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San Francisco: Graduate Division

The history of graduate academic study in San Francisco was essentially that of the northern section from its inception, except for the early 1960's, when the Graduate Division assumed its present identity.

Effective July 1, 1961, the Regents of the University decentralized graduate education and San Francisco, which had formerly been under the administrative jurisdiction of the northern section in Berkeley, was organized as an independent Graduate Division with its own dean and graduate council.

In the fall of 1961, the first appointed graduate council commenced to administer graduate degree programs in anatomy, biochemistry, comparative biochemistry, biophysics, dental surgery, dentistry, endocrinology, medical physics, microbiology, nursing, nutrition, pathology, comparative pathology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, comparative pharmacology and toxicology, physiology, and animal physiology. In the interim, a degree program in oral biology was substituted for the former program in dentistry and two new programs, the doctorate in nursing science and a Ph.D. in psychology were approved to commence in the fall of 1966.

Between the early to late 1960's, the graduate academic student enrollment increased approximately 25 per cent.

The graduate council met monthly during the academic year and was in close liaison, through its chairman and the dean of the Graduate Division, with the coordinating committee on graduate affairs.

Since the organization of the independent division, graduate student activities acquired an increased identity among the campus-wide activities. The Graduate Student Association sponsored periodic departmental meetings and an annual banquet which was sponsored by the chancellor and the dean of the Graduate Division. Furthermore the Graduate Student Association had membership in the Associated Students, University of California Medical Center, and was represented on the executive council of ASUCMC.


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