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San Francisco: Student Housing

Parnassus Residence Hall for students was the oldest in the University system. A seven-story building designed as an apartment house and purchased by the University in 1920, it was originally a residence for student nurses and was administered by the School of Nursing.

Additional housing for student nurses developed when the World War II Cadet Nursing quarters were moved from the site of Moffitt Hospital and relocated at Fourth Avenue. Renamed the Fourth Avenue Dormitory, the building was used as a student nurse residence until 1953, when it was converted into Medical Research Building No. 4. When campus residences became a part of the University-wide system under the management of the office of the Dean of Students, Parnassus took in other students as well as nurses. By 1965, it was occupied by 137 women and 13 men students in various medical fields.

The Millberry Union complex was completed in 1958, including the Millberry Women's Residence Hall for 112 women and the Millberry Men's Residence Hall for 105 men. Two years later, residential apartments were made available for married students and members of the house staff. Aldea San Miguel, the apartment facility, comprised 120 one-bedroom and 44 two-bedroom apartments in 14 buildings. In addition, ten professional fraternities provided housing for approximately 100 men students near the campus.


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