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Tidal Wave II and New Approaches to Admission

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The University Past and Present

University of California Campuses

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Chief Campus Officers and Chancellors of the University of California


Chapter 43: Chief Campus Officers/Chancellors of the University of California

Founded: 1868

Chancellor Clark Kerr, 1952-58
Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg, 1958-61
Chancellor Edward W. Strong, 1961-65
Acting Chancellor Martin Meyerson, 1965
Chancellor Roger W. Heyns, 1965-71
Chancellor Albert H. Bowker, 1971-80
Chancellor Ira Michael Heyman, 1980-90
Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, 1990-97
Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl, 1997-2004

Founded: 1905 as the University Farm to provide training in agriculture; became a general campus in 1959; until 1952 was administered by the Dean of Agriculture at Berkeley

Chancellor Stanley B. Freeborn,
Provost 1952-58, Chancellor 1958-59
Chancellor Emil M. Mrak, 1959-69
Chancellor James H. Meyer, 1969-87
Chancellor Theodore L. Hullar, 1987-94
Chancellor Larry N. Vanderhoef, 1994-

Founded: 1965

Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich Jr., 1962-84
Chancellor Jack W. Peltason, 1984-92
Acting Chancellor L. Dennis Smith, 1992-93
Chancellor Laurel L. Wilkening, 1993-98
Chancellor Ralph J. Cicerone, 1998-

Los Angeles
Founded: 1919, when the Los Angeles State Normal School, founded in 1881, became part of the University of California

Vice President and Provost Ernest Carroll Moore,
Director 1919-30, Vice President and Director 1930-31,
Vice President and Provost, 1931-36
Vice President and Provost Earle R. Hedrick, 1937-42
Provost Clarence A. Dykstra, 1945-50
Chancellor Raymond B. Allen, 1952-59
Chancellor Vern O. Knudsen, 1959-60
Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy, 1960-68
Chancellor Charles E. Young, 1968-97
Chancellor Albert Carnesale, 1997-

Founded: 1995

Chancellor Carol Tomlinson-Keasey, 1999-

Founded: 1907 as Citrus Experiment Station; became a campus in 1954

Provost Gordon Watkins, 1949-56
Chancellor Herman Spieth,
Provost 1956-58, Chancellor 1958-64
Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker, 1964-79
Chancellor Tomás Rivera, 1979-84
Acting Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich Jr., 1984-85
Chancellor Theodore L. Hullar, 1985-87
Chancellor Rosemary S. J. Schraer, 1987-92
Chancellor Raymond L. Orbach, 1992-2002
Chancellor France A. Córdova, 2002-

San Diego
Founded: 1912 as marine station (later known as Scripps Institution of Oceanography); became a general campus in 1959

Chancellor Herbert F. York, 1961-65
Chancellor John S. Galbraith, 1965-68
Chancellor William J. McGill, 1968-70
Acting Chancellor Herbert F. York, 1970-71
Chancellor William D. McElroy, 1971-80
Chancellor Richard C. Atkinson, 1980-95
Acting Chancellor Marjorie Caserio, 1995-96
Chancellor Robert C. Dynes, 1996-2003
Acting Chancellor Marsha Chandler, 2003-

San Francisco
Founded: 1864 as a private medical college; in 1873, became part of the University of California; prior to 1954, deans of various schools reported to the President of the University; beginning in 1954 an administrative advisory committee was formed, headed by the dean of medicine (1954-58)

Chancellor John B. de C. M. Saunders,
Provost 1958-64, Chancellor 1964-66
Chancellor Willard C. Fleming, 1966-69
Chancellor Philip R. Lee, 1969-72
Chancellor Francis A. Sooy, 1972-82
Chancellor Julius R. Krevans, 1983-93
Chancellor Joseph B. Martin, 1993-97
Chancellor Haile Debas, 1997-98
Chancellor J. Michael Bishop, 1998-

Santa Barbara
Founded: 1909 as a State Normal School (predecessor institution founded in 1901 as the Anna S. C. Blake Manual Training School); in 1920, was renamed the Santa Barbara State Teachers College; in 1944, became Santa Barbara College of the University of California; became a general campus in 1958

Provost Clarence L. Phelps, 1944-46
Provost J. Harold Williams, 1946-55
Provost Clark G. Kuebler, 1955
Acting Provost John C. Snidecor, 1956
Acting Provost Elmer R. Noble, 1956-59
Chancellor Samuel B. Gould, 1959-62
Chancellor Vernon I. Cheadle, 1962-77
Acting Chancellor Alec Alexander, 1977
Chancellor Robert A. Huttenback, 1977-86
Acting Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich Jr., 1986-87
Chancellor Barbara S. Uehling, 1987-94
Chancellor Henry T. Yang, 1994-

Santa Cruz
Founded: 1965

Chancellor Dean E. McHenry, 1961-74
Chancellor Mark N. Christensen, 1974-76
Acting Chancellor Angus E. Taylor, 1976-77
Chancellor Robert L. Sinsheimer, 1977-87
Chancellor Robert Stevens, 1987-91
Chancellor Karl S. Pister, 1991-96
Chancellor M. R. C. Greenwood, 1996-2004
Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers, 2004-





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