Issue #1:
Alarums and Diversions:
Disasters at Cal

Spring 1998

Issue #2:
Ladies Blue and Gold
Fall 1998

Issue #3:
West of Eden:
The University and the Environment

Spring 2000

Issue #4:
The University at the Turn of the Century: Then and Now
Fall 2000

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Issue #4
The University at the Turn of the Century: Then and Now
Fall 2000

Press Release
February 1, 2001

What was the University of California's Library like in 1900? How did the holding of summer sessions begin? When university leaders took office at both the beginning and the end of the 20th century, what were the different -- and similar - issues on their minds? How, in the momentous century just ended, did the University evolve from a single campus with 2,000 students to a ten-campus system enrolling some 160,000?

These questions, and more, are addressed in the newly released issue number four of the Chronicle of the University of California, "The University at the Turn of the Century: Then and Now," edited by Roberta J. Park and J. R. K. Kantor. The list of distinguished contributors includes Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl, Professor of Classics Stephen G. Miller, Director of Summer Sessions Gary Penders, and Director of The Bancroft Library, Charles B. Faulhaber.

The Chronicle is an independent historical journal based at the Berkeley campus. It is the only scholarly journal devoted entirely to the history of one institution of higher education. Our first issue, "Disasters at Cal" (1998) was called by James Clark, Director of the UC Press, "one of the most handsomely produced journals I have seen in some time and the content is equally impressive."

Each issue contains fifteen to twenty-five articles, essays, papers, and other items of historical interest prepared by a wide variety of authors including members of the University faculty, graduate students, staff, and alumni. Some of the contents are historical documents, while others present new information and analysis. Each issue includes many photographs and illustrations, some never before published.
Theme issues to date have focused on natural disasters, the history of campus women, and the university and the environment. Upcoming issues will explore "Conflict and Controversy" and "the University and the Arts."

The Chronicle receives support from the Center for Studies in Higher Education, The Bancroft Library, and the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

The newest issue, "Then and Now," and the three previous issues, as available, can be purchased at the Cal Student Store, other local bookstores, or ordered from: Chronicle of the University of California, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley, California, 94720-4650.


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