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BAKER Fees & Payment Information

Feb 24 - Mar 2
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The BAKER service operates on a cost-recovery basis.

  • $5.50 per item requested.
  • There may be additional charges for scan requests exceeding 50 pages.
  • Requests that we are unable to fill will not be charged.
  • For difficult or incomplete citations there may be an additional research fee.

Payments/replenishing BAKER account funds

  • Make checks payable to UC Regents and send via campus mail to:
    • BAKER Service, 133 Doe Library, Mail code 6000.
  • Make Interdepartmental Order/Charge (IOC) forms to Interlibrary Services-BAKER. And send IOC via
  • Call (510) 642-2538 to make a deposit by credit card.
    • BAKER accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

BAKER Account details
You can establish a deposit account from which your BAKER charges will be deducted.

  • Account holders are expected to maintain positive balances and should deposit sufficient funds to cover estimated usage for the semester.
  • Services may be suspended on overdrawn accounts.
  • Funds deposited are not refundable but do carry over to the next academic year, or can be transferred to another BAKER account. If a BAKER account is inactive for a full academic year (July 1 - June 30), the account is subject to closure and the balance forfeited. 
  • You have the option of establishing an individual account or group account
  • Group accounts - Research and lab groups, departments, etc., can open a single account with multiple users. Each authorized user can make requests in their own name, with all charges billed to the group account. On account creation one user must be designated the Contact User for account/billing communication. BAKER can supply an Account Balance Statement itemizing BAKER use by date, user, and number of requests.

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