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Special Library Access (SLA - deposit library accounts only)

Feb 24 - Mar 2




Our final day for sending returnable material to non-California borrowers is December 12, 2019. Our final day for sending returnable material to California borrowers is December 16, 2019. We will continue to provide photoduplication/scanning services for all borrowers up until December 20, 2019. FedEx/UPS RUSH service may be available through December 19, 2019. We will resume full service on January 2, 2020. Contact us by email if you have any questions. 


Interlibrary Lending and Special Library Access (SLA) staff may be contacted by email at: slareq@library.berkeley.edu

The Special Library Access Service (SLA) provides fee-based access to the resources of the UC Berkeley Libraries to libraries, information centers, corporations, and other organizations. As of July 2017, all SLA clients and deposits have been merged into our Interlibrary Lending Service. SLA clients will continue to receive the same level of service, fees will be slightly lower, and loan periods have been extended! 

What Interlibrary Lending (SLA) Offers

  • Access to 10,000,000+ volumes in more than 20 libraries on the Berkeley campus.
  • Standard or Rush loan and photoduplication service for UCB materials. Loans may be sent via FedEx/UPS/Courier; scans sent electronically.
  • Ordering is fast and convenient via our Online form.
  • Active clients with funds remaining in their accounts, will receive a statement of charges and current account balance.
  • We do not provide materials owned by other UC campuses. SLA is not a research service and only performs such research as is required to fill specific requests.

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