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San Francisco: Student Publications

Student Publications were issued under the direction of the Millberry Union Board Of Governors, representing students, faculty, alumni, and administration, and with the advice of the union program coordinator.

The newspaper was first published commercially in 1957, following earlier sporadic appearances as a dittoed hand-out prepared by dental students. It was presently a bi-weekly tabloid.

The yearbook's issues began with the year 1940-41. It was primarily a photographic study of campus life, with emphasis given to the current graduating class.

Publication Editors


Donald A. Swatman, D.D.S. 1957-1958
Woody Geller, D.D.S. 1958-1959
Glen Cureton 1959-1960
Paul Rhodes
Glen Cureton 1960-1961
Paul Rhodes
Robert Commer 1961-1962
Karen Stolte 1962-1963
Marcie Barton
Melvin Matsushima 1964-1965
Alan Clark 1965-1966


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