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San Francisco: Traditions

Traditions at the San Francisco campus have grown separately in each of the four schools.

Alumni-Faculty Association Banquet Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year
Capping Pinning Ceremony
Dental Faculty-Alumni Meeting Senior Awards Assembly
Faculty Retreat Senior Students Dinners
Florence Nightingale Award Silver and Gold Ball
Graduate Students Association Banquet Student-Faculty Picnic
Gold-Headed Cane  

Alumni-Faculty Association Banquet
The annual banquet of the Alumni-Faculty Association honors the graduating seniors in the School of Medicine. It is held in the week before graduation. Members of the class celebrating its 25th anniversary are hosts. Members of the "five year" classes also hold reunions at this time. The dean of the School of Medicine and members of the various classes are called upon for informal remarks and welcome the graduates to the Alumni-Faculty Association.

The white starched mortar board cap of the School of Nursing and the square blue enamel and gold pin, designed by Miss Margaret Crawford, the school's first superintendent, were worn by the school's first graduate in 1909. The official "capping" ceremony came at the end of the three-months preliminary period in the early days. During the tenure of the first dean, Miss Margaret Tracy, the official "capping" ceremony was dropped and students received their caps upon entering the school. Some traditions die hard and the students subsequently started their own private capping ceremony, an initiation rite which endures to the present time.

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Dental Faculty-Alumni Meeting
Dental Faculty-Alumni Meeting has been a January tradition since 1897 and features continuing professional education programs and a social event.

Faculty Retreat
The School of Dentistry begins the academic year with an off-campus faculty retreat just before registration.

Florence Nightingale Award
Florence Nightingale Award, for excellence in clinical nursing was suggested by Dr. William J. Kerr, chairman of the Department of Medicine and a member of the executive committee of the school. The small gold guard with a miniature likeness of Miss Nightingale is attached to the school pin and symbolizes the award. Dr. Kerr gave the address at the inaugural Pinning Ceremony in Toland Hall on November 9, 1944, when the first two awards were made to Miss Jacqueline LeProtti and Miss Nan Danielson, members respectively of the November and December graduating classes.

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Graduate Students Association Banquet
Graduate Students Association Banquest honors students whose degrees are to be conferred in June. Most recently, this event has, been sponsored jointly by the office of the dean of the Graduate Division and the chancellor.

Gold-Headed Cane
The Gold-Headed Cane Ceremony of the School of Medicine was initiated in 1939 by Dr. William J. Kerr. Each school year a cane is presented to the senior medical student judged by his classmates and the faculty of the Department of Medicine as best exemplifying by his conduct the qualities of a "true physician." Two other graduating medical students are given honorable mention. The cane is patterned after the original Gold-Headed Cane now resting in the Royal College of Physicians, London.

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Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year
The pharmacy alumni, in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, hold an annual meeting on campus, at which time they present an award to "The Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year."

Pinning Ceremony
The junior students in the dental hygiene curriculum honor the senior students at a pinning ceremony held early in the spring semester.

Senior Awards Assembly
The dean and the faculty of the School of Dentistry sponsor a Senior Awards Assembly where awards are presented to members of the senior class and to other outstanding students in the school.

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Senior Students Dinners
At the end of the academic year, the senior students in the School of Dentistry sponsor a dinner for members of the faculty and a wives' dinner at which the P.H.T. (Putting Hubby Through) degree ceremony has become a tradition.

Silver and Gold Ball
Silver and Gold Ball is sponsored annually by the dental students and held during the spring semester.

Student-Faculty Picnic
Student-Faculty Picnic of the School of Dentistry is held each year during the fall semester.


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