UC Berkeley Library

You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Using the Library during COVID-19

Many of our services are now being offered in new ways. To find the latest information on course reserves, book returns, 24/7 online help, and more, visit our Library services and resources during COVID-19 page. The information on that page supersedes all other information on the Library website at this time.

Pay fines

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Pay your fines

You can pay outstanding library fines, fees, and charges:

  • Online via My OskiCat by credit/debit card.
  • In-person at the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, floor 1) during business hours by credit/debit card, check, or cashier's check. In order to process payment in-person, users must provide a valid Cal 1 Photo or driver's license.
  • By sending a check or cashier's check (payable to UC Regents) to:
    • Privileges Desk
      198 Gardner Stacks
      University of California, Berkeley
      Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
  • Credit/debit cards accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express.
  • Cash payments and money orders are not accepted.

Dispute a fine

If you have received an overdue notice in error, or for any other questions regarding fines, fees, and charges, please contact the Circulation Manager at the owning library or the Privileges Desk for items in the Main (Gardner) Stacks.

Clear a library account block (fines over $50)

Any library account with a bill $50 or greater will be blocked from access to all library services, including the proxy server, until the debt is reduced below $50.

Clear a campus-wide block (fines over $200)

UC Berkeley students who have owed the Library $200 or more at any one time will also have a campus block. Campus blocks are removed after all outstanding bills and fines to the Library have been paid. Blocks with campus are removed 24 hours after library fees have been paid.

Clear an email account block

You must have a valid email address on file with the Library.

  • UCB faculty, staff, and students: update your email address in the CalNet Directory. Changes made in OskiCat will be overwritten by CalNet updates.
  • Non-UCB library cardholders (those without CalNet IDs): update your email address in My OskiCat.

Billed items (overdue items that have not been returned)

Library materials are subject to billing at any point after the due date. When an item is billed, the user will be charged a minimum replacement cost of $150, as well as an additional $10 processing charge per item billed. If you paid the replacement cost and subsequently return the item within 90 days of payment, you may apply for a refund. Original receipts are required. Refunds will not be granted for items returned 90 days after payment. You may be charged a non-refundable processing fee per billed item. 

Damaged or lost items

If an item is damaged or lost, borrowers are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item.

  • Payments for the replacement cost of an item(s) may only be refunded if the originally lost item is brought to the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, floor 1) or the owning library within 90 days of the payment for the item(s).
  • Follow the directions under Pay your fines, above, to pay for lost or damaged items.

Replacing damaged or lost items

A borrower may replace lost or damaged materials with acceptable copies at the discretion of the lending library's Circulation Manager.

Library charges and fines

Library fines vary by location and material type. The following charges and fines are standard across the libraries:

Regular Billed items $150+ (reversible) & $10 Processing Charge (non-reversible)
Short-term (2 hour) loans $2.50/hr overdue, up to a maximum of $60 (non-reversible), and $150+(reversible)
Reserves (1 day, week, month) loans $10/day overdue, up to a maximum of $60 (non-reversible), and $150+ (reversible)
Electronic Devices and accessories Replacement charges
Laptops = $2000
iPads = $1200
Projectors = $500
Digital recorders = $100
MacBook chargers = $95
Dell chargers = $80
Projector remotes = $75
iPad power adapters = $30
Laptop bags = $30
iPad charging cables = $25
Adapters = $20
Mice = $20
Tablet bags = $20
Projector cables = $10
We do not accept actual replacement
Overdue charges
4 hour laptop/iPad loan: $20/hour, with no maximum
1 day laptop/iPad loan: $60 processing fee
14 day laptop loan: $60 processing fee
Charger: $2.50/hour
Standard inspection/repair rate = $75/hour
All fines and fees assessed, including replacement costs and overdue charges, are non-negotiable and will not be waived under any circumstance.
Binding $25/item
Lost Card Replacement (non Cal 1 Photo ID cardholders) $10
Bounced, Returned, Insufficiently Funded Checks $25/first, $35/subsequent
Damage to materials (e.g. post-its, interior markings, stains, etc.) varies
Lost study room keys, headphones, dry-erase materials, USB drives, etc. varies


  • Library borrowers must return or renew items by their due date. When an item becomes overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the item is returned. Some libraries charge a fine for overdue items.
  • Due dates are subject to abbreviation based on recalls of an item for use by other users.
  • Loan terms vary based on the type of user, the type of material, and the library; all items will block user accounts shortly after the due date, and become billed thereafter.
  • Short-term items (2 hour, 1 day) and items on reserve may be subject to overdue fines once the item has exceeded its stated due date and time. Additionally, the item is subject to the standard, minimum replacement cost of $150 or more (reversible).
  • Unpaid bills are forwarded to a collection agency.