pablo Morales GarzaPolitics, Religious Hierarchy and Land Property in Indigenous Villages in the Valley of Mexico, 1853-1862

Anthony Joshua MeyerAttending to the Sacred: Tlamacazque and Their Complex Roles in Mexica and Christian Spaces

Alice Regina LaPointSpiritual Forces Compel [Miwok and Tlingit Beliefs]

Alessia CecchetMonarch: The Last California Grizzly Bear

Sarah Elizabeth Biscarra DilleyWhere are You From and Where are You Going?: Patterns, Parcels, and Place

Nitoshia Lashawn FordA Consideration of Presence: Black Women LIS Professionals and the Historical Record

Janice YuStrange Selves: Representations of the Othered Body

2018-2019 Academic Year (Meylan)

Amrit DeolGhadri and Sikh Poetry: Interrogations of Subjugated Knowledges in History

2018 Summer

Carrie AlexanderRush: Time, Haste, and Negotiations of Power in Mid-Nineteenth Century California

Sarah BaneJoin the Club: Regional Print Clubs in America During the Interwar Period

Kristina BorrmanThe Architecture of Belonging: 'Livable Places' in California since 1945

Sarah Quincy'Loans for the Little Fellow': Credit, Crisis, and Recovery in the Great Depression

Michelle RipplingerChaucer's Women from Script to Print: John Stow's and Thomas Specht's Collected Works

Andrew ShalerMariposa: Violence, Colonia and Indigenous Histories of the California Gold Rush

Claire UrbanskiEmergent Bones and Sacred Formations: The Accumulation of Ohlone Remains in the Construction of the San Francisco Bay Area

Desirée ValadaresRace, Rights and Reparations: The Material Culture of World War II Confinement Camps in Canada and the United States

Tara KeeganThe Endurance of the Upriver People: A Karuk Story of Sport and Survival, 1877–1920

2017-2018 Academic Year

Alexandra HavrylyshynFree Under the Laws of France: How Enslaved Women and Girls Accessed Justice in Antebellum Louisiana, 1837-1957

2017 Summer

Christina BushFashioning the Black Masculine

Kelly EasterdayUniting a Century of Forest Survey Collection to Determine Drivers of Change in California Forests

Kimberly Killion, From Farms to Kitchens to the “Body Laboratory”: Nutritional Science and the Politics of Food in the United States, 1885-1930

Savannah KilnerPride and Property: Queer Settler Colonialism and the Landed Politics of Solidarity in Oakland, CA, 1979-present

Christopher MillerPublic Enemies: Transience and Lyric in American Poetry

Carlos RivasUrban Utopia? The Reducción General de los Indios and Coloniality of Space at Nahuizalco, El Salvador after 1520

Joanne TienEducating for Freedom: A Study of the Berkeley Experimental Schools Project, 1968-1976

2016-2017 Academic Year

John ElrickModel City: Technologies of Government in the San Francisco Bay Area

2016 Summer

Xan ChackoMoving, Making, Saving: Experimental Agriculture in California

Nancy GallmanAmerican Constitutions: Life Liberty, and Property in Colonial East Florida

Theodora DryerDesigning Certainty: A History of Model-Based Thinking in the Era of Scientific Planning, 1929-1970

Maggie ElmoreBuilding Community through Politics: The Catholic Church, the State, and Ethnic Mexicans in the US Southwest, 1923-1986

Gary FoxAesthetic Futures, On Air: Donald Appleyard, Kenneth Craik, and Berkeley’s Environmental Simulation Laboratory

Camilo Lund-MontanoOut of Order: Radical Lawyers and Revolutionary Movements in the Global Sixities

Amani MorrisonBlack Chicago through the Pen of Gwendolyn Brooks

Alexander WerthCulture Wars: Race, Citizenship, and Violence in Oakland, California’s Urban/Colonial Frontier

2015-2016 Academic Year

Nancy GallmanAmerican Constitutions: Life, Liberty, and Property in Colonial East Florida

2015 Summer

Spencer StrubRobert Doughtie and the Readers of the Print Piers Plowman

Jennifer TerryShifting Conceptions of Juvenile Labor and Employment in California, 1930-1980

Jessica StairTextual-Pictorial Literacies in the Techialoyan Manuscripts of New Spain

Cori KnudtenConstructing Gender in California's East Bay, 1920-1941

Dexter Hough-SneeMining Anxiety while Mocking the Marketplace: Economic Thought in the Latin American Satirical Archvie, 1598–1880

2014-2015 Academic Year

Peter EckmanSuburbs of Lost Resort: Order and Ruin on the Edge of San Francisco Bay

Simon AbramowitschThe Production of Multi-Ethnic American Literature in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1966-1996: From the Black Panther Party to the Institutionalization of “Diversity”

2014 Summer

Natalie MendozaDomesticating Foreign Policy: Inter-Americanism and Mexican Americans in the US Southwest, 1930s-1950s

Jeffrey YamashitaManufacturing Japanese American War Heroes: Incarceration, a "Suicide Battalion," and Ben Kuroki

Elizabeth MillerThe American Expeditionary Tradition, Pre-Columbian Architectures and the Indigenous Specter in American Art since 1960

Robert LeeLouisiana Purchases: The US-Indian Treaty System in the Missouri River Valley

Katherine Kadue"The Living Labours of Publick Men": Intellectual Labor as Domestic Practice from Erasmus to Milton

Daniel BenjaminExcavating Excluded Affects in the Poems of Jack Spicer

Griselda JarquinThe Transnational Politics of Remembering: Revolution and Counterrevolution in Nicaragua and the US

Yve ChavezIndigenous Agency and Artistic Production at California’s Missions

Ziza DelgadoThe Third World Liberation Front at UC Berkeley: An Anti-Hegemonic Movement for Radical Pedagogy and Revolutionary Curriculum

2013-2014 Academic Year

Adam RomeroThe Afterlives of Industrial Byproducts: The Necessity of Industrial Byproducts in the Industrialization of California Agriculture

Emily ColeTranslation Ideology in Græco-Roman Egypt

2013 Summer

Robert KettStones, Feathers, Crude: Art and Science in Twentieth Century Southern Mexico

Robert PrzeklasaThe Mission Indian Federation: American Indian Rights on the Right

Susan WoodGathering the "Other": Salvage Ethnography and the Construction of Culture in Southern California, 1897-1909

Marilola PerezPacific Exceptionalism? A Sociolinguistic Examination of Cavite Chabacano

Amy LeeCoolies and Opium: Comparative Anglo-American Empires, Chinese Globalism, and Literary Modes of Uneven Development

Samia RahimtoolaOpen Form: The Ethos of the Given in Robert Duncan's Life-Work

2012-2013 Academic Year

Adrianne FranciscoColonial Subjects: American Colonial Education and Philippine Nation-Making, 1900-1934

2012 Summer

Marcel BrousseauImaginary Lines: Data, Narration, Cartography, and the Speculation and Historicization of the U.S. Mexican Indigenous American Borderlands

Kevin WhalenBeyond School Walls: Indian Education in Southern California

Alicia CowartNatural and Anthropogenic Influences on Fire Regimes and Vegetation Change in Central California

Di HuThe Transformation of Identity, Daily Life and Resistance in the Colonial Obraje of Pomacocha, Vilcashuaman, Peru

Sara JensenThe Topography of Wellness: Mechanisms, Models and Metrics of Health in the Urban Landscape

Jacob LeeImaginary Empires: Kinship, Power and Alliance in the Illinois Country, 1550-1840

Alexander TarrHave Your City and Eat It Too: Los Angeles and the Renaissance in Urban Agriculture

Travis WildsAssembling the Science of the Future: Epistemic Virtues in the Exact Sciences, Physiology and Literature of Post-Enlightenment France, 1780-1840

2011-2012 Academic Year

Diana NegrínChanging Wixárika Lives and Livelihoods in Mexico's Cities

Israel PastranaBrazos de Oro: Mexican Contract Labor Migration and the Political Economy of the American Southwest, 1917-1973

2011 Summer

Javier ArbonaRacialized Homefronts: Reclaiming the Port Chicago Explosion

Erin CollinsRecombinant Social(ist) Networks on the Landscape of the Lower Mekong Delta

Emily Colbert CairnsThe Other Carvajal: Reading Crypto-Jewish Feminine Space

Anita Huizar-HernándezHistories of Contact: Arizona's Multi-Ethnic Heritage

Bianca BrigidiBeing Native American: Race, Ethnicity and Mission in Spanish, Mexican and U.S. California, 1769-1852

JoAnna WallVirgin Territory: Women in the Monjeríos of Alta and Baja California, 1697-1834

Elizabeth SineMovements on the Margins: An Archaeology of Struggles for Survival and Dignity in Depression-Era California

Leece LeeModernity and the "Death Ethic": Western Expansion as War in the Northern Plains, 1820-1880

María Covadonga Lamar PrietoSpanish Language in XIX California

2010-2011 Academic Year

Tara McDowellJess and the Language of Pictures, 1951-1991

Hannah HaynieThe Linguistic Geography of the Sierra Nevada and Central California Indian Languages

2010 Summer

Natalia CecireThe Girl Modest Witness and the Poetics of Knowledge

Funie HsuBlackboard Frontiers: American Expansion and U.S. Colonial Education Policy, 1887-1914

Diana GreenwoldSkins and Carcasses: Stereoscopic Vision and the Native American in Nineteenth-Century Utah

Nicole PacinoPrescription for a Nation: Public Health in Post-Revolutionary Bolivia

Swati RanaWho You Calling Immigrant?: Alienage and Nativity in the Literature of Brown America, 1900-1965

Clare RobinsonThe California Memorial Union

Barbara ZimbalistThe Devil in Disguise: Incarnational Politics in Medieval Miracles of the Virgin

2009-2010 Academic Year

Colin DinglerLyric Impurity: Genre, Serial Poems, and the Form of History in Mid-Century and Contemporary American Poetry

Sarah LopezMigrating Mexico: A Material History of Remittance Space in Sur de Jalisco and Los Angeles

2009 Summer

Kathleen AdamsKindergarten and Community: The Silver Street Kindergarten Society of San Francisco

Rachel BrahinskyThe End of Gentrification: Development, Politics and Race in San Francisco

Allison FerrellCollaborated Lives: Individualism and Collectivity in the Avant-Garde of Jay DeFeo

Cheryl HolzmeyerToward Interactivity: Transformations of the U.S. Science Museum Field, 1830-Present

Adam LewisLiberal Citizenship and National Sovereignty in the Antebellum Empire

Rebecca Munson"The Text Is Foolish": The Telling Choices of Shakespeare’s First Editions

Marques ReddImaginal Mapping, Psychospirituality, and the Multidimensional Complexities of British and American Romanticism

Lauren Chase SmithBawdy Amusements of Progress in the Transpacific Borderlands

Christina ZanfagnaHoly Hip Hop in the City of Angels

2008-2009 Academic Year

Audrey Wu ClarkThe Asian American Avant-Garde: Internationalist Aspirations in Early Asian American Literature, 1882-1945

William WagnerReading, Writing, and Rambling: The Literary Culture of Travel in Antebellum America

2007-2008 Academic Year

Seth Roger LuninePrivate City, Public Threat: Entertainment, Industry and Illusion in Emeryville, California 1880-1950

Maria Belen BistueCollaborative Writing: Translation Strategies in Early Modern Multilingual Texts

2007 Summer

Ricardo Fagoaga HenandezRegions, Markets and Indigenous Economic Participation: Chiapas and Guatemala

Brian GrossmanInvestigating the Influence of Social Science Measurement on the Development of the Disability Rights/Independent Movement

Heidi HoechstRefusable Pasts: Spatial Economics and the Politics of the U.S. Tradition

Christine HongCaptivity in Translation: Huckleberry Finn as Intertext in Ralph Ellison's and Ôe Kenzaburo's Mid-century Prisoner-of-War Narratives

Andrea KingForbidden Pleasures, Damnable Sin, and Municipal Corruption: Race, Gender, and Respectability in San Francisco’s Vice District, 1900-1940

Emily MooreAesthetic Confrontations: Chilkat Tunics and the Evolution of Northwest Coast Designs

Joseph RingTransported by the Mode: Milton's Sublime Aesthetics and the Politics of Astonishment

Citlali Sosa-RiddellThe Culture of Commemoration among the Californios: Changing Cultural Practices, Honor, and Race Ideology, 1850-1900

Warren WoodCity Fathers: The Influence of Social and Economic Changes on the Meaning and Practice of Fatherhood in San Francisco, 1849-1915

2006-2007 Academic Year

Sean BurnsWorking Class Hero: The Intellectual and Activist Legacy of Archie Green

Nat ZappiaThe Autonomous Interior: Trading, Raiding, and Freedom in Native California, 1700-1857

2006 Summer

Peter AllenA Space for Living: Regionalism and the Rise of Environmental Planning in the Bay Area, 1939-1969

Amy LippertConsuming Identities: Visual Culture and Celebrity in Nineteenth-century San Francisco

Timothy PepperEconomic and Social Interaction in the Papyri from Ptolemaic Tebtunis

Maria RamnathHaj to Utopia: Anti-systemic Ideologies in the South Asian Diaspora, 1905-1930

Lilia SotoMigration as a Matter of Time: Perspectives from Mexican Immigrant Girls in the Napa Valley

Sarah ThomasThe Politics of Growth: Land-Use in Postwar America, 1950-1975

Zeb TortoriciThe Appearance of Colonial Order: Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1600-1800

Richard WelkerThe Roots of Agribusiness: Economic Behavior and Culture among Early American Farmers in California's Central Valley

2005-2006 Academic Year

Ruben FloresStates of Culture: The Central Government and Ethnoracial Consolidation in Mexico and the US, 1920-1950

Francisco CasiqueRace of Space in the San Francisco Mission District

2004-2005 Academic Year

Rachel A. ChicoNavigating Nation: Communication and Orientation in the Veracruz-Mexico City Corridor, 1812-1867

Anil K. MukerjeeAn Examination of the Engel Sluiter Historical Documents Collection

Hellen LeeNever Done: Women's Work and Culture in the United States, 1870-1910

2004 Summer

Penelope AndersonThe Rhetoric and Politics of Audience: Lucy Hutchinson, John Milton, and Katherine Philips

Steven FountainBig Dogs and Scorched Streams: Horses, Beavers, and Ethnocultural Change, 1769-1849

Jean V. GierWriting Communities and Constituencies: Literature of the U.S. Filipino Press During the Early Twentieth Century

Ki Won HanThe Rise of Oceanography in the United States, 1900-1940

Stacy KozakavichThe Archaeology of the Kaweah Co-operative Commonwealth's Advance Townsite

Michael KunichikaVision for Verbal Art in the Russian Symbolist Journal, 1899-1917

Marissa LópezNationalism, Narrative, and History: The Formal Case for Chicana/o Literature

Elisabeth O'ConnellRecontextualizing the Tebtunis Papyri

Julie TanakaGerman Fiat: German Historiography and Identity in the Holy Roman Empire

2003-2004 Academic Year

Kimberly BirdUnsettled Frontier: Poetic Radicalism and the Question of Nationalism in California, 1930-1940

Lisa ConathanLanguage Contact and Linguistic Change in Northern California

Karen McNeillBuilding the California Women's Movement: Architecture, Space and Gender in the Life and Work of Julia Morgan

2003 Summer

Nicole CasoPracticing Memory in Central American Literature: Reflections on Histories, Space and Language

Alison FraunharRevisioning the Mulata in Cuban Visual Culture, 1880-1980

Haden GuestThe Police Procedural Film and the Organization of Postwar America, 1930-1960

Joyce MaoChina-town: Cultural Politics and Racial Space in San Francisco, 1850-1910

Nadia NurhusseinVerbal Topiary Work: Reading Dialect in American Poetry, 1870-2001

Jose PastranoImmigration Policies and Low-cost Labor: The 1920s Political Debates over Mexican Labor

Evelyn RodriguezComing of Age: Identities and Transformations in Filipina Debutantes and Mexicana Quinceañeras

2002-2003 Academic Year

Yu-fang ChoVisions of Pacific Destiny: Culture of Western Expansion and American Women's Work of Benevolence, 1880s-1900s

Dulcinea Michelle LaraHistorical Evolution of Education and Its Detrimental Ideological and Identity Forming Consequences on New Mexico

Jeffrey Alan OwContested Isles: The History and Representation of Ellis Island and Angel Island

2002 Summer

Samantha Holtkamp GervaseLife and Law in the Lower Mississippi River Valley: Categories and the Expansion of America, 1800-1860

Rudy Poscallo GuevarraOn Common Ground: Mexican and Filipinos in San Diego Agriculture, 1920-1965

Chantelle Nicole WarnerLiteracy Identity Construction in Works of Dutch Clandestine Literature Written During the Second World War

2001-2002 Academic Year

Isabel BreskinAbove the City upon a Hill: Lithographic City Views of San Francisco, 1848-1914

Andrew JohnsonQuicksilver Mining Landscapes of California and the West, 1840-1920

Michelle MortonUtopian and Dystopian Visions of California in the Literary Imagination

Allison VarzallyEthnic Crossings in California, 1930-1950

Adrienne WilliamsUCB 92 and the Re-Vision of Miracles of the Virgin

2001 Summer

Jessica DelgadoThe Inquisition and Women’s Voices: Female Accusers as Witnesses in the Mexican Inquisition

Yolanda JamesCalifornia Malinches in the Project to Recover a Chicana

Anna MoreColonial Baroque: Siguenza y Góngoro and the Politics of 17th-Century New Spain

Anna NarutaCreating Whiteness in California: An Examination of White and Chinese Relations from 1865-1910

Delberto Ruiz, Cut Tongues from the Heart

Suzette SpencerSounding Freedom: Maroonist Poetics, Signifyin' Language, and the Black Vernacular

2000-2001 Academic Year

Donald Michael BottomsRace, Politics, and the Law in 19th Century California

Anne Burnett KearyChristian Missionaries, Colonial Knowledges, Contested Geographies: The Missionary Translation of Indigenous Language and Culture in New South Wales and Oregon Territory in the Nineteenth Century

List of Bancroft Fellows from 1962-2000

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