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Map Duplication Request Form

Feb 24 - Mar 2
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Before submitting this request form, please ensure that you understand our fee schedule, billing methods, and your responsibilities regarding copyright, as explained on the Duplication Services webpage.

For convenience, please copy and paste the relevant bibliographic information from OskiCat.

This form is for the duplication of maps in our collection.

Note: When moving from field to field, please use the Tab key. Using the Enter key may result in your request being transmitted prematurely.

Fill in as many fields as possible. Fields marked by * are required.

Turnaround time for Rush requests is 24 hours from the date/time of receipt (business days only).
An additional $20.00 rush fee will apply.

$25.00 -- Web Delivery -- Requests will be delivered via email, in TIFF format, unless otherwise requested.

Please note: In order to view images sent in electronic format, some form of commercially-available imaging software may be required. The Library cannot provide technical support regarding the viewing or manipulation of images.

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