The Condition of UC History -- A 2002 Survey of Interests and Issues
Center for Studies in Higher Education - UC Berkeley
Spring 2002
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Sally Thomas, Associate Director
UC History Digital Archives
Center for Studies in Higher Education
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UC Berkeley
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The following survey is intended for faculty, graduate students, and staff who are interested in the history of the University of California, or more generally the history of higher education. The primary purpose is to develop a database that indicates the range of interests in university history and higher education.

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1. What are your areas of interest related to the history of higher education (e.g., department histories, biography, campus history, higher education systems . . . ). Please be specific.


2. What recent or current research, writing and/or projects are you engaged in (please note any project titles, or job responsibilities you may have that relate to university history).


3. Please list any recent or planned publications or Web sites related to the history of higher education.


4. Please list possible strategic issues that might be discussed at the upcoming All-UC Conference on University History? Comments welcomed as well.


5. What would you identify as challenges to the successful completion of university-related history?


6. Who might you recommend as a speaker at an upcoming All-UC Conference on UC History?


7. Are you are interested in attending the April 25 and 26 All-UC Conference on UC History at UC Berkeley? (An affirmative response will help ensure a space for you -- seating is limited.)



8. Do you have any additional comments or ideas you would like to state?

Please send your response to UC History Digital Archives, UC Berkeley, at


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