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The Master Plan

Decentralizing the University

Student Unrest

The Steady State

Planning for Hard Times

The Tax Revolt

Bakke vs. The Regents of the University of California

New Intellectual Horizons

The Booming 1980s

A Pacific Rim State

Growth Again

Conflicts and Controversies

The University Under Fire


Chapter 31: The University Under Fire

For the next several years it seemed as if the University could not escape the headlines; one media tempest followed another. Most centered on administrative salaries and spending in the Office of the President, but others were sparked by incidents on the campuses—irregularities in fund-raising by campus foundations, disputes at two campuses over the Chancellors' leadership, and even a legislative outcry over the appointment of 1960s activist Angela Davis, now a UC faculty member, to an endowed professorship at Santa Cruz.

The most notorious incident, however, involved a teleconferenced meeting of the President's Council of Chancellors in March 1994. On that occasion, the President and several Chancellors, in a private conversation before the meeting began, roundly criticized legislators who had recently turned down the appointment of a nominee for the Board of Regents. Unbeknownst to the speakers, their remarks were being recorded on audiotape. Verbatim portions of the conversation appeared in a San Francisco newspaper several weeks later. The result, predictably, was legislative outrage and a university once again on the defensive.




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