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A New President and an Economic Crisis

The Debate over Admissions


Research and Economic Growth

New Directions for Outreach

Tidal Wave II and New Approaches to Admission

Achievement versus Aptitude


The University Past and Present

University of California Campuses

Presidents of the University of California

Chief Campus Officers and Chancellors of the University of California


Chapter 42: Presidents of the University of California

John LeConte Acting President, 1869-70
Henry Durant 1870-72
John LeConte Acting President, 1875-76
President, 1876-81
William Thomas Reid 1881-85
Edward Singleton Holden 1885-88
Horace Davis 1888-90
Martin Kellogg Acting President, 1890-93
President, 1893-99
Benjamin Ide Wheeler 1899-1919
David Prescott Barrows 1919-23
William Wallace Campbell 1923-30
Robert Gordon Sproul 1930-58
Clark Kerr 1958-67
Harry R. Wellman Acting President, 1967
Charles J. Hitch 1968-75
David S. Saxon 1975-83
David Pierpont Gardner 1983-92
Jack W. Peltason 1992-95
Richard C. Atkinson 1995-2003
Robert C. Dynes 2003-






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